1. bwalker16527

    Finished front knuckle drum to disk upgrade

    Just finished front knuckle drum to disk upgrade on 1974 FJ40. Bought 1976 FJ55 knuckles and birfields from Deadlew. Cleaned and painted knuckles, dust shield, arms. Bought new rotors and reman calipers. Bought knuckle rebuild kit from Cruiser Outfitters. Took some time but everything...
  2. R

    front knuckle rebuild kit?

    so i was looking around for a knuckle rebuild kit and all the ones i found are for the 80's. am i missing something? I'm so close to finishing my 100 i just need this last rebuild kit and ill be able to drive it again after months of it being up on jack stands.. :cry:
  3. 74HogGuy

    RESOLVED: Knuckle hard to turn/birf binding?

    In the middle of putting my knuckle back together and I just bolted the spindle and dust seal back on. It seems very hard to turn the knuckle. Is this normal? My knuckle bearing preload checked out right at 5lbs before I installed the axle and birf.
  4. T

    Knuckle centering question

    I may get flamed for this, but here goes Exactly how much variation can there be in knuckles. In the 3 sets I have to choose from for my disc upgrade the shims only varied by 1 or 2. If I choose a set and setup for preload only, am I courting disaster later? I've got the Marlin Crawler seals...
  5. CAW16

    Do I need a Knuckle Centering Tool?

    I'm about to swap in fine spline birfields from a 76/77 into a 1970 FJ40. Do I need a centering tool for alignment, or can I just place the shims back into the same order I removed them? I've read up, just dont know if it is totally necessary. Thanks, Chad
  6. 74HogGuy

    Knuckle Centering Issue - Real time help needed

    I'm working on centering my knuckles right now using the SST. I'm getting: A: 167.68mm B: 165.18mm C: 2.5mm D: 5.7mm E:2.7mm F: -0.2mm Overall it seems that the total shim thickness seems correct around 2.5mm, but the FSM says that if theres considerable difference between E & F then to...
  7. C

    knuckle rebuild questions

    I'm in the middle of rebuilding the drivers side knuckle before I do the other side and have a few questions 1. On the top of the knuckle the bearing had 2 shims, the bottom had only 1. Should I be concerned? 2. what type of paint do you recommend i use after I clean all the grime off?
  8. bwalker16527

    Front knuckle rebuild disk brakes

    Doing front knuckle rebuild on 1974 FJ40. Obtained 1976 FJ55 front knuckles and calipers from mud member. Cleaned and painted knuckles, hubs, Aisen lockers and now ready to install. Rebuild kit and bearings from Cruiser Outfitters.
  9. bwalker16527

    Will FJ80 knuckles fit 1974 FJ40?

    Looking at front brake upgrade. Will FJ80 knuckles fit 1974 FJ40?
  10. bryanb

    Broken Knuckle studs with >35s & How to prevent it

    On the way back from Coyote Lake last weekend, I broke the passenger knuckle studs, forcing the knuckle and wheel off the truck (destroying the knuckle bearings (SPC 3 degree bearings) and leaving me stranded. I ended up being able to load the truck onto a trailer and get it home. Now I am...
  11. NexusD

    Knuckle bearing help!

    Hello fellow mudders, I’m in a bind! For the past day in a half I’ve been trying to install my knuckle bearing racers. I have a 97 fzj80 that I’m doing a birfield rebuild on, the only thing holding the project up is the damn racers. I’ve tried the freezer trick, they’ve been in the freezer...
  12. N

    Knuckle Rebuild

    Hey guys, So the 8 mile road is telling on my truck. I need to do a knuckle rebuild and possibly more? The tire has a little bit of play in it now, and I don't know if it's just that the seal is gone or if there is something more sinister in there. I've never done this before and was wondering...
  13. Iceaxe

    Best Birf Thread on Mud?

    Hey guys- I have birf soup going on... something I've been putting off for a year. So, while I'm tearing into it, I figured I'd go ahead and rebuild the knuckles too. What's the best thread on Mud for doing this for those of us who haven't ever done it? Thanks much!!
  14. jet200

    Knuckle Rebuild Kit Recommendations?

    I know this is probably a well-worn topic, but I'm ready to do mine and would like to order a front axle service kit asap and am looking for recommendations. Thanks in advance.
  15. txlonghorn

    For Sale 80 series knuckle and steering arm (passenger)

    $80 Pulled off a 1993 Land Cruiser. Passenger side w/ ABS. Has the double-sided steering arm. Good condition. Located in Houston, TX. You pay shipping.
  16. leucadiacruiser

    RTH - knuckle preload too high

    Thanks to all who have posted the countless threads, pictures and videos on knuckle rebuilds. My fj62 was in dire need of a knuckle rebuild so with 'Mud was able to take this on myself over the last few weekends. I got a kit from Cruiser Outfitters and after a few weekends of clean up started...
  17. N

    For Sale FJ40 Steering Knuckle Centering Gauge

    Toyota SST "Steering Knuckle Centering Gauge" (number 09628-60014). $350 I purchased this used off ebay a couple months ago to complete a disc brake conversion on my FJ40. I used it once for both sides. As you would expect it has seen very little use and is in excellent condition. I will even...
  18. N

    For Sale FJ40 Steering Knuckle Centering Gauge

    For Sale Toyota SST "Steering Knuckle Centering Gauge" (number 09628-60014). I purchased this off ebay a couple months ago to complete a disc brake conversion on my FJ40. I used it once for both sides, and now I can "pass it along" to the next person who needs it. As you would expect it has...
  19. N

    Wanted Knuckle centering gauge

    Hi, I am in the middle of a knuckle rebuild/disc brake swap and want to see about getting a loaner 'knuckle centering gauge'. I will pay a deposit, rental fee, & shipping. Thanks!
  20. wardharris

    Harrop Eaton ELockerTM / Info / Installation

    NOW THAT THESE BEAUTIES ARE LANDING IN NORTH AMERICA........ It has been suggested that we set up a thread (or series of threads) on the Harrops as installed and in use by any/all Harrop owners. We could try and post up in each of the series forums, but there are installation issues that...
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