1. D

    intermittent ignition problems

    I have a '99 with 185k miles, and turning the ignition at times does not start, engine doesn't turn over. Very intermittent and no specific pattern. New battery, no difference. Dealer checked wires and connections and starter seem ok. Could it be the ignition switch? Turning the key to...
  2. Cruiser_Nerd

    FREE  Crane Ignition

    You pay the cost of a medium flat rate box. For early distributors, two wheels and eyes, one ignition thingy. Great spares if you run this setup. No idea what works, off various parts rigs. No, the distributor is not included, currently getting a Pertronix.
  3. tacoma2002

    Ignition won't turn to "lock"

    Currently my key is stuck in the ignition because it will not turn CCW to the "Lock" position. This started happening intermittently a few days ago. Occasionally when I went to turn the vehicle off the key would not turn back to "lock" and release the key. After sitting in the ACC position...
  4. CruiserClay

    Ignition Cylinder Posts on a '72

    Hey y'all, I could use a little help with the wiring involved with starting my '72. I tried searching but can't seem to really find what I need, so I'll just have to ask. Several weeks back, the original starter crapped out on me. Everywhere I looked seemed to recommend switching in a GR from a...
  5. Nasr Qaisar

    12HT Engine won't start, VSV working as it should.

    Hey guys, My 89 62 has been running great but all of a sudden two days ago the engine cut out as I was driving home from work. Then when I tried to start it again it would start and then immediately cut out. Turns out the the shut down VSV was not working properly or so it seemed, as it was...
  6. bam

    FJ62 - Electrical Drain

    Hi all, First off, let me just say thanks for the community here. I just picked my my first Land Cruiser (1988 FJ62), and the forums here have been great place to read, learn, and even helped solved some of my problems so far (locating and verifying engine timing!). But I'm posting today...
  7. MoabChris

    Electrical gremlin... 1976 fj40.

    Ok ok i don't know much about electrical systems. Cruiser was running fine. Then turned it off. Turn the key to start it...nothing. no power at all. No gauges, no lights, it's as if the key wasn't even in the ignition. 2 hours later try again. Turn key cranks right up. It starts...
  8. timmbuck2

    quick ignition question

    So I picked up the piggie in Ft. Collins last week, the white one that belonged to TJ's old neighbor. Crusty, but runs and drives nicely,and the interior is very nice. I promise to start a build thread soon! Anyway. The battery was dead, so a few days ago I jumped it, and let it run to try and...
  9. A

    Ignition Coils - Toyota, Denso, YEC [Yamaguchi]

    Just an update on what works for more than a few weeks.. Denso 673-1303 YEC Flamma IGC107F Toyota 90919-02230 Toyota part number is at the best price point on the nefarious auction site right now: 50% of Denso (under $30), if you buy a new part from the bulk packagers. I have installed all...
  10. Pitbull Pete

    GM ignition module swap 3fe 89 fj62

    So.......... started right , up idled fine , went bout 30 ft and just died . getting fuel , no spark , threw a new coil in cause it was cheap , close to work , so figured i'd try quick fix...nothing not even a fart......so i've pounded the threads and pretty much have a plan on checking the rest...
  11. iceninexp

    Howired FJ62 - Ignition Housing Part #?

    So... I had an attempted hot wire on myFJ62. The idiots managed to screw up the steering column cover, ignition barrel and ignition housing. I have rigged a new ignition barrel to function (go zip ties!) but a broken ignition key release is not doing it for me. It's a shame some people really...
  12. IceStorm

    LC100 Ignition Coil OHM's

    My LC100 started running oddly. After taking it to a friend to have it looked at we arrived at the conclusion that one cylinder was not firing. I Took it to the dealer to have the conputer read, but there where no codes (In Iceland the older LC100 models have the ODBI not the ODBII) so I...
  13. majmetro

    Ignition Coil Pack Question

    1999 Lexus LX470 with 215K miles.. Am changing out spark plugs, cleaning throttle body and MAF, plus replacing various aging hoses, etc. Truck runs fine with old plugs and these coil packs, but noticed quite a few coil pack boots are cracked. Wondered if anyone would comment whether to just...
  14. roostabunny

    3FE Basic Ignition maintenance

    Finally changing plugs/wires/disty/rotor. Partly because I've been driving the truck for two years without doing it and I have no idea when/if the PO ever did it, partly because she's running a bit uneven, and partly as prep and "rehearsal" for an overdue valve adjustment. This post is...
  15. S

    No start, 3FE. Please help.

    Hello, Pulled out of the driveway the other day, and made it 100 yards before the engine cut off and would not start again. Checked the codes, got "No NE/G signal". Was getting no spark, so I followed the " EFI woe and strife" troubleshooter I have seen on here. Found that one of the...
  16. Red Panda Roll

    engine only runs when ignition switch turned backward

    I've seen quite a few threads about starter problems similar to what is going on with my '76, but not quite. When I turn the key to "start" it cranks fine and sounds like it's running but as soon as I release the key to the "on" position the engine dies. Same thing happens with the ignition...
  17. J

    LX 450 Replacement Key

    I recently bought an LX, 97, and I am in process of getting replacement keys. Unlike my 80, it seems I have to go through Lexus to get a fancy laser cut key, approx $230 quote. Surely there is a better option, short of replacing my ignition. Any suggestions?
  18. LoopersLX

    LX450 vs Toyota Ignition Cylinder

    I have looked through the forums and everywhere I can online as this is a common issue but cant seem to find a clear answer to my question.... I have a 97' LX450 and while the ignition works well at the moment, the key sits very loose in the cylinder at all times. I can easily remove the key...
  19. johnalex

    Turn the key, no start...intermittent

    Have had this for a while. Usually, but not exclusively, when starting for the first time each day turn the key and...nothing. Wiggle key...nothing. Hold key to the far right...nothing. Then, LC just fires up. Most days, that's it. But, occasionally, this happens after turning off the...
  20. Judh8smud

    Starter Wiring: Where does the IGN START wire connect to the solenoid?

    I have an unfamiliarly new Starter Motor that looks a bit different than the old one and unfortunately does not have any labels on it that I can see. So my question is simply, Where does the IGN START wire connect to my specific starter solenoid? This wire.... Where does it connect to this...
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