1. SerbCruiser

    93 FZJ80 Intermittent Engine Start.. Video Attached

    Hi forum.. as the title states.. I have a strange issue when it comes to starting the truck. As you can see in the video.. I turn the key and nothing happens. No sounds at all. On the 4th try, it starts up just fine. This has been happening for the last 2 months approx.. Last week I...
  2. texfredbastiat

    97 fzj80 -no start after body lift removal- tried usual solutions

    need suggestions/help please! I've read several dozen threads and tried lots of things - hopefully the solution is something easy background: 97 40th fzj80, with 183k. ive owned it for the last 20,000 miles or so, and it has always been a reliable starter- no previous issues. The truck was...
  3. B

    '94 80 series codes 12 and 14

    I've been having trouble with my 80 it started out not wanting to restart after driving and would have to sit, cool down in order to re start. I let it sit for a day or two and then It wouldn't give spark at all. Finally got it started again with a new ignition coil, wires, and plugs. Once it...
  4. OJLandy

    Holley Sniper 2bbl or Sniper "Jeep CJ" BBD?

    Looking to upgrade to EFI for my 2f over the summer and need some help to make an educated decision on a holley setup. I want the benefits of self learning and having a DRO to see whats happening with my poor 2f; plus the ease of installation and lower cost of the sniper setup has me leaning...
  5. jatree

    Ignition and Starting Diagnosis

    Hi all, I am on a slow baseline of a new to me truck (details in signature) that is parked for the winter where I have a chance to work on it every 2 weeks. Well, I changed the fusible links and put in a new battery last week but a starting issue remains Here's a video: 19_0218_nostart.MOV I...
  6. R

    Spark, No Spark, Spark, No Spark - Ugh! HELP

    Recently, I purchased a 1973 Toyota FJ40 with the intent to rebuild it with my 14 old Son as a project car. We have a spark problem that has gotten both of us scratching our heads. I have replaced the starter solenoid, ballast resistor, rotor button, and rotor cap. Also, we replaced the coil...
  7. R

    HELP Ignition Lock Cylinder replacement

    1987 FJ60 Land Cruiser: I'm trying to replace the ignition lock cylinder, and I've removed the old cylinder but now the new one won't go all the way in. Even the old one doesn't go back in so I assume the issue isn't with the cylinder itself but rather something in the column. Key is turned to...
  8. B

    GX 470 new key & ignition Keys

    Bought an 07 GX470 2 weeks ago with only 1 key. Had High Tech locksmiths out to make a new one this afternoon. After 30 min of programming and cutting they say my ignition is fried and they'll have to replace it. Question is, my key won't even turn to crank now, is this an ignition issue or an...
  9. Zeus0623

    FJ60 Starting Issue

    Hello Mud Family! Question for you all. My FJ60 has trouble starting (sometimes). This issue typically happens when the car has sat for a while but is not always the case. When I crank the motor, I will just hear a click and no cranking. I will have to be very specific with my key turn to...
  10. starclassic

    Replace all ignition coils and spark plugs simultaneously?

    I have a '99 2UZ-FE with 170k miles. Driver's side ignition coils (1,3,5,7) and plugs were replaced OEM (Denso) about a year ago by the PO. The passenger's side cylinders (2,4,6,8) were replaced 6 months ago with non-OEM aftermarkets. Today I just had the 3rd of 4 non-OEM coils fail. I clearly...
  11. M80

    Electrical WOW!!!

    Hi Please help As I am sure most of you know when you turn the ignition on your 80 series to "ON" position the warning lights on the dash all come on usually and after a few seconds the glow plug light turns off. and then if you start the car they all go off. My question is what controls...
  12. M

    Ignition Key Question

    I just bought a 2005 Land Cruiser. Great shape with a few minor issues. When I turn the key off and remove it, the display does not turn off. When I reinsert the key, it will turn off. If I do not reinsert the key, the display will stay on indefinitely. Is this a problem with the ignition switch...
  13. P

    For Sale  Pertronix 1665a and Flame Thrower Coil NIB. 2f

    For sale is a pertronix 1665a HEI conversion, and a matching 3 ohm flame thrower coil. Never used. $75 shipped for the pair. (Located in Wisconsin) I dont get on here much, so please text me at 908-872-7575
  14. CUSailor

    79 FJ40 - Replacing Ignitor System

    7/79 FJ40 I'm going through and replacing the wiring harness and decided I wanted to do something about the ignitor. This thing looks like it's ready to fail at any moment and after pricing out new ones I didn't like what I saw. What would y'all recommend as a replacement system? I have read...
  15. hammerheadfistpunch

    Starting problem

    So here is my starting problem 1. sitting overnight or long enough to cool down - cranks but doesn't start (I can sit and crank it as long as I want) 2. turn ignition off then back on it fires up but the tach shows an electronic stumble right at first (revs jumping around too fast to be real...
  16. Dixie Dingo

    Failure to start

    Here we go and where to start. I have a 1997 FZJ-80 that I purchased 6 years ago and had really no problem with her until 3 years ago when I had near catastrophic brake failure all calibers locked up and brake booster failed. I replaced all the failed components and she was like new again...
  17. Icicle

    Ignition Tumbler (cylinder) change

    Anyone point me either to a thread, or an FSM scan of the right page for getting the ignition tumbler swapped out? Mine is toast. Either I cannot search worth a damn, or this doesn't happen often to our rigs. I've only owned this thing for 2 months trying to get it road ready, so I've never...
  18. txnight

    Locked ignition

    Up early this morning so I decided to be a good husband and fill up our small fleet of cars. Grabbing all the keys I struck out for the gas station with coffee in hand. After filling up the LX I grabbed the wad of keys in the cup holder and accidentally grabbed the key to my wife's GX. It...
  19. mattcheston

    Rekey doors and hatch to ignition cylinder?

    Is it possible to rekey my doors and hatch to a different key to match my ignition cylinder?

    94 delayed cranking. Starter, ignition switch, or other?

    Just wondering if anyone has experienced and solved this issue. This morning I tried to start my son's 94 and I turned the key several times and no click but the instrument panel lit up with each swing of the key. I tried with the shifter in Neutral and still no crank. I then held the key in...
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