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  1. James Bentley

    Wanted  LabRak Passenger Side antenna mount - 100 series

    Looking for a LabRak Passenger Side antenna mount to fit a 100 series. I'm ok with new or used. Looks like this: https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/100-series-labrak-antenna-mount-passenger-side.991039/
  2. DPA200

    HAM radio mounting options

    With push form my local cruiser club I finally got my HAM license last weekend. I really have done very little research on radios, but a few guys recommended this as a good, reliable, affordable, tough option. Kenwood TM-281A https://www.hamradio.com/detail.cfm?pid=H0-011362 This looks like a...
  3. LongDuck

    AZ HB2318: Mobile Communications Law (*Anti-Texting)

    As part of a HAM radio Net Control meeting on Tuesday, one of the QST topics was the passage of AZ House Bill 2318, signed into law by governor Doug Ducey on Monday, Apr22 specific to Text Messaging while operating a vehicle on Arizona roadways. This has some implications for mobile...
  4. SmoothLC

    Coax for NMO Mount

    I'm looking for the best coax for a Kenwood TM-D710GA radio for a 3/4 NMO fender mount. A coax cable that comes pre-attached like the one below (sans fender mount, got that already via @nakman / Gamiviti). Based on what I've researched, since it will be a short run (the base unit will be...
  5. ARJMN

    CSC Tucson HAM Resources

    There is probably a thread already out there, but as a follow up to saying I would post some HAM resources, here we go. For those at the meeting interested in getting your Technicians's Certification, and we should all have it if we are transmitting on anything other than CB, here are the...
  6. Poupon

    For Sale  2003 Land Cruiser - Luxury Daily or Extreme Off Road

    2003 Land Cruiser for sale. Want to build a 2016 LC. What you see is what you get. $35,000 OBO. Rio Rancho New Mexico This link has more pictures. Link to Craigslist ad. Larry Britt Truck was just detailed and is in very clean condition. I do have the OEM carpet mats and 3rd row seats. All...
  7. nnnnnate

    Modded cassette deck for HAM face plate mount.

    I finally bought a mobile ham radio for my rig last week and had been struggling with where to mount it. I wanted it in a place that was easy to see and touch but wasn't in the way and wouldn't provide more clutter. I looked at the dash and thought that the cassette deck was in about the...
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