1. S

    LEAK! Unsure of what this is or how to fix! Please help

    Not the most mechanically minded but I have a leak in what looks like a coolant line but I am unsure. Is it an easy fix? If so can anyone link me to the part I will need. Thank you,
  2. 20190207_215640.jpg


    Front frame below radiator had more rust than I wanted to allow. Knocked it down with a wire brush and painted over it.
  3. kwest

    Brake lines or master cylinder?

    Weird story, but I'll proceed. On Thanksgiving night, I had my FJ62 broken into. They damaged the lock cylinders on the hatch and the driver-side door, and eventually entered by breaking the rear, driver-side door window. Long story,short, I booked an appt with A Touch of Glass for the window...
  4. T

    Any ideas on how I can fix this?

    So I got this rear diff interstate because I need the later 4 bolt pattern and despite it being wrapped in bubble wrap the transport monkeys have wrecked it.
  5. razorback06

    Previous owner dirt dobber fix

    I start looking at what all I have to do , is there two floors on the drivers side , I've included a floor shot and a underside shot , then they took and added a brace to the support channel, how would you correct that ,
  6. fooldall1

    Anyone use this fix for a leaking rear air tubing? Thoughts?

    100 series Air Con pipe repair
  7. ariff

    Sill plate step fix with pics

    So I had the same problem as many of us to with the little plastic retaining nuts breaking and no longer holding the sill plate steps on their studs. Since these studs are some strange metric thread pitch it is hard to find something to replace the plastic nuts with.. Here is what I came up with...
  8. trekker9

    Rear Damage Fix Advice..........

    Did this about a year ago. Was gonna hack it off and just weld something up but I am not a draftsman and would have to splurge on a welder. Any suggestions in what I should do or anyone who had a crossmember bent up like this? Am I mistaken or was there a bumber that required that rear member...
  9. ponytl

    Busted ignition key spins but nothing happens syndrome quick fix

    I posted before when this happened to me a couple months ago how by following the simple instruction on this forum to remove the ignition lock cylinder and the broken rod ... you can start the truck using a 7 or 8 mm socket or a 3/32,,,,, 1/4 drive socket on a 6-7" extension or nut driver...
  10. elk

    Tech Discussion: Using Blue Devil Products as a Temporary Fix

    A topic of discussion for the Mud brain trust, what are your thoughts on using stop leak products on gasket and seal leaks? I am in no way affiliated with any such company, but I have personally used Blue Devil products on a 336,000 mile Volvo 940 with a really bad oil pan gasket leak. I will...
  11. S

    Fix / refurbish injection pump (UK 2000 4.2D 1HD-FTE)

    Hi all, I've got a UK 2000 Amazon, 4.2 1HD-FTE which, unfortunately, came with a knackered injection pump when it arrived to me overseas. Looking for somewhere in the UK that can help - mechanic has removed the pump and the car is now parked, I'm coming back to the UK for work in April so can...
  12. 100 series

    90-92 Cruise Control Fix

    Hello all, i've been reading here for years but this is my first post. I've got a 90 HDJ81 with cruise control problems. Mr. Toyota no longer makes the speed sensor for the 91-92 80 series (or 90-92 HDJ81) and call me a soft but having the CC is awesome for driving our rigs long distance. I...
  13. bmorgan

    New fix for shaky sideview mirrors - picture heavy

    Hey everyone. I've waiting a few months to make this post - to see how my shaky mirror fix worked. Turns out not so well, but I think there is hope. There is still stuff called Bondic. It's like $25 or so on Amazon. If you've been to the dentist in the past 10 years and they put that blue...
  14. excessive

    Mudders hate him! 1 weird trick to fix the LSPV

    Now that you have fallen for my clickbait article, here is my LSPV delete write-up. Ever since I got my 80 series, I have wanted to improve the braking power, because, frankly it sucks. ( At least compared to other modern cars I have driven) One of the major things I wanted to do was get the...
  15. ZeGerman

    Have you tried everything and your sunroof still leaks? Here is your solution!

    Why am I redoing the interior? The PO ripped out the carpet because it was wet and developed mildew followed by yucky smells and my daughter can't stand it etc etc. The seats looked like crap because why? WATER thats why! Whenever driving in a torrential downpour it drips on my head on my...
  16. MisipLC

    Antenna Fix

    So I decided to tackle the broken power antenna. It was not too difficult, but had its challenges. The motor can be accessed from the hole in the wheel well. First the fuel pump resistor must be removed, one screw. The antenna motor can them be removed by unscrewing the silver collar that...
  17. Mike6158

    Battery cable issues and a quick fix

    I got side tracked from doing my fluid changes by by a problem with my negative battery lead, that left me stranded at the local convenience store until an older guy offered to jump the LC off :bang: He noticed the ground lead was all jacked up when he connected the little boost box that he used...
  18. BrooklynFJ80

    P0401 fix leads to bad stutter

    So I did all the work needed. See previous post 'this is what p0401 code looks like'. Idle now struggling and not smooth as before. Truck readjusting to more airflow? Should I disconnect computer and rehook up? Amy other ideas?
  19. toadshade

    Body Paint Fix

    I recently removed my roof rack bolts and welded the holes shut with silicone bronze rod. There was a good amount of rust pitting on all the bolts. I tried removing as much as possible, then sanded and as suggested by a friend, I painted over the area with plain old Kilz. His reasoning was...
  20. FishTown

    Throttle Valve Solenoid Fix

    In need of some help... so the PO of my truck jerry rigged the throttle valve solenoid on the carb. I'm installing a trollhole carb and need to get this straightened out so I can install the carb and do a valve adjustment. They spliced the solenoid directly into the harness, so I don't have a...
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