1. leucadiacruiser

    FJ62 3FE OBD1 diagnostic port corrosion

    Somehow haven’t popped the cap on the diagnostic port in the two years I’ve owned it. Today I discovered what appears to be pretty bad corrosion. The search didn’t reveal any answers. Can this be cleaned? Baking soda? Electronics cleaner? Let me know what you know and thanks!
  2. bonestock

    SOLD  ScanGauge II

    If you have one available in proper working order, PM me. Looking to spend around $75
  3. tyschiltz

    **HELP!!** 1997 80 in serious need of some engine help (possible swap or rebuild?!)

    So Friday night on my weekly trip home (a 350 mile journey that I've been doing for the past ~6 months and will continue to do until I can sell my house) I had just topped a large hill when I swear i heard a clunk (was listening to some talk radio via headphones so it's hard to say where it came...
  4. Murphy

    Need diagnostic help for FJ62

    Problem is going on 6 months now. Runs perfect for a few weeks, then won't start. Then I get it to the shop where it starts and runs perfectly. Done that 5x now! I take it home, drive for a few weeks, then it won't start. I can get it started with carb cleaner in the air intake sometimes...
  5. warrenhol

    Engine Tech - Blown head gasket

    Howdy! Long time member here who cant remember what my log in was from 2004... So, signed back up with my latest need and back at it! Here is the issue on a 2001 Toyota 4runner 3.4L V6 194,000 miles on vehicle Symptoms: Highway driving and oil pressure light came on Drove for 3 miles and took...
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