1. Doc

    To replace? Or not to replace.... Dead washing machine

    This last weekend my trusty old Kenmore Elite front loader took a crap. I believe the unit is 12 years old, give or take a year. The front edge of the outer plastic tub (the part that catches the H2O during the spin cycle) is disintegrating because the actual washer tub is rubbing it. My guess...
  2. oilbrnr

    Sexy Lexey, dead (err won't start)

    So since getting the Power Wagon, I've admittedly not been driving her. Primary battery dead. Replaced both as they were from early '14. All I get still is just a click now. So my gut feel is solenoid. AFIAK it is the original starter. 200k. So... I really haven't done too much troubleshooting...
  3. 0

    RTH: Dead Battery and Hood Latch Broken

    Pretty crappy morning today....battery in our 04 is dead and the hood release will not work. The cable must have snapped or become disconnected somewhere. A quick search doesn't show too much....can you get the hood open by finagling something through the grille? Any urgent help would be...
  4. roscoFJ73

    Erin Moran from Happy Days dead at 56

    A friend of mine went and saw her when she did a tour of Australia when she was still a teenager. He couldn't stop talking about how cute she was. Sounds like drugs were involved.
  5. T4RBoarder

    Dead pedal hardware?

    When I got my truck it didn't have a dead pedal so I ordered one off fleabay but can't seem to figure out how it attaches...Here are three pics I have, I know that bolt secures it but I'm not sure where, am I missing a bracket?
  6. Placemotorsports

    Replaced fog light relay, now dead gas gauge and blinking reserve light

    Could I have bumped something down there?? Seems like quite a coincidence.
  7. cc93cruiser

    Obstacle 80 on trail

    lol....That's a first.... Dead abandoned 80 on trail... Anyone on mud? ha
  8. Ocho77

    Dead locks, windows and moonroof...

    Long story short...sunk the truck in water this past summer (thankfully my wife had bought me a snorkel). Anyway, after a few new parts and cleaning, rig runs great. However, eventually the windows started fading and the only one that worked was passenger rear window. Yesterday, I went out...
  9. sthompsonpc

    radio dead after reconnecting battery

    I had a bad ignition coil and disconnected the negative battery terminal before working on it. Replaced the coil, reconnected the battery, and now my aftermarket stereo is dead. Checked the fusebox and the radio fuse looks okay. Help!:)
  10. TacoJonn

    Dead clutch pedal, can't get into gear

    Took the FJ out today. As I started driving I noticed the clutch pedal had a lot more travel than normal before the clutch would actually engage. Essentially the pedal was dead and only the last 10-20 percent of pedal travel actually did anything whereas before it took a good bit of effort to...
  11. Str8Razor

    Fusible Link Issues 97 LX 450

    I tried to jumpstart my 97 LX450 and for some reason it popped the fusible link. Ordered a replacement from @Kyle Toyota OEM and am having issues, it seems the plastic quick connect is slightly different, and will not go back together, checked continuity on the plastic connector leg of the old...
  12. RedComet

    92 FJ80 - Dead Battery Mystery

    Ok, I have a good one for you guys. So we've noticed that our '92 Cruiser's battery seems to die at near random points. It originally died after we brought it home from the PO which was a long drive in the rain. (Wipers, lights, heat all on) So we thought alternator. We've checked and...
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