1. R

    HELP Ignition Lock Cylinder replacement

    1987 FJ60 Land Cruiser: I'm trying to replace the ignition lock cylinder, and I've removed the old cylinder but now the new one won't go all the way in. Even the old one doesn't go back in so I assume the issue isn't with the cylinder itself but rather something in the column. Key is turned to...
  2. M

    Ignition Key Question

    I just bought a 2005 Land Cruiser. Great shape with a few minor issues. When I turn the key off and remove it, the display does not turn off. When I reinsert the key, it will turn off. If I do not reinsert the key, the display will stay on indefinitely. Is this a problem with the ignition switch...
  3. V

    Drum Brake Cylinder rebuilt kits

    I am currently working on a 67 FJ40. I am having trouble ordering rebuild kits for the front cylinders. I wondering if anyone knows of a place to purchase them. I bought cruiser corps last pair of them and I am a pair short for the fronts. Also I am wondering the differences between model year...
  4. M

    1967 FJ40 Front Brake Shoe Cylinder Rebuild

    Not sure if I'm posting this question in the right area even though I read the manual. Bare with me. I'm rebuilding my front brake shoe cylinders on a 1967 fj40. The pic below shows two cups: 1) fluted plastic, and 2) 1x5/16" rubber cup. I've purchased many of the rebuild kits on the web, but...
  5. BushChook

    Is my Cylinder Head still stuffed?

    Hi guys, i am new here but i was told you are good for technical information. I have just performed my first ever cylinder head swap, and i followed all the instructions and i think i either messed up or i got a crap head. The head is a "new" one from the wreckers, it was straight to my...
  6. Icicle

    Ignition Tumbler (cylinder) change

    Anyone point me either to a thread, or an FSM scan of the right page for getting the ignition tumbler swapped out? Mine is toast. Either I cannot search worth a damn, or this doesn't happen often to our rigs. I've only owned this thing for 2 months trying to get it road ready, so I've never...
  7. swamp-thing

    Parting Out 2F Cylinder Heads ( x2 )

    I purchased these two cylinder heads in a collection & and would like to part them out. Please PM me with inquiries about what you see here. Full Disclosure, I know very little about cylinder heads etc. The link below ( hopefully ) should have photos of both heads for sale: RUGGED REFINEMENT...
  8. N

    Cylinder 4 misfire, most common causes

    Hey guys, after a 45 minute one way drive pulling the boat to the lake and back, my rig started idling odd and then ran horribly for a few before throwing the cel. Stopped by O'reilly's on the way home and scanner said cylinder 4 misfire. Rig is running rough especially at idle and...
  9. C

    Cylinder 6 misfires

    My 96 lx450 has cylinder 6 misfires during cold starts, especially after it rains. Since cylinder 6 is right under the edge of the hood I figured it was water affecting the coil and or plug. Plug 6 and it's coil seem dry after it rains. Dielectric grease on the plug/coil did not help. Today I...
  10. Marleyws

    Wanted Pre 7/70 FJ40 Right Rear wheel cylinder

    I am looking for a 1970 wheel cylinder to rehab. Stripped a bleeder hole on one of my wheel cylinders that I am restoring. Needs to be the 1 inch bore cylinder. Condition is pretty irrelevant as I will be restoring. Let me know what you have and price please. Thanks
  11. Catfish28

    help, whats the deal with my brake master cylinder year

    OK. I'm confused. I'm rebuilding a 78 and am to the point of rebuilding my brake master cylinder. I assumed it was original and correct for the year truck. I cleaned it up and ordered a master cylinder piston kit. PIc attached of the MC. The odd thing is my bore is 1". I didn't realize...
  12. workingdog

    Cluster Master Cylinder

    I pulled this off my FJ40. It looks like what I"m seeing at CoolCruisers for a clutch master for a 69/70 (mines a 66, but this was what was on it). When I went to NAPA, they showed me something different and smaller. I called my local Toyota dealer and they quoted me over $200. So, I"m trying to...
  13. S

    For Sale [NY] FJ40 Brake Master Cylinder

    I have this brake master cylinder left over from my 1975 FJ40 that I sold over ten years ago. I do remember I had some brake work done on the car and ordering a new master, but I not sure if it was ever installed. I believe this is the new one and was never put on the car, but I could be wrong...
  14. saud hamad

    I wont to replace the engine from 4 cylinder to 6 cylinder 4 liter

    hi sir I have hilux revo 2017 2.7 litre 4 cylinder automatic transmission 6 speed I wont to replace the engine from 4 cylinder 2.7 to 6 cylinder 4.0 where can find complete engine wiring harness for v6 hilux original can fit direct to my hilux 2016 without modified To improve a car's...
  15. jestlurnin

    Rear brake cylinder installation

    Can someone confirm I'm an idiot? I'm putting new brake wheel cylinders on my 75' RHD FJ45. I bled the hell outa these things and still can't get em' to work properly. Went to adjust the rears again and noticed both adjusters were on the bottom. See picture... Can someone confirm that one...
  16. pokerDawg

    Help with FJ60 Clutch Slave Cylinder Removal

    '83 FJ60 Clutch Slave Cylinder by pokerDawg posted Apr 15, 2017 at 4:28 PM I can't take the hose off the clutch slave cylinder. I'm using a 17mm open box wrench. I've sprayed it with stuff to loosen bolts. I've tried removing the hose while the cylinder was mounted and unmounted. I've searched...
  17. Ezra

    Brake cylinder blew - leaking all over the place.

    So, I think my brake cylinder is shot. I mean its clearly shot. A few days ago I replaced my front brake shoes and adjusted the brakes all around. The old ones were installed backwards, and one was chipped. The cylinders are also reversed, but I have just been adjusting them in reverse...
  18. C

    clutch master cylinder

    i need a new clutch master cylinder i have a 1972 fj40 and need to know if a master cylinder from a 1976 to 1980 will work thanks
  19. redfj

    For Sale [CA] FJ40 Brake Master Cylinder 9/75-7/80

    This was barely used in my '71 until I figured out it was the wrong year for my truck... whoops. Pretty much like new. $120 + shipping from Los Angeles EDIT: PRICE CHANGE: $100 shipped
  20. Farmboy29455

    For Sale F40 booster and master cylinder

    I beleve this all of 1976. It's ugly, but all worked when removed. $75 plus ride from 97070
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