1. C

    2007 Sequoia Camshaft Installation Problems

    I am in the middle of rebuilding a 2UZ-FE VVT-i out of my 2007 Sequoia after I hydrolocked it and snapped a connecting rod. When I tried to put the driver side camshafts in the head they would not sit right but I decided to tighten them anyway because that is what my Haynes manual said. When I...
  2. BrittonJ85

    Parting Out  99 Land Cruiser Used Spares (camshaft/crankshaft sensors, canister, mass air flow sensor, ecu computer, fuse box)

    Good evening, I am parting out spare working parts from my 1999 Land Cruiser 100 Series. Spare used parts in-stock: - Factory fuse box (includes all relays & fuses that are only 3yrs old) - Factory Denso OEM camshaft position sensors (3 spares in stock) - Factory Denso OEM crankshaft position...
  3. BrittonJ85

    1999 Toyota Land Cruiser - Crank But No Start (RESOLVED)

    I have a 99 Land Cruiser that cranks but does not start. The issue just started last week after I tried to move my LC from the front of my house to the backyard. Last week, I started up (cold start, well it was 70 degrees outside) drove forward and then backwards to back into my driveway. Once...
  4. ClayGrizzly

    Camshaft Position Sensor Bolts Broken

    While doing a Timing Belt and Water Pump replacement on my 2002 Land Cruiser over the last week, I snapped both of the long Camshaft Position Sensor bolts while trying to meet the FSM's torque specs. These things were FRAGILE, and now I have a serious bolt extraction problem. The bolts are: P#...
  5. ChaserFJ60

    2FE camshafts, etc.

    I have a 2fe on my 84 fj60. Ive been reading mixed results on what i should do about the cam.its ran before just fine but now Im doing a block rebuild and im unsure if i should use the 3fe camshaft. Or put my 2f cam back on. My 2f cam is toast but the cams are interchangable so id just put the...
  6. M

    Knock Knock? Broken Timing Gear

    Howdy all. I was recently driving in my 1973 FJ40 On the freeway when I heard a knock. I promptly shut the motor off. Got it home started tearing stuff apart and got the timing gear cover off and noticed a broken timing gear. The crank gear easily was spinning against the bare spot on the...
  7. matty_sunn1

    Broken Camshaft What Next

    1993 fzj80 with 420,000km. Head gasket and every engine seal was replaced 30,000km ago when I bought it along with some other maintenance, everything was within Toyota spec as per FSM. Have not had any issues with the engine. Driving home from work this week just get on the highway and the...
  8. AfricaPhil

    Valve Clearance too big

    Hi guys, Greetings from Central Africa. As part of a rebuild of my HZJ75 1996 troopie with 300.000 Km checked valve clearance yesterday after engine rebuild including a new cylinder head (old one had cracks from overheating). the clearance is far too big for all my valves (between 1 and...
  9. Tancruiser

    Wanted  Camshaft

    wanted I’m needing a camshaft for an F engine . Thanks
  10. Sweatyforehead

    2H Camshaft

    Hi guys! Its been a while since I did any posting on here. So here is a quick update. I have a class project to rebuild my tired 2H. I tore the engine apart last summer and brought my camshaft over to vancouver to measure the camshaft lobes and found that they were all worn out from the...
  11. MauricioR

    1HZ and 1HD-T camshaft compatibility

    Hi guys, I am currently rebuilding my 1HDT motor and my camshaft had a bad wear (water or bad lubrication maybe), I decided to buy a used camshaft and then found that it had a light wear as well: My mechanic said its better to not take the risk. So I decided to get my money back and start...
  12. MauricioR

    Light wear on the camshaft 1HDT (?)

    Hi guys, so I am rebuilding my 1HD-T engine, and found that the camshaft had lot of wear, the previous owners that my 80 had didnt care much about the car from what I think. 3 days ago I bought a used cam shaft (original), but today my mechanic sent me this: Check that wear, is very light...
  13. RotorHead04

    2001 Camshaft Noise

    In search of a 4.7 V8 expert. I just replaced the head gaskets on my 2001 LC. I got everything back together and the truck fired right up. As it idled to warm up I noticed a very slight ticking noise that developed as the engine got warmer. Once at normal operating temperature the slight...
  14. hazard

    1FZFE Stock Camshaft questions

    Hi All Doing a diagnostic 1FZFE teardown in preparation for a full and proper blueprint. Have done a bit already as you will see on my thread. Just finished detailed valve lash comparisons. 1FZ engine building and blueprinting During teardown I want to map all specs on this engine against...
  15. Climrox

    Camshaft Seal part number confusion

    In preparing to gather parts for a timing belt party this spring for my 2005 LX, I have run into an issue with determining the correct camshaft seal part number. I have called 4 online Lexus parts dealers, and to my disappointment have received a relatively even split of opinion on the correct...
  16. Rusty72cruiser

    Fj40 weird engine noise.

    Hello, I have been on this site researchingfor awhile now and decided to now join. Anyway I recently bought a 1972 fj40 for a project and hopefully restore. Im usually good with engine work but this noise has me stumped doesn't sound like rod bearings or anything from the bottom end also not...
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