1HD-FT & FTE Camshaft question

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Apr 20, 2022
New Zealand
Hey guys!

I have loved reading posts on this forum for years and it has answered so many of my questions! but this time I cannot find any info on this one.

The short version of my question is:
Would I be correct in assuming that the camshaft in the last images (with the recesses/notches in the back of the lobes) belongs to a 1HD-FTE?
and if so...
Does anyone know if the FT and FTE camshafts are interchangeable? (I'm assuming they aren't, but there's no harm in asking 😅)

I purchased my first 80 Series (1995 HDJ81 with 1HD-FT) 5 months ago and I am absolutely loving it!
(despite finding issues with it faster than I can fix them haha... I should be used to this by now as I always seem to buy the cheapest crappiest examples in the country 😂)

I was setting the valve clearances a few months ago when I found this little surprise on the intake lobe of Cyl 5 😟
Pictures of the cam in my 1HD-FT:

From the cam specialists I have spoken too so far, the general consensus is that it isn't repairable, and after searching high and low for 2 months for a replacement, a mechanic I spoke to managed to track one down so I went ahead and ordered it.

It just arrived yesterday and after having a look at it I have a suspicion that it may be out of the later model 1HD-FTE....
I have never seen an FT Cam with those little recesses/notches out of the back of the lobes, and I have found lots of images of FTE's that appear to match this one perfectly.

Pictures of the cam I purchased - Under the impression it was from an FT, But suspect it is from an FTE:

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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