1. D

    Egr exhaust to J Pipe stud sizes

    Hey all - it looks like the last yokel in here broke off or did away with the exhaust manifold to egr mating stud on one side. I’d really prefer not to wait days for a replacement — anyoneknow the thread and size spec of those things?
  2. Z

    Good value in eBay Stainless Steel Fastener set from Australia?

    There is an 825 piece set of stainless steel fasteners listed on eBay coming from Australia for around $250 including shipping to the U.S. Is this a good deal, and a smart idea to buy for an FJ40 rebuild? It's for so many series....70, 80, 100, 200, etc., is there maybe something more specific...
  3. 8A939847-606C-47EC-BEB7-C7222FB94D51.jpeg


    Transmission cross member bolt
  4. B

    1996 FJ80 - seat bolts

    I recently bought 2 caps and 2 gears from gamiviti to fix the back/forward operation of my power seats. I successfully got the passenger seat operating again, but snapped the gear for the driver seat while pressing it onto the shaft. I reassembled the seat for now until a new gear arrives. When...
  5. ClayGrizzly

    Camshaft Position Sensor Bolts Broken

    While doing a Timing Belt and Water Pump replacement on my 2002 Land Cruiser over the last week, I snapped both of the long Camshaft Position Sensor bolts while trying to meet the FSM's torque specs. These things were FRAGILE, and now I have a serious bolt extraction problem. The bolts are: P#...
  6. Fuentesfranko

    JIS Bolt kit suggestions?

    Hi, I'm painting my FJ40 and I thought that I should replace rusted and stripped bolts and screws. I've been looking to get a full bolt kit but I can't make up my mind and have a couple of questions. I've been looking a Metric Overland which I like, but their 1000pc Full Kit Yellow Zinc plated...
  7. S

    Help with removing rusted roof rack bolt

    Tried to remove by roof rack today - everything went well expect for one bolt on the center leg which had a lot of rust on it. Applied a lot of WD40, and then when I tried to torque out the screw the screw head got destroyed ... and it went downhill from there. I have tried all kinds of things...
  8. 65swb45

    For Sale  U bolt flip kit-SoCal

    $80 for the kit, $20 to pack and ship. PayPal accepted . No PMs. TIA Post or call the shop
  9. MtnCruiserFZJ80

    Fuel filter bolt missing

    Hey guys, Back at again, this time trying to baseline my fuel filter on my '94 FZJ80. So, I went to replace my fuel filter with a new one and noticed it was not bolted in. It is basically just hanging there with the lines.. I guess the PO just gave up when trying to reinstall it. Do you guys...
  10. midfat

    Crank bolt tightness: RTH check me

    I'm pretty damn comfortable around tools, but admittedly, this is my first foray into the world of 3/4 drive. Just tightened the crank bolt on the 1FZ to 300+ lbfts. I used the big monster Harbor Freight torque wrench, using a 6pt 30mm socket. Getting the bolt to break free (breaker bar...
  11. Matt1260

    1F alternator bolt size?

    Anyone have the alternator mounting bolt size from the F engine handy? I'm guessing M10 x 120mm
  12. Barn find

    For Sale  Fj40 u bolt plates

    I have 2 sets of 4 $75 a set(shipped) located in santa rosa ca . thanks
  13. BoulderJeff

    Bolt broke off

    I noticed that my FJ is pulling left and right when I'm breaking or hit a bump so I took a quick look at the front end and noticed this bolt has broken off. Looks like some grease is leaking out too. Has anyone experienced this? I'm guessing this isn't an easy repair since it's part of the...
  14. 4

    Wanted  door bezel screw and seatbelt bolt

    I am in need of the phillips screws that hold the bezels on the door in an 82 FJ40, I actually need 4 pieces . I also need the bolt that holds the shoulder harness to the roll bar , mine is stripped. 1982 FJ40
  15. scottryana

    Bolt on engine mods


    4Runner 4 Bolt Hitch?

    Anyone used one of these on an 80? Part number is 5190935011
  17. Bripars40

    For Sale  [AR] Narrowed 14 Bolt FJ40

    SOLD I have a rear GM 14 Bolt for sale with upgraded disc brakes and new armored cover. This was narrowed to fit under an FJ40. It has 3.70 gears in it and is welded. lug bolt pattern is converted to 6 by 5.5 so it fits every 6 lug Toyota. Asking $600 OBO
  18. Gunky

    Fender/Mud Flap Bolt Sizes

    I'm looking for the bolt sizes for the inner fender, along the edge that bolts upwards towards the outer fender. Also, the bolt size of the ones that connect the piece that goes from the front fender flare to the stock side runners. It looks like it's a unique bolt, similar to the ones that are...
  19. nickinportland


    Hi LC Friends- I noticed a couple of days ago my 91 FJ80 tailgate was missing the bolt for attaching the hinge to the tail gate was missing. (Pic below) Upon further investigation, I bought the bolt thinking I could just screw it back in but it seems that nut to screw into is missing. Does...
  20. flintknapper

    Bolt spacing, harmonic balancer? Making tool need to know.

    For the life of me....I can not find this information. I am making a 'holding tool' that will work for both my LX and my 80 series. Apparently the bolt spacing for my LX (100 series) is 65 mm center to center, so I have that info already, but I've read (in my searches) that the bolt spacing is...
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