Would you pay $32K for this?

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'74 FJ40 - my first!
Jan 25, 2014
Danville, CA
Hopefully this isn’t someone’s 40 on MUD (didn’t see it in the classifieds). Figured with a description like this (in particular the last line), thought it would be a good learning experience for prospective buyers to identify all the differences with a stock and non-stock 74. $32K? Market seems to have changed a bit… I guess it’s not as bad as the one on eBay that got roasted here recently.

What do you spy with your little eye? Maybe copy the photo and post here since the ad will eventually go away.

This Land Cruiser is well-maintained, Drives, shifts, and stops well! With many many new parts. recent interior rebuild with $1000's in sound deadening and carpet kit. Small lift kit. Lots of new parts under and over the car.

The best is to see it and talk about it. More pics on request. Has updated bolt-on fuel injection kit. All original inline 6 Cyl. 4-speed manual trans.

If you don't know these trucks PLEASE DON'T WASTE MY TIME!!!!! It's not a perfect Crusier if it was, I'd be at 50K. NO RUST

Front seats are not 74, also the gas cap doesn't have the cover.

Maybe a 73ish
$32K seems on the high side, but it doesn't look rusty. If it's registered in CA as a '74 then it's worth more to CA people since it's smog exempt.
Door pins normally go in from the bottom right?….. I won’t even add any more.
I would not. It does look like it could be a good truck for someone who doesn't care about originality or model year correct attributes, and for the right price someone could get a lot of enjoyment out of it. I think that price starts around the $20k mark based on the photos, but likely less after visual inspection. There are much much better buys for that kind of money ($30k+). The attitude from the seller in the ad would turn me off right away before even pursuing though if I was a potential buyer.

Here is a recent sale in the ball park that was actually worth the money:

An unfortunate later model that is not smog exempt here in CA, but presents better in my opinion and at almost half the asking price:

Another reasonably priced truck worth a look if a shiny truck is what you're after, also pre-smog and appears to be an FST for some bonus bucks:

Umm how are these hinges secured? Doesn’t look like screws… welded?

View attachment 3248861
There’s supposed to be screws, but I think it’s just the will of God holding that windshield on right now

Here’s what mine looks like


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