Would you pay $32K for this?

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Is this not considered a nice rig because it has a few things that aren't yearly specific?
The suspect fuel injection, all those random knobs and switches on the dashboard, along with the aftermarket gauge cluster would prevent me from buying it. Something that old, with that many modifications, is bound to have electrical problems. Just too many red flags. Rear disc brakes??? Ive worked on too many basket-cases that are similar to that one and wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy. Thats one of those vehicles that I just wouldn't want at ANY price. Youre just buying a bucket of problems that aren't easily fixed. This is assuming its a NA truck. If its SA, I wouldn't piss on it if it was on fire.
It looks ok but it's just not my style. I would pass. Buuuuuuuut I hate when dudes put stuff like this in their ads:

If you don't know these trucks PLEASE DON'T WASTE MY TIME!!!!! It's not a perfect Crusier if it was, I'd be at 50K. NO RUST

Sure bud. 50k. Bless your heart.

Guys like this are usually the type that when I'm selling something to them, they low ball. NEXT!
@ginmtb, I think this veh. used to be in Belmont (SF Specialty Sports Cars) at a consignment car sales for over a year (maybe). If it's the same vehicle. It had an exoskeleton at one point and leaked everywhere (I know most LC's leak) but their asking price was $50k. It also had, as other's stated, a lot of red flags including several layers of paint, one of which was a metallic blue. It was evident on the fender edges under the hood.

If I also recall the exoskeleton was mounted to the tabs on the front bumper and the windshield mounts and attached to the frame under/at the side steps (welded/bolted-don't remember).
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