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May 21, 2019
Seattle, WA
Long time lurker here.

In the market for a white 200 series Land Cruiser.

Is there a particular year Cruiser that is a better choice than others?

Primary usage initially is family hauling, towing a boat, and trips to home depot. Over time want to build it out for off road use and expedition travel.

2013 Land Cruiser - hands down the best.

Why? Why not?

newest LC
you can afford

I would just change that to the lowest-miles/best-condition you can afford to put mods on...if you want mods.
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I went 2013. Personally I think the 16+ models look far better than any 200 before, but couldn’t afford them.

But.. in 2013 the multi-color MFD in the cluster and updated nav/stereo made that model feel FAR more modern than 08-11 from the drivers seat. And considering how much time I spend in mine, that was important.
Plus, HID headlamps & vented seats. Big selling points for me.
I don’t use radar cruise, so not a big deal. The 4lo turn assist is a great gadget but I can’t see myself actually using it other than to show it off.

Side note on radar cruise.. you can only adjust speed after it is initially set in 5mph increments. If it weren’t for this “feature” I’d use radar cruise a lot more. Regular cruise can be adjusted 1mph at a time.
Thank you all. Super helpful.

If someone has a 2013 they want to part with to upgrade to a newer LC, hit me up!
Personally I feel 2008-2011 are the best. I love the vinyl seats as they are more rugged and can take better abuse. I like front navigation screen better. I will agree that 2016+ grills are prettier but this is a bruiser not a poodle. It needs to be mean, ugly and ready for a fight. Not like it has a glass jaw. It looks better lifted with a TJM bumper and 35s see @Markuson 's rig (he even has the best license plate). Thats what a pimped out bruiser should look like. All the options sound good on paper but total waste of money IMO. Best options: slee sliders, KO2s with Rock warrior wheels, IPF led bulbs, icon/king coil overs, akebano brake pads, tints, long range gas tank (still debating).
Buy the newest you can afford.
Best land cruiser / tundra video showing what these machines were really made for.

ARB video
That’s just the thing.. in my opinion 16+ actually looks like a serious vehicle. Before that they look bulbous and like a cartoon cruiser. Especially the 13-15 (which I have). Again, just my opinion.

Btw I got IPF LEDs for my high beams and didn’t like them as much as HIR bulbs.. but they won’t move in the classifieds.. someone pm me if they want them cheap.
Look at your budget. If you have 80k, then get a new one (there is some bargain for new 2018 LC200). If not, get the one you within your budget. 2008, 2013 & 2016 is the year which LC200 has some minor changes like facelift, interior change... but most significant changes is 2016 or newer.
Look at your goals & typical usage.

Are you looking for a second car to modify and wheel hard? Then look for a 2008-2012 in good condition with regular service but it can have higher miles. The money you save can be used for upgrades.

At the other end of the scale, if you need a “luxury” daily driver then the 2016+ would work better. Assuming the price is higher (likely) them you can mod over time.

All years are near identical under the sheet metal so the ability and reliability will be the same.
I know I'm in the minority here, but... the first time I saw the 2016+ redesign I threw up in my mouth just a little. In addition to the crazy redesign of the front of the car, the rims are also so bad. Since then I've grown to like it more, to the point where I really genuinely like it now, but I still feel like it's a bit strong and the wheels still look off to me, maybe it's after seeing 5-spokes on LCs for so long at this point. I donno. Still not totally feeling it.

So I guess because of that the 13-15 is in the sweet spot for me aesthetically. I think it was a really nice subtle refresh. It looks classic, tasteful and stately, yet subdued.
Change to an LX if looking you are looking to tow.

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