What brand battery are we running?

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Nov 26, 2013
Simple, stupid question but I'll be in the market for one soon, for my 71' f155 engine. In the past, I always bought DieHards but don't think they are around anymore. Does it matter much the brand? I suppose the more cranking amps the better? My local Auto Zone brand? Duralast I guess it is.....

Interstate from Costco
thanks guys. I know it's kind of a silly question but doesn't hurt to ask. What kind of cranking amps? 750?
Spoke with an old school guy who rebuilds alternators about a year ago, somehow we got on the subject of battery’s. He claimed Johnson controls used to be great batteries but lately they’ve had some quality control issues. He said East Penn is the way to go. He seemed knowledgeble:meh::)

Tons of search hits here on mud if you type in “East Penn”. I searched all mud forums. Here a couple quotes

I'm using Toyota batteries, which (for toyota canada) are made by east penn. Good quality units, and reasonably priced.

I was told they have excellent re-smeltering/recycling facilities to re use the lead from batteries for better environmental care and lower costs.

If you have a Napa, go with them. They sell rebranded East Penn/Deka batteries which are some of the best known in the industry. Interstate is ok, they're manufactured by Johnson Controls but have had some quality control issues lately.

We got Napa in Mass! Thanks....
I'd be all over Costco Interatate Bateries if I could buy them.

There are two numbers CCA and reserve capacity. CCA is power to start on a cold morning... Reserve Capacity is how long it should run if the alternator fails.

I run Costco in my other rig, but for the 40 I bought a battery from Western Star Trucks. It has 1050 CCA and 210 minutes of reserve Capacity. The headlights don't dim noticeably when cranking the truck with them on :D it'll also power an electric winch for a long time without excessively draining the battery.

My other rig runs 2 banks of 2 Costco batteries.... and they're replaced under warranty before the three year replacement period elapses. It has a 7.3 diesel... so it's not nice to batteries.
The subject has been beaten to death and beyond in the 80 section, maybe try a search there (just be ready for a hundred pages of reading). Lots of good opinions, though. You will have to sort through AGM vs Flooded, Group Size, Brand preferences, the Optima confusion (Made in the US, then to Mexico, then supposedly back- and when), then data on CCA and reserve capacity (like @bikersmurf mentioned).

Happy reading, don't let your eyes bug out of your head!:eek:
Guess I shoulda mentioned, I have been buying Costco Interstates. I am tempted to give Optima another shot though.
I installed an Odyssey.

For years I used Sears Die hard. It was a Die hard that powered the starter motor when I pulled my FJ40 and travel trailer up a quarter mile incline. I used that same battery for another year or so after I got the new engine in. My four cars and two lawn tractors now have NAPA batteries. For deep cycle I have had good luck with Trojan. I had eight of them I got used in 1980 when I was living off the grid and they was still working when I sold the place in 89. My electric car is on it's forth pack of eighteen 8 volt Trojan batteries in the past 17 years.
I'll never run an Optima again, they're junk. Had a blue top that failed in less than six months, they used to be good but not since they made the trip to Mexico. I'm running Odyssey's now and am very happy with them. I've also heard excellent stuff about the North Star gel batteries. Neither are cheap but will likely pay for themselves in the long run.
I know the Odyssey is spendy, but it sure looks like you get what you pay for. They used to be available rebadged as the Die Hard Platinum for less (Blue top with grey case) but that program ended and so now just the actual Odyssey brand exists.
I know the Odyssey is spendy, but it sure looks like you get what you pay for. They used to be available rebadged as the Die Hard Platinum for less (Blue top with grey case) but that program ended and so now just the actual Odyssey brand exists.
Yes, it's a shame that Sears doesn't carry the re-branded ones anymore but I suppose that's the way it goes. You do get what you pay for and it used to be that way with Optima too. I had a Redtop that lasted over 10 years and for the money on a USA made gel battery, they should.
I am running dual Optima Blue Tops, both dated early 2011. The primary is finally getting weak as far as holding charge overnight. Since they have lasted 6 1/2 years, in the desert, I am thinking of replacing them with the same.
No name Semi truck batteries from the local peterbuilt dealer, group 31 pin mounts, they are cheep and the two in my crew cab are 10 years old.... thats 10 years of starting a 5.9 cummins winching cars onto the trailer and general abuse, i have made bigger battery boxes for my tractor, bobcat and fj40 all to run them. If you watch Napa will have them on sale every now and then for about 100$ each...
I run Walmart group 27 deep cycle batteries in my rockcrawler and tow rig. (I believe they are Johnson controls batteries). I’ve had very good luck with them, unlike my luck with optimas.

In my 40, I went with a napa branded group 27 deep cycle agm, only because it is in the cabin. I think it is an east penn battery. I’ve been happy with that too.

My lesson- don’t overspend unless you have some obscure racing application. A basic group 27 battery from Walmart will Work great, at 1/3 the price.

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