Transmission Temp Gauge install w/pics

Discussion in '80-Series Tech' started by Brian894X4, Apr 6, 2008.

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    Same here. Really freaked me out for a while.
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    My Newest Water and ( Tranny aka Jenner ) Setup for temps. Blue is water,Red is Transmission fluid. About 3 yrs old now. DSC00633.JPG
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    Recently I installed a AutoMeter factory match trans temp gauge. I installed the sender in the pan and normal driving even when ambient temps are 95ish produces about 140-145. I have seen it as high as 175 while my 6000lb. 80 propels itself down the Rubicon when it's 90ish outside and that's a very hot day at 6500ft elev.
    The oil in the pan is representative of the core trans temp because that fluid just lubed the guts and then fell into the pan immediately after returning from the cooler. In my experience with learning and building the trans in my diesel pickup, the fluid that exits the trans and heads toward the cooler just left the toque converter where tremendous heat can be generated during certain times. Times like when you are forcing your beast up a mountain road with converter unlocked or rock crawling on a hot day. Cruising with converter locked always renders lower temps due to no internal slip in the converter.
    It's true that ultimate fluid temp is what destroys the fluids ability to lube your trans but putting a sending unit in the out line can induce a lot of unnecessary worrying because that's the hottest fluid in the system and its only that hot for a moment until it reaches the radiator.
    A premier performance transmission builder here in the U.S. (Goerend) advised me to put the sender in the pan of my built 48re in order to monitor actual average transmission temp with out the dramatic spikes that can happen in the line from the converter to the cooler.
    I also carry, in my vehicle, an inexpensive infrared thermometer as a second reference and it has shown my gauges to be accurate thus far. It's nice because you can monitor temps anywhere on the vehicle or even check for fever. :)
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    Have you ever done a write up of your mod. Looks really slick
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