Run of the Month (ROTM)

May 31, 2003
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Run of the month (ROTM) has been very successful in the past. It is designed for people who want to go on runs but need to plan in advance. We are looking for volunteer/leader each month for ROTM. It is your run and includes anywhere you want, any day in the month, overnight, night run, or a scenic dirt road drive. This is your chance to get involved and meet members. Please post if you would like to sign up for ROTM. Please specify the month(s) that you would like to lead.

We are currently looking for January ROTM leader.

We are currently looking for May ROTM leader.

Looking for April - June (2017) ROTM leaders. Please post if you would like to lead ROTM.

Looking for April 2017 ROTM leader. Please post if you would like to lead ROTM.

Looking for August 2017 ROTM leader. Please post if you would like to lead ROTM.

2016 ROTM
January ROTM (Fossil Creek) - Ron @Dimples
February ROTM (Box Canyon) - Jason @jclarke450
March ROTM (Sheep Bridge) - Kirk @Chaos55
April ROTM (Montana Mountain) - Richard @Otter
May ROTM (Mount Ord) - Pete @verruckt1
June ROTM (Verde Valley Traverse) - Eric @Pitch
July ROTM (North Rim) - Jason @jclarke450
August ROTM (Riggs Flat Lake) - Adam @floggerdogger
September ROTM (Pyeatt Draw) - Alvis @Cruddz
October ROTM (Casner Trail) - Brice @brices123
November ROTM (FR 393 to Bartlett Lake/Log Corral to Bartlett Lake) - Abigail @Abigail & Steve @Saddletramp
December ROTM (Dripping Springs, Globe) - Steve @Saddletramp

2017 ROTM
January ROTM (Dripping Springs) - Brent @coldbeerbrent
February ROTM - (Overlanding Adventure) - Steve @Saddletramp
March ROTM (Alamo Lake) - Ron @Dimples
April ROTM (Red Creek) - Steve @Saddletramp
May ROTM (Hassayampa River) - Chris @Chrismanjs
June ROTM (Casner Trail) - Ron @Dimples
July ROTM (Diamond Rock (Black River)) - Adam @floggerdogger
August ROTM (Smiley Rock) - Laurin @ftbshop
September ROTM (Sheeps Bridge) - Jeff @yjeff
October ROTM (Casner Trail & Camping) - Brice @brices123
November ROTM (Chimney Rock) - Jason @ARJMN
December ROTM (Sunflower Mine) - Abigail @Abigail & Chris @Chrismanjs

2018 ROTM
January ROTM (Rug Road to Turkey Creek) - Eric @murf
February ROTM
Mohave Road - Steve @Saddletramp
Rocky Point - Jeff @yjeff
March ROTM
April ROTM
May ROTM (Swansea, Alamo Lake & More) - James @D1EZEL
July ROTM (West Clear Creek) - Ron @Dimples
August ROTM (Grand Canyon & White Pocket) - Phil @LandCruiserPhil
September ROTM (Backway to Crown King) - Abigail @Abigail
October ROTM (Casner Mountain Trail & Camping) - Brice @brices123
November ROTM (Dripping Springs) - Kirk @Chaos55
December ROTM

2019 ROTM
January ROTM (Back Road to Young) - Steve @Saddletramp
February ROTM (Monument Valley up through Southern Utah) - Steve @Saddletramp
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Nov 19, 2015
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I'll take this month. Run will be on Saturday the 30th. I have a couple of places in mind, but need to scout this weekend. Full details will be posted Monday.
Feb 10, 2014
Rock Spring, Ga.
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Okay guys. I will create a post, but February ROTM will be on February 27th. As of right now, the thought is a run through Box Canyon. I may throw out 1 more option. Box Canyon is a good option for a few reasons. The nice part is that we can make it mostly stocker friendly with a few tougher spots that are capable of being bypassed. Should be about 5 hours RT. I will post additional details/ideas as they develop.

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