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Mar 24, 2006
Scottsdale, AZ
I'm planning another 4 day 3 night camping adventure starting February 16 (Friday morning) and ending February 19th (Monday night). The route will be Mojave Road. Used by Indians to transport goods from the southwest to trade with the Chumash and other coatal tribes, this route later served the cause of westward expansion. Military forts were established along the route to protect key water sources and provide assistance for travelers. Today it is a popular four-wheel drive road.

Similar to the past two years, the idea is to hit dirt on Friday and not return to pavement until Monday (except maybe fuel stop or passage between destinations. This will be mostly stocker friendly and depending on weather a wide open spaces run.

This is one week away, packing and preparation should be in full swing.

If waking up miles away from civilization and the camaraderie of camp fire tales is your thing then this might be for you.

So this is our approximate group size. We are 15 trucks and approximately 20 people.

Confirmed as of 2/15

Saddletramp - Steve

Abigail solo and ready for tamales

Cruddz - Alvis riding with Julee

Morsel - Julee

D_Web - Ben and Jason

Stepmurr - Steve

Verruckt1 - Pete

Longduck - Thomas

Highway romping +2 Chris and friend 1 and friend 2

Otter = Richard

Mattman 1 or 2 - Matt and Brother Jim

RCToyota 2 - Jason and Cleo

Wmnterror 1 - Matt

Dimples 1 or 3 - Ron, Liz and Reidon

Please let me know if I've missed anyone.

Maybes pending work approval or other

Brice's 123
I'm suggesting we meet at noon Friday at the Maverick gas station in Bullhead city (2612 Desert Foothills Blvd) to fill up and begin our journey. Gas is cheap here and the reports are clean restrooms as well. Depart the gas station at 12:30 and head to our starting point at the Colorado river on the Nevada side.
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If you haven't come up with a plan yet, thoughts on Mohave Road...?
Sounds like a fun time even if we don't have a route lined up. Looking forward to it,
A must have for a Mojave road trip is the Mojave Road Guide authored by historian Dennis Casebier. The area is big and 99% stocker friendly with a lot of points of interest difficult to find without the guide.
I am in.

Yes a must have IMO. IIRC the main road is 136 miles long

I’m keen
Tentative... looks like a good opportunity to break in my fresh engine :steer:
Does this mean the cruiser is running??? So excited!

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