March ROTM

Nov 9, 2012
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After some forum Debate on the topic, the trip is set for March 19th, But the plan is...

1) Travel to Sheep's bridge - Not a hard trail from what I understand.
2) Camp overnight along the Verde
3) Have some Green St. Patty's day beer
4) I hear there are hot springs...might have to try those out (are they big enough to relax in?)

Meeting Time:

9 am

Meeting Location:

20721 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85255, United States (This address is for the circle K, but it's a plaza so meet in the parking lot).

Below is the list of attendees as I interpreted it from the post...let me know if there's changes to this list.

1) Kirk & Cinder
2) Brice & Tina & Fam Damily (4 Two Legged Kids, 1 with four legs)
3) Ron & Family?
4) Wilma83 – Tentative
5) ScottyDog & Cali-Tacoma
6) Verruckt1
7) Pitch
8) Dissent & Fam Damily
9) Saddletramp - Tentative
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Mar 10, 2004
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Sunday, March 27 is Easter, for what it is worth.

Im out for Easter = Sand hill in Mexico for me:cheers:


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