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Nov 4, 2009
Paradise Valley, AZ
Place: Casner Mountain Trail #8
Dates: October 13-15, 2017
Meeting place: Safeway parking lot, Sedona
Time: 9:00AM Saturday the 14th
Depart: 9:30AM
Trails: 525, Casner #8, 231, and others
Stocker friendly: Yes, I drove a stock 100 with our expedition trailer up the trail without much problem.
Camping will be located on the north side of the rim, south of FR 231, at a camp site known as “The Edge of the World”. GPS coordinates for the camping area are 34.978315, -111.814385.
Casner #8 is limited to 10 total vehicles. I plan on running the trip this time so that will be one slot taken. I will meet the drivers at Safeway on Saturday morning.

Tina and I (and the kids) are going to go up on Friday morning to get our camping spot, and hopefully mark some trails. We will be camping two nights, Friday and Saturday. If anyone wants to come up Friday, they are more than welcome.

This will the fourth time that CSC has run this trail with the most recent being in June of this year (2017). If people have suggestions on alternative camping areas, please let me know.

The lucky few:

1. @brices123 Solo, no dogs.
2. @D_Web
3. @fj804iii
4. @Nifski
5. @Dissent
6. @Kruiser Kat Pam & Dave and one dog.
7. @crawlAZ
8. @Devil Cruiser
9. @D1EZEL
11. Alternate in case one of the above cancels.
12. Alternate in case one of the above cancels.

Happy Campers:

1. @Saddletramp Flying solo
2. [S]@Rudster[/S] Not going to make it
3. [S]@verruckt1[/S] Not going to make it (for now)
4. @Abigail Abigail & Oreo
5. @Clunky
6. @Otter Richard & Graham (1 year old)
7. [S]@ScottyDog[/S] Not going to make it
8. @ftbshop Lauren - Saturday night only
9. @Dimples Flying solo
10. @Pitch Saturday night only

If anyone needs to get a hold of me, my cell is 602- 6 seven 9 - zero 946.

****See post #47 for maps and a directions.
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Apr 2, 2013
Mine was a question, I see i got added to the roster , kindly remove please . I really wanted to do this run . But I'm going to take the days and scout 7w for my elk hunt and hopefully shoot some quackers :doh:
Sep 27, 2012
Put me down for the run and camping, had to duck out of June's so I'm looking forward to this one.

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