Replacing LX450 door with 80 series Door

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Sep 14, 2003
Centennial, Colorado
Sarah rolled her truck on what is a very steep and curvy offramp coming off the highway in Colorado Springs.

She is fine, a bit shaken up, but no breaks or bruises.

I went down asap and her truck wasn't in bad shape. Drivers mirror and glass broken, a few dents, but nothing major. I would have driven it home if it wasn't locked up from being on its side.

So I was thinking who I knew in the Springs and called Justin at Redline. Justin grabbed a trailer and was there within the hour and trailered her truck back to his shop. He called later to tell me the plugs where fouled and he removed a lot of oil from the cylinders. I am hoping I didn't damage it when I tried to start it twice. We should know tomorrow when he puts plugs in.

I left Sarah my 80 and had my wife come get me

I was very impressed that Justin from Red Line (Mud Vendor!:clap:) dropped what he was doing to take care of me. What a great guy and company.

Sarah said if it was any other vehicle, she could have been dead. I am thinking the front and rear bumpers in addition to the sliders limited the damage as well.

I'll post up after Justin gives it a try with new plugs

I bought a white 80 series door complete and have it sitting in my garage waiting to get the LX450 home. I plan an swapping the lock, handles and interior trim. Is there any cabling or other differences? Do I need to swap the electronic modules for compatibility?

I may or may not drill holes to install the cladding ( I know, leave it off)

I know, I forgot to take pictures.
Glad she is Ok.... I have seen molding held on with automotive double sided tape. I am not sure but it may work on the much larger LX molding.. good luck.
Yeah, glad no one was hurt.
Good to hear she is OK!

The door shell will fit, regulator is the same, the glass is likely a different tint.

Thanks Everyone

I appreciate the insite Kevin. You should know the pink panty sticker you gave her is still in good shape?

A difference in tint is not a concern
Great to know she's OK and that she won't need therapy to get in and drive another cruiser. Door should be plug and play.
More holes for the lower door moulding and ship it.
Glad your daughter is OK! Mine will be driving my LX in only 14 more years... Post up the pics of the damage when you get a chance.
Glad she's alright. Which ramp was it?

I-25 north onto Briargate. I hear they have frequent rollovers there

Justtin got the oil out and it started up. I went down to the springs and drove it home. Slapped the new door on, but will deal with the connectors this weekend

Sarah was doing great today. Had dinner together before heading home.
Definitely glad to hear that Sarah's okay.

As you already know, it's pretty much an identical door aside from the interior door panel and the cladding on the outside. To install the cladding, you'd need to drill a bunch of holes or use a bunch of adhesive tape to hold the cladding on. The window tint will be different, but not really noticeable - my driver side window was replaced with LC bluish tint glass a wile back.

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I'm glad she's okay, Ken. Rollovers are scary, been there done that.:eek::eek: A little fear also makes you a smarter driver.:hmm: Remind Sarah that, in the end, the experience will be good for her.:steer:
turns out I had to replace the harness from the old door. An 80 harness did not work with the Lexus wiring. There are different connectors at the floor.

My only issue is the "door ajar" light stays on now. Stays on even if I manually press the switch. I'll start another thread on that
The switch may be grounded. It could have been tweaked when it hit.
I isolated it to the rear door drivers switch. That door was not real damaged on the outside, but it wasnt making contact with the switch, so I shimmed it and its working perfect now

So the door fits, the glass is a different color

You have to swap the harness and the speaker to make it work.

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