SOLD NorCal (south bay) 71 FJ40 mostly original

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Vehicle Model
  1. 40 Series
Cupertino, California United States
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It pains me to do this but I just don’t see myself putting the time in that this deserves. So up for sale it goes to someone who can give this the time and attention it needs. I’d prefer local pick up and hopefully someone wanting to keep this original…

1971, mostly unmolested, FJ40 with column shift. Only custom mods was a PO power steering upgrade, dual battery setup and a rear tow receiver.

Since purchasing in 2011 the following have been R&R:

All engine gaskets replaced, pretty much doesn’t leak any more.
All new suspension, OME 2.5”
Rebuilt Carb
Replaced clutch, master and slave replaced. Flywheel resurfaced.
Rebuilt front axle - new TREs, knuckle job and new bearings.
Brake booster rebuilt - by Booster Dewey. New master and all front brake lines replaced.
New water pump, thermostat and housing/hoses. 7 blade fan and shroud.
Replacement speedo and cable.

Parts for pending projects:

lamps/covers, except headlights to completely replace existing. (Toyota where available - SOR otherwise)
Body badges.
U joints for driveshaft overhaul.

Those that know will realize there is a fair amount of $ in parts here.

Price: $5000

Here is the build-up thread that should give you all the pictures you need :)
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is this still for sale?
No worries, I fully understand. You have put a lot of work into this 40. Thank you for the update.
Back up for sale - same price 5k.

It's been almost seven years since I listed this and i've done a couple of things - cleaned up the battery/frame reverting the original owner's dual battery setup to a single battery and cleaned up the frame around that. Also stripped and R&R the rear axle, brakes/lines/etc. The pace is glacial so I'd rather this go to someone who is going to finish this off rather than sit in my garage.

Yesterday I dusted it off and started it up. It took a few cranks to fill the carb float bowl, but after that it was fine. Took it out of the garage inflated the tires and then put it back.
Pm incoming
Let me know if it falls through. I can be there tomorrow with trailer and funds.

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