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Jun 12, 2011
I got to talking with the guys about an upcoming trip and realized that the wife's GX that we are planning on taking doesn't have a mobile setup. My 80 series has a Kenwood tucked into the Tuffy center console, but the GX is somewhat lacking on room. Where are you guys mounting your radios and antennas ?
I need to do that...just have handhelds now.

My GX has a shelf at the upper part of the glove box not a CD changer slot. And I will be mounting my radio in their and the face plate I plan to mount below the ash tray. Still need to get that part of the project done but I have the antenna mount set and cable ran down the PS side.

Not a lot of responses here. Getting a handheld cb with mag mount and then a TYT th-9800 quad band. I think I'll start with the dual band Larsen nmo2/70 since my Ham is a little (a lot) rusty. I could pick an hf antenna when I'm ready to expand.

I know the Larsen would work best on the center of my roof, but id love to see some tire carrier and bumper mounts and hear how they're performing for people

Edit: I plan to mount the radio in the driver's side of the center console
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Ok one more. I also used the CD changer spot to mount the unit. I also stow the face plate and mic there when I don't feel like having the radio out or exposed. More of a stealth install.



My antenna is mounted to the fender, the CK-3M is the cable of choice- has that skinny lead at the end to fit between the fender and hood, and has the 90 degree angle PL-259 connector where it attaches to the bracket. Cables all poke through the big grommet in the fire wall, was actually kind of a pain to fish it all through there, but now that it's done it's out of the way. Radio is powered directly to the second battery.


I bought a suction cup mount off Amazon and have been pleased with how it works, if I clean the surface really well. I stick it between the shifters any time I'm on a run, or just want to listen to the local repeater rag. There's enough cord with the remote kit to also put it on the windshield, but I haven't tried that yet. Kinda dig it down low, where I can rest my hand on a shifter to make adjustments.


This is where it all goes when I don't want to see a radio


Cheap and easy
Pretty slick. Do you have problems with the mike bouncing off when your bumping around off road ?
None. I did 2 disk magnets inside the dash, it about rips the mic out of your hand when you put it back. I wanted it a little on the strong side in case a knee hits it.
Finally taking the plunge! Have been slowly researching and found a good deal on a 2980:

Haven't decided on hood vs rear hatch mount (also haven't decided on an antenna!) but I have plenty of time to think while I study and get licensed. Mud has been a super helpful place to research.
Nice! And good to see you studying for the test, really not that difficult to pass and well worth the effort.

Every antenna mount is a compromise. So you just have to decide which things you can live with, and which you can live without, then make your decision. will offer up a brief opinion...

Front/rear bumper: positives is it's easy to do, decent range, not great. downside it's in your way, a lot, even in your field of vision. On the plus side, it's lower so protected by the vehicle from trees, able to get into garages, etc. Downside is the vehicle's in the way of your propogation.

Top of the roof: hands down best ground plane there is, best send/receive. downside it's in the way for pretty much anything else, like loaded roof racks, RTT's, etc. Also trees and rocks will abuse it, even break it, even parking garages and drive thru windows.

rear hatch, side of rear hatch: not as good send/receive as top of the roof, with almost all of the same downsides for clearance. Positives is it's easy to install, and move. But IMO it's in the way. You are always negotiating the antenna every time you open the back door, and that puts wear on both the antenna and cable, you'll get tired of bonking into it. Even worse on a hatch mount for 60/80/100/200's where the hatch flips up, now your antenna smacks into the stuff on your roof rack. Did I mention I don't like the rear hatch for antennas...

Front fender mount: Pretty easy to install, decent send/receive, and out of the way most of the time. Able to leave the antenna on and still get into garages, occasionally have to remove it to do maintenance. Downside generally not beefy to support a full wave 2m or larger HF antenna, can be in field of view if on the driver's side.
For 2m/70cm antennas I've run the Larsen NMO 2/70 and the Comet SSB5nmo with great success and can't tell any difference in range, etc.

I plan to mount either on the right front fender or fairly close to the top on the right rear D pillar which would be out of the way of the door opening up. I may drill a 3/4" hole in the rear of the roof for an NMO mount like I've done on my previous cars but fear it may get in the way of roof rack access. The roof mount would be ideal for max TX/RX range.

I also have a HF screwdriver antenna that I will mount on the rear bumper if I go with a Metal Tech rear humper... still planning that one. My 706MKIIG would be a great all bands GX470 rig since it has a detachable face.

Thanks for the suggestions! I'm leaning towards the front fender mount - we don't garage the GX but I seem to always be running into low-hanging branches so we need to keep it low. It will be mainly for trail use so the mount will be capped for day-to-day.

I had a hell of a time running thick wire through the firewall gasket for our onboard air, so not looking forward to that again for this project.
Pro tip...
Carry a magmount antenna as a spare for two emergency comm reasons:

1. You break off your permanent via a tree branch etc. and you will then have a easy spare.

2. You flip over and your antenna is broken and underneath the vehicle. No problem slap your magmount on the frame rail, door or whatever and your comms are up and running again where you can call for help.

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