Finally got a LC v2.0!

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Jan 23, 2010
Winnipeg, MB
It's now been 19 months since I lost my '91 HDJ81 in a garage fire. This weekend I get to pick up it's replacement!!! It's a '93 HDJ81, 3X lockers, winch, center console fridge, 82,XXXkms, and in very tidy shape. It arrived in Vancouver on Jul.31, finally cleared customs and was removed from the container, and shipped over to ATEB for some service yesterday afternoon. I'm having them do some maintenance before the drive home, for peace of mind.

We have a nice leisurely trip through BC planned, spending a couple nights in Kelowna, lunch at the Eagle's Nest in Golden, and taking the Forest Trunk Service road north from Crow's Nest Pass to the #1 and into Calgary for a wedding next weekend. Then a long, terrible day to blast from there back to MB to wrap up the trip (sorry to any gappers on here, lol).


Here's a link to all the pics of the new truck:
A few more:


And a few of the truck at ATEB a buddy snapped for me:
Very nice. Welcome back.
I remember when mine was nice and shiny, before rubbing it up against thousands of branches.

Truck looks great, I bet the wait has been killing you.
I've technically owned the truck since October, just haven't had life in order such that I could take delivery of it till now, so ya, the wait has been long and tough. New garage is in place and semi-organized, and we've adjusted to life as new parents, time to get back into a Land Cruiser!

As for mods, 1st up will be getting it home, swapping headlights, seatbelts, and getting it to pass safety so I can get plates on it. Then the stickers and chrome piping have got to go! I'll be putting Duratracs on it, likely another set of 285/75/16's as I'm not sure it will fit in my parkade at work with 315's. ATEB is supposed to be doing the BEB's, oil change, tranny fluid swap, air/fuel filters, and if they have time, a front axle service and 3" exhaust. The truck was slow to clear customs, so I'm not sure if they'll have time for the last 2 items. A full baseline is next up to have it ready for winter. This truck isn't a winter package model like the last one, so I'll be adding the OEM fuel heater, and finding some way of adding heated seats to it.

It appears to have a 2-2.5" lift on it already, no idea what the components are though. That's likely where I'll shift my focus and get the suspension sorted out to my liking. I have a LOT of plans, most carried over from the last truck, but it will be a 3rd vehicle this time around so I can leave it apart if I don't get something finished up this time around. Down the road I'll be adding EGT/boost/tranny temp/ext temp gauges, likely the Auber dual display units, and turning the boost up to around 15psi.

I've also purchased a car, from the same exporter in Japan, a '99 MB E55t AMG sport wagon, LHD. It's been a few years since I've had a car, this will be my daily driver, park outside, 345hp/390ft/lb tq multipurpose vehicle, and I'm pretty excited about it as well. It lands Sept. 10, and I'll just stick it on a train to Winnipeg as I don't have time to make another trip to the coast this fall.
What are the black things stuck on the sides of the rear window?
What are the black things stuck on the sides of the rear window?

Some sort of antanae's I'm told, they'll be coming off when it gets home as well.
I need to move to Canada. California sucks for buying cool cars.
Ian: I am assuming you have the A442F auto box?

Yes, that's my assumption as well. I really liked the fully mechanical/hydraulic unit in my last truck, but I'm sure this one will be good as well.
Ian, looks sooooo good! Holy that is a mint truck and I'm super jealous of that 1HD-T. Congrats and hopefully we can bump into each other next week and check it out in person!
Wow, that thing is soooooo clean. I love it and I'm jealous. Makes mine look like Sanford and Son's truck.
Update: Philip from ATEB just called, sounds like they're going to get all of the work completed before I arrive! Can't wait for 3" exhaust coming back through the mountains!!!

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