1. K

    2016 LC Build - DFW TX

    Hey IH8MUD folks, I guess now that I finally have a Cruiser in the drive it's time to introduce myself. Snapped a couple pics of my new to me 2016 below. @mcgaskins, I got one, thanks for the purchasing advice you were so generous with a month or so back. It's use case is that of a long...
  2. kalebob

    kalebob's 2000 Land Cruiser Build

    The Orgin Story Hello all - new to these parts and to LC/off-road vehicles in general. Went though high school driving a string of turbo Audis from the 80s and currently have a 2001 A6 with the 4.2L V8 that I swapped from an auto to a 6 spd manual. After realizing that 2 inches of clearance...
  3. H

    Cruiser newbie build

    Hey guys, so after months of thinking about a new truck to replace my Tundra, I decided on going with an 80 series LC. I always loved it's aesthetic, and coupled with it's reliability and capability in taking me wherever I need to go for my bow hunting trips, the 80 series was a no-brainer. I...
  4. WildSouth

    77 Series Build Thread - WildSouth, New Zealand

    77 Series Build Thread - WildSouth, New Zealand Hi all, and welcome to another one of my build threads (my other one is for my main daily driver, a 100 Series 1HD-FTE). Over the past few years I have been casting my eye over all sorts of vehicle sales, looking for something with character - I...
  5. Trod0

    Just picked up a 1979 Pickup

    I just picked up this 1979 pickup. I’ve been wanting one for awhile and this deal just fell into my lap. The previous owner got it as a payment for some work he had done. He told me he had no use for it and it was sitting there for over 5 years. It has an older GM 3.8l 231 with a turbo 350...
  6. timjax

    Oso the Land Cruiser

    Hi guys, just wanted to post an intro thread (maybe this will turn into a build thread?). Here's Oso, the Land Cruiser that I am blessed to now call mine. Will soon be getting some mods on the way. This has been a dream car of mine for pretty much my whole life, my family had a FZJ80 up until...
  7. SlwFngrz

    Builds Greg's 94 4Runner 08-2018

    Hello's All, I recently gave this old 4runner some good lovin, More pics at Tahoe3D | Pics - 4Runner
  8. corkybuchek

    CorkyBuchek's Build

    Hello everyone, starting a build thread for my 2006 GX470 (currently at 121K). A little backstory: my parents bought this car when i was in elementary school and I thought it was the coolest thing. You could raise the height with the touch of a button and it had a touch screen (navigation) in...
  9. SKURG

    1990 Tow Yard Cruiser & Progress

    Looking forward to contributing to the community to which I have previously only been a reader. To share my bonehead moves and triumphs and document the next chapter for this deserving 1990 FJ62 270k miles. Undriven, untested. Bought out of a tow yard with a clean title and a dead battery. The...
  10. 4btfjz80CO93

    What suspension for BJ75?

    As one part of the rehab of my '87 Troopy, I'll be replacing the tired oem suspension. I don't want anything too complex. What have you used and what are the pros of the kit you used?
  11. FloridaPhillip

    1975 FJ40 Build in the FL Panhandle

    I purchased my first FJ40 in Birmingham, AL a few weeks ago. This 1975 FJ40 has spent time in Texas, South Florida, Guatemala, Georgia, and Alabama before making its way back to Florida. It has rust in the usual places: front fenders, rear sill, and quarters. The frame looks pretty good from...
  12. E

    Phil's '06 Build

    How's it going everyone? I've been lurking for a bit and finally pulled the trigger on an '06 Nav/KDSS with a full service history sitting at 100k from Geprgia. The dash was cracked but had been mentioned in the service history so Lexus honored the repair and I've already had that done. I've got...
  13. swankstar

    Recently acquired locked 94 build

    Got a 94 with seriously blown head gasket not too long ago. Going to swap engines with a locally sourced 1FZ until my 4bt is finalized and ready to go in. Pretty sure it belonged to somebody here at one point, according to the guy I bought it from who ended up not being able to get it into...
  14. CreeperSleeper

    Builds CreeperSleeper's '85 Xtra-cab

    Isn’t it funny how life changes and flows…? In the last two years, my wife and I got married, bought a “forever home”, built her 5th Gen 4Runner for adventuring, acquired a really cool rock buggy, bought my “dream” Tundra, picked up some quads, and got a couple trailers to haul everything...
  15. ClassyJalopy

    98 LX First Outing and upgrade Advice

    Help me decide how to spend my $2000 budget to improve my 98 LX for mild off road rides. I already have new Falken WildPeak 30" tires, WKOR sliders and a working factory LSD! Background: I had my first outing with mild off road exploration today. We spent the whole day exploring a frozen forest...
  16. jesus888

    Builds: Project “Where to even begin...”

    First of all... this project name MAY change at some point but for now... we’re sticking with “Where to begin...” A little history, in 2005 I did a frame off with a close friend *he was the talented one* on a 1969 Bronco and spent A LOT of money (almost all on parts) and about 5 years worth of...
  17. C

    CBeckFJ Errands 40 build thread

    Hello 40 section! I am creating this thread to document the progress of my 1972 FJ40! When we bought it: As of now: Future plans would involve upgrading the suspension to OME, new Corbeau seats with a Tuffy console, and a possible 2UZ-FE v8 swap with a 5 speed (thanks @UZJ40 for the...
  18. brauski

    Brauski's LX470 Build "Linz"

    Lurked here for a few months before pulling the trigger and picking up Linz from another member. Had an idea of what I was looking for, did the math, and assumed that buying a rig from another member here would mean that I'd have a solid rig and be able to save some cash. Well the bad news is...
  19. corboto

    Sold my 62... but got a 100!

    I had an 89 FJ62 for almost 15 years; it was a hell of a truck but I wanted something a bit more practical. And comfortable. So a Mud member from Texas picked up the 62 and like that, she was gone. :frown: I looked and looked for a 100 for almost a year before I pulled the trigger on this...
  20. Frkens

    The Sandwich

    So after having bought FJ62 in Los Angeles, and having driven it from there to Buenos Aires (putting through a lot), I have shipped it back to Denmark where I can fix it up. And it needs it! I'm not a skilled mechanic. I'm a Navy officer with an engineering degree, so bear with my work. I have...
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