1. J

    Mall crawler / City truck 2010 GX460 build

  2. Mike Shull

    1-Ton FJ43 Build

    I think that I am in the right place now. Comments, critiques, advice and friendly chatter is very welcome. This Land Cruiser has been in the family since 1978 and it has gone through two rebuilds already. It currently sits on 35s, SOA, power steering, 383, SM 465, and a rear locker. The plan...
  3. Mike Shull


    I moved the thread to the hard core section: 1-Ton FJ43 Build -
  4. R

    rjpan's 1996 LX450 LRD/TRD Pro Spec Build

    Hello everyone, My name is RJ Panlilio and this is my 1996 Lexus LX450 My plans are to build it up to a TRD Offroad/TRD Pro spec'd 80's Series with some modern updates. Ultimate Recreational Vehicle Purchase Date: 2/26/21 1996 Lexus LX450 Exterior: Dark Emerald Pearl (6M1)/Dark Gray Metallic...
  5. C

    BluezClues Build '79 RN37 Pickup

    BluezClues build. Name hit me as it was the favorite tv show of my cousin who passed away right before the end of 2019. Having been in a wheelchair all his life, he would have enjoyed riding in some larger wheels the same color as his favorite tv show character. I didn’t do a build thread on my...
  6. Crzywlf

    What have I done.....81 FJ60 aka Tetanus

    Well I'm usually the guy who figures out he wants a certain classic 5 years after they become popular and decent examples become expensive and the rest are a ton of work. I decided I wanted a 60 bad enough to take on a pretty big project. I doubt it's the most rusty but it's definitely going to...
  7. Chestcutter

    Ohio Red 1978 FJ40

    1978 FJ40 arrived in Cleveland just before New Years on a trailer from Michigan after frame off restoration by the PO - "running" but needing some mechanical work. Truck is now actually running 2 months later and taking me to work every day, all thanks to the generosity with time and advice...
  8. Pura Vida

    My progression over the coming years with an interesting forty

    I’m going to be posting to this thread with my progression of my truck. This truck is my first car that I bought when I was 15.It is a 1979 (sike, turns out it’s a 77) BJ40 diesel. I bought it from a guy in Costa Rica who restored a ton of stuff back to factory spec. I got a killer deal on it...
  9. J

    1st Gen 05 build

    Hello ih8mud I bought a used 05 Sequoia almost 2 years ago now, and after having worked it for so long, I've decided to make a build log on it. This is my first vehicle that I have ever personally worked on, and my first time experiencing offroad type builds. If anything, this is an Adventure...
  10. L

    For Sale  2018 LC200 Built 42k Miles Sykesville, MD

    Stumbled across another 200. For the price/mileage and mods it's seems to be a decent price. Bare in mind Carfax shows its life being lived in CT and NY, so I can't speak for corrosion underneath. No affiliation to seller. Was this a Mainline Overland build? If so one could probably track its...
  11. Pat80

    1HD-FTE Powered HDJ80

    Its a '93 model. 5 Speed and a factory part time case. Its apparently a GX model which i know nothing about except it has a working sunroof, the stupid climate control AC and a fancy factory sound system Ripped out the junk 1HD-T and put the FTE in, 1 million times better. Also fitted a 1300nm...
  12. jakemccurdy

    Idiot YouTuber GX460 Onboard Air Install

    It's too rainy on the west coast to wheel so I thought I'd make a fool of myself for your Sunday entertainment. Enjoy!
  13. KevinThe75

    1988 Hj75 Restoration/Build

    I recently started restoring my dads old 1988 Hj75 ute to its former glory. The body is extremely rusty, and currently doesn’t have a roof on it, but the engine is in surprisingly good condition, (nothing can kill an old 2H engine). Yesterday and today i got to work stripping the interior and...
  14. Jsway7

    “Sully” 1994 FZJ80 Light Build

    Hello all, I'm a new member to MUD, but I’ve had a few Toyota’s in the last few years. My passion started when I test drove a base model 1986 Toyota pickup. Single cab, short bed, 5 speed. 4x4. 22r. I then moved on to a 3rd gen 4runner. I currently own a 1985 Toyota pickup Xtra cab 4x4 and a...
  15. YieldHunter

    Builds  "Kiboko" - Texas family hunting/fishing adventure truck

    Haters of Mud, Wanted to introduce y'all to "Kiboko," our 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser in Magnetic Gray Metallic on Black. "Kiboko" is Swahili for hippopotamus, and I thought that was a pretty dead on name for this ~6000lb gray tool/toy which will spend a good part of its life wallowing in water...
  16. A

    2006 GX OEM + Build

    Just now starting to build out my GX since purchasing about a year ago. The goal is to go for more of an OEM + look and functionality as this will be 90% road/10% off road rig. It took me about 3 months to find exactly what I was looking for: 05' Non Nav - Darker Interior - 125k Stopped for...
  17. jesus888

    Builds  Project Bush Cricket...

    A little history... I’ve owned a couple FJ40s, an LX470, grew up riding in my folks’ FJ62, and now... I have an 80-series. I’m mechanically so-so, and lazier than most people, and don’t know how to weld. I have good friends, and I’m good at looking stuff up on the internet (especially here)...
  18. S

    NOLA- A Build Story

    NOLA; a build story Hello Mudders! I have now owned my second cruiser for three years so I decided to finally put together a build thread. I'm writing one in part because this community is so freaking knowledgeable and has helped me fix so many things on my own truck that I would like to see...
  19. bemorecharles

    Zeus, a VZJ95 living in Whistler, Canada.

    Hello! I'm Charlie. I have been snooping around on here for a while but thought it would make sense to get a build thread up, just to keep track of progress! I bought a Silver 1998 VZJ95, a Japanese import, with 115,000km in Vancouver in June and have been having loads of fun with it. It's my...
  20. O

    15yo 99' LX470 Build Thread

    So last saturday (12/12/20) I bought my first truck, I flew from Ohio to Alabama bought it and drove it back. Im 15 and cant even drive until March when I get my licsense, so I know almost nothing about cars. I plan on using it as a day to day car to drive and in the future I plan on using it...
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