1. AussieHJCruza

    Builds  Back in a 40! - AussieHJCruza's HJ47 Build - 12HT swap turning into a frame-off

    G'day 40 series crew, Happy to say I'm back in a 40 series, gotta say although the 60s, 79 and 80s were fun, there's something about a 40 that nothing else has. Having got a company car and no-longer needing a cruiser as a daily, started to get the 40 itch again, so obviously the best solution...
  2. molanginaeda

    Molanginaeda 2013 LC200 build thread

    It’s the first year anniversary for my 2013 LC200. I acquired my LC200 in Feb 2019. I have been holding back on upgrades and have acquired some upgrades parts for about a year. This new year, 2020, will the beginning of transformation year. Till now, the LC200 is basically stock except AT...
  3. redeyeracing

    Oh the humanity! My 74s journey back to drivable

    Lurked on Ih8mud for a long time. Been a long time Toyota lover and own 3 others but all newer stuff. I bought this rig for my wife's company to plow with almost 8 years ago. They were just starting out and didn't have the $ to buy a real plow rig. My plan was to always take it over and...
  4. G

    Builds  FInally starting FJ-45 LPB Restomod.

    I have had this FJ-45 in storage for many years, and am finally starting on the rebuild. We have had the frame blasted, primed, and painted, and the body goes to media blasting later this week. It is a 67 LPB, original US truck. The motor was swapped some time ago to a Toyota Diesel, but the...
  5. NookShneer

    KarashiFJ40 1975 Survivor

    Never thought I’d be able to get into a 40. I’ve owned a 83 FJ60 for 10 years now. Was excited when @red66toy shared a Offer up add for a dirt cheap rusted out 40. Three of us converged on the guy who met us at a Hispanic market near by in South Seattle. We unintentionally overwhelmed him...
  6. ntdb

    Builds  Treebeard (needs a new block)

    After months of researching and seeing/driving 60s in the PNW I finally pulled the trigger. Treebeard is a February 1984 FJ60 that I bought for $3,000 with 292,000 miles on the clock. Before I found the truck it sat under a tree in Olympia for three years. My first tasks include a thorough...

    Builds  A Sinister Cruiser - 1996 3x Locked FZJ80 Build

    Well my first Cruiser is base lined now, so I suppose I should start a build thread as the fun mods begin. After trading in my 15' Tundra Platinum my garage was without a Toyota for 2 years. Then I went down the Land Cruiser YouTube rabbit hole, which let me to google and finding Mud. After a...
  8. Gunner458

    My 05 LX470 budget build!

    So let’s start with the stock 05 LX470, 207,000 miles and runs like a champ! (Roadside bargain)
  9. Tony_Farson

    Events/Trails  Build Party

    I am hosting a build party at my house and all are welcome. The loose plan is to assemble the rolling chassis and install the transmission and transfer case. This is mostly an excuse to get us together, turning wrenches is NOT required. Just hang out with us. Kids and spouses are welcome...
  10. empty80

    empty80's Rolling Research Build

    After some considerable time and lessons learned, I’ve decided to encapsulate my build here to share some of the “knowledge” I have obtained. *Spoilers* most of what I have applied to my truck, I have learned from others. I've highlighted a few major headings as they pertain to the systems that...
  11. suprarx7nut

    The YotaMD Build - Cypress

    This may as well be titled "The LX that 'Mud Built" because without the Mud community support of YotaMD this would not exist. So I offer an upfront and sincere "Thank You!" to you awesome folks that support your community vendors like YotaMD. Now, let's dive into the fun stuff. 2006 LX470 in...
  12. kolbydmc

    1997 3x Locked LX450 "The Falcon" Build

    Hello all! I finally decided to start my build thread for this thing since I plan on ACTUALLY keeping this one for a while (you'll see what I mean soon). First things first, here it is. I recently bought this 1997 3Xlocked LX450 from my good friend Drake Dischler. It had 242,000 miles and now...
  13. zackro

    2005 LX470 w/96k Overland Build

    I bought my first 100 series about a month ago, and I'm not sure how I've been living without one for so long! Anyway, I've done a few things to it. I finally got a chance to snap some pics, and I've included one "before" shot as well. How I bought it: I shopped for a couple months...
  14. chubbybunny

    The Green, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Rough. That's about as candy-coated and optimistic of a description that you can apply to this old man. He was ridden hard and put away wet, put out to pasture to spend the rest of his days in the rich farmlands of the San Joaquin Valley, California, amongst the lazy cows and their multitudinous...
  15. Masonblackmon

    Project Blanca 1974 FJ40 Build

    Okay so the purpose of this thread is to show off what all I’m doing with this FJ40 and to keep track of everything. So over thanksgiving I bought my FIRST LAND CRUISER, a 1974 Fj40 from my dad who traded a Scrambler Jeep for it. It has the 6 cylinder 1.5 F motor I was told and the engine...
  16. BenCC

    Builds  Benjamin’s 3D Prints Build

    Greetings. This is a half build and half promoting thread. I want to document my 3d printed parts/accessories and share the design/fabrication process. Suggested Project List: Ashtray mount for rocker switches or USB ports. Third row AC redirection duct. A panel to replace the original panel...
  17. Maxthrust27

    Rod's 02 LC build!

    Hey all. Bought a 2002 LC with 178K miles. Clean rust free car with an excellent service record. Differential, transfer case, T-body, hose heater replaced, new alternator in 2016 ( All done at Right Toyota in Scottsdale AZ) New brakes, brake flush, flush A/C evaporator system, repack wheel...
  18. wngrog

    Builds  Weenie 3 - Bringing another 40 back from the dead

    Rustic Green 40's are stacking up around here in Mississippi. 3 in my group of friends alone, hence the "3" in the name. Green Weenie 3, aka Weenie 3..... Backstory: This 40 was bought new in Louisiana in 1974 and lived a hard life on a farm, I have a mound of registration papers stretching...
  19. FJ Noob

    Builds  My first FJ60

    First post...gonna be long...a lot happened really quickly. I've always loved the FJ60s, but just never had the time/$$/know-how to own one. Well, that recently changed. I just bought my first FJ60, a 1987 with 197K miles on the original 2F and 4-speed manual transmission. I wasn't really...
  20. O Ironman

    Builds  Ironman 4x4 Lexus GX460 Overland Build ep. 01

    Why consider a Lexus GX460 as a family overland vehicle and a daily driver? The first episode of a 10 week series following our build journey. We discuss the Pros and Cons of the GX460 and things to look for when shopping for a preowned one.
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