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  1. Ol Yeller

    Yeller Gold

    Life gets in the way, that happens on most things, getting my 1974 pig up to snuff for weekend duty has been no exception. When I was a little kid my parents had a 71 that mom daily drove, it wasn’t long before my dad and uncle pulled the six and dropped in a 327, when that got tired dad put a...
  2. Scottys80

    Scotty’s moby dick build

    Hello mud I’ve been hanging around on here for a few months now, what a great site with some awesome information! This will be my first build thread and is kind of slow, I am only 19 so the funds are pretty tight. I’m very familiar with Toyota’s, my first vehicle was a 1997 5speed 4runner...
  3. raincityrider

    Mid Life Adventure 2010 LX570

    Hey Folks, This is my first truck build so I apologize in advance for the silly questions I will be asking. My plane is the buy or build a trailer so I can take the wife and spawn out for adventures. I started by adding some much needed storage to the cargo bay. Waiting for more toy to get this...
  4. K

    Builds Dog Cruiser Overland build - '17 200

    As she sits today: As with previous vehicles, figured I'd create a build thread for my 16 LC200 Dog Hauler with 26k miles out of Texas. Originally purchased the Gray one with mods and mentioned in post #51 I decided to get the White for a clean slate. Dubbed the Dog Cruiser because my pups...
  5. yewtawkid

    BUILD 1984 FJ60- "Baby Blue"

  6. Firerunner

    Firerunner's 91 FJ80 build

    So... My wife decided that she wanted more seatbelts and room than her 96 4runner had. I found a FJ80 with a whole lot of miles (313k) for not a whole lot of money (1300.00). The rig is sort of a conflict in maintenance history. On one hand, I think I have every single smog certificate...
  7. brisveganbj42

    Aussie FZJ80 to BJ80 to BJ55 long term project

    Hey guys, First time posting in the 80 forum.... Been contributing to the FJ40, FJ55 and diesel section a bit but first time in here.. I have swine flu pretty bad and have been working through considerable body work on my FJ55 I'd been planning on repowering with a 15B-FT and H55F. After...
  8. Rdgcruiserjr

    The road thus far

    Well, a bit late but better than never. This build thread will forever immortalize the pain and hardships, the sweat, tears and all the busted knuckles and thrown wrenches it takes to build a 1969 fj40 from the ground up! With much help from the fabled Reddingcruiser my plan is to have this rig...
  9. P

    PaulC's build thread by RPM Off-Road Garage - 35 inch tires

    Folks, I wrote the Yelp review below for the project mechanic on my LC200. I am pasting it here because this post is equal parts of build thread (at least Stage 1) and a thank you to Steve Lam and his team at RPM Off-Road Garage. When it comes to finding any service provider, I try to find 3...
  10. RoadTripSteve

    Charlie Oats (Lexus lx470 Build)

    Hey guys! Meet Charlie Oats. Charlie is a 2000 Lexus lx470 with 234k miles. I picked up this truck a few weeks ago for a road trip across the US this summer. We're going to skate, surf, bike, fish and camp the whole way. So Charlie is going to need some outfitting. "Slowly, but surely"
  11. kengalbraith

    Be careful what you wish for FJ62 project: Grey Lady

    How this happened: I went to HS in northern NM in the early 2000s and my best friend drove this truck that her dad bought for her from an AZ relative. She got a new car when she went to college. Her dad eventually wanted this truck to be his project, he worked for the Forest Service at the time...
  12. 4btfjz80CO93

    Builds Build thread for '87 BJ75 Troopy

    After purchase from Steve in Boulder, I've been messing around a bit to get a feel for the thing. I'm not mechanical, so any mechanic work will be completed by Robbie "powderpig" in Boulder. First thing was transfer case rebuild, tie rods, and water pump. Then replaced all hoses in engine. Oh...
  13. runningdrew

    REbuild thread - RunningDrew

    (edit 2/4/19) Changed the thread name, this will be my rebuild thread, adding some small mods here and there, not able to get into a sweet bumper set up yet. Insurance totalled me out due to plastic damage. I got car back, now piecing it together again to get a rebuilt title and get it back on...
  14. PurpleFJ62

    Builds Cummins R2.8 H151 Swap into 1993 FZJ80

    Hello Mud, I bet that title got your attention, I have been working on this swap for about 6 months at this point. To keep it brief, the goal was to design a system to allow the installation of the Cummins R2.8 crate engine into an FZJ80 Chassis that required absolutely no cutting or welding on...
  15. yotadude520

    The life and times of my 1987 Toyota Pickup - KLF Special

    So this is the story of how I got to own a truck I’ve wanted for years and one we all know - @KLF's 1987 X-Tra Cab. Going to get it was by far the craziest thing I’ve done in my life (so far) but have to say I absolutely loved every second of it. It was an awesome adventure and I really...
  16. jesus888

    Builds: Project “Where to even begin...”

    First of all... this project name MAY change at some point but for now... we’re sticking with “Where to begin...” A little history, in 2005 I did a frame off with a close friend *he was the talented one* on a 1969 Bronco and spent A LOT of money (almost all on parts) and about 5 years worth of...
  17. caboulto

    78 body off restore (cruiser #2)

    After cutting my teeth a few years ago on a 1980 FJ40 and doing a mild restore (not frame off) and putting a 3FE in, decided to pick up a 2nd cruiser and go for the full monty this time and tear down completely and rebuild. I’m a YouTube mechanic and and just learn as I go, so still have a lot...
  18. EastPlnsDrifter

    Builds EastPlnsDrifter's Llama Cruiser build

    Hello fellow 200 series enthusiasts, I wanted to start off this thread thanking you all for the influence you've had on me these past two years and show what it has resulted in and why. I want to start off with a bit about me and how I wound up in my 200. I'll go into the actual build and...
  19. bushdoctor

    Builds Bushdoctor' LX 450 - 80's Build Progress - "Berky"

    Unlike the 100, I've decided to do a build thread for the 80. I've been fortunate enough to learn loads from this community and I figured, sharing my own build experience would hopefully generate something positive that would perhaps help others make decisions on their own builds. Not to...
  20. rwbmedusa

    Builds LC Medusa | 16+ 200 series SEMA build

    Hello mudders! I have always been a car guy and the truck world is fairly new to me. This would be my 2nd offroad/overland build as I recently sold my truck to get this dream build started. My plan is to have a well rounded daily driver & overland capable rig. it is a dream come true and the...
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