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  1. 69FJ40NJ

    1969 FJ 40 NJ (Tetanus)

    I have not gone through the rig real good yet, but here is what I know so far. 1969 - No doors or roof. SBC 350 Automatic Ford Master Cylinder Needs fenders, hood, floors, rockers, quarters, rear door sill, etc..... Already found hard doors. Removed old speakers and radio.
  2. sleepydad69

    1997 HZJ77HV-PEU Build

    build/Maint thread I decided it was time to start ticking off bucket list items. I have always wanted a 70's wagon so here we go! I started to research importers and decided to use a Canadian importer for a couple of reasons. For Those of us who have went thru the process of importing a vehicle...

    1971 FJ40 Build Thread

    This is my first actual post on ih8mud. Been lurking for about 2 years now. This thread is to serve as a full history of the step-by-step restoration for my records and any potential future buyers. Picked up 1971 fj40 bone stock to start a full build from the ground up to my spec of how an OEM+...
  4. Tacticus

    Tacticus GX460 new 20k build

    TACTICUS BUILD BEGINS! TACTICAL LEXUS= TACTICUS Hello all, I have been reading the forums for a while now say 6 months and finally decided it was best for me to post and share and interact with everyone on here :) I was extremely inspired by all of your builds and so I am on my journey to...
  5. JohnnyFish

    '78 FJ45

    Friends, have you ever experienced a situation where the reward was so enticing that you kept accepting unacceptable risk way beyond rationality? Well, I now have, and it's not over. Tomorrow afternoon my brother and I are going to start this trip: In this 1990 JDM Dyna 200: ... because it...
  6. rainbow94

    2006 UZJ100 Build thread

    Hello MUD, Here is my “new” 2006 UZJ100. I purchased it from my father recently when he decided a Tundra (5.7L) would better suits his needs. It is dark grey metallic (1E9), with a grey interior (LA10). My father purchased it with ~100k miles in 2015. It currently has ~175k miles and has...
  7. LandyAndy100

    100 Series New Build Thread (and LandyAndy Intro)

    Wassuppppp Landcruiser fam. New to IH8MUD as a member, been going to this site for years. Current rides: 1999 or 2000 LX470 - will know which one in a month, getting one of the old family "heirlooms", 2000 LX pictured below 2022 Genesis GV70 - great for offroading over very fine gravel on...
  8. tweek99

    Resurrection of a pair of 78s

    I figured I'd best start a build thread for a pair 78 fj40s. The blue one is my cousin's and it just so happens to be the very first landcruiser i had any experience with. The other is a 78 Frankenstein build. I'll start off with the blue 78. My cousin picked this one up when he was 14...
  9. adman02

    Waking Up the LandSnoozer - A Run-of-the-Mill LS Swap

    Putting together a build thread for my recently-acquired 1988 FJ62. PO did a SOA lift, 4.88 gears and 37 inch tires. With all of that, the vehicle can barely get out of its own way. Given it's turtle-like speed, I dubbed it the LandSnoozer. To wake up the LandSnoozer, I'm doing a...
  10. R

    PNW 67 Patina Blue

    Greetings all. I'm actually starting to make some progress on my build so I figured I should start a build thread. Here is the first pic I took when I found it. So the story. My neighbor accross the road was talking to my wife about an old "jeep" she was about to put up for sale. I'm the kind...
  11. DirtyPepper

    1997 FzJ80 - Let's Begin a Baseline!

    Hey everyone! I'll update this regularly but for right now, we're going with the basics for a baseline :) 1997 Fzj80 purchased in January 2015 with 200,xxx Miles for $2300.00 Current Mileage: 220,xxx NOT triple Locked Black Onyx with tan leather interior (6.5/10 interior condition - front...
  12. mchlhmltn

    Builds Builds: Bad Memory 1974 FJ40

    Calling this thread bad memory not as a nod to the gas mileage I got towing this thing home but more so as a tribute to to my terrible ability to remember what I have done. So. I will take a lot of pictures and post them there so I can look back and remember when I did something. Plus I will...
  13. OSUAviator

    Brad’s LX Build

    Hiya! After watching y’all, lurking and testing the waters with a few post (thanks for the help btw) I am finally starting to make my LX my own. I have owned my LX, Lou-Ann as she has become know in our house, long enough to learn many quirk and see what I want to modify. It’s time to make some...
  14. Drcrane

    Amateur Franken40 Build

    Hi, my name is Dan and I’m a toyotaholic. Long time lurker, and finally far enough along on my build that I felt it was worth starting a build thread. A little about me, my first car I bought was a ‘99 4Runner that I modified lightly, and began wheeling a few years ago. After getting into some...
  15. D

    "So what happened was..." Build

    As it seems this will be a long-term build, I think I owe it to my new ride to document. So what happened was I grew up in New England where rust was the ultimate killer... you could never win, you could just hope to stay in the game long enough to survive. So when I saw this 2001 LC posted...
  16. tampacruiser95

    Builds Tampa Cruiser's GX Build

    I just sold my 200 series and bought a 2016 Base GX460. I heavily modified my 200 but going with a much milder build on this platform. Things I've ordered so far are: - Dobinson IMS lift, 2" front and 1.5" rear, comfort springs - Bora wheel spacers for a little wider stance - Seat covers -...
  17. RFB

    So I officially sold my 80 series and now Im building this!

    And doing it quickly. This pic was taken 3 weeks ago Ive owned it for less than a month. So Im diving back into mud but in another catagory.
  18. bj73 1987

    BJ73 1987 Build

    Recently purchased my first Landcruiser after getting hooked by my friends FZJ80. After looking around I came across a BJ73 for sale and feel in-love with the mid-sized wheel base and 'boxy' look of the 70 series. 1987 BJ73 Model: S-BJ73V-MN Engine: 3B 3.4L diesel Axel...
  19. outlaw4shrt

    2009 LX570 Trans European Trail Overland Build

    Hey Team, Bear with me as I build out this thread to get all of my info in here. More details and pictures to come, but here's how she sits right now: Current/Upcoming Modifications Tires 285/70R17 BF Goodrich KO2's Deiwe 17x8.5 2LX Wheels Suspension Stock AHC System Height LX570 OEM...
  20. 5280 Lexus

    Tony Flowers 2003 GX470 Build & Maintenance thread

    My dad bought a GX470 around 2012-2013 with 120,00 miles then proceeded to daily drive and occasionally tow his boat until 2019 when he bought a Tundra to replace it. It was due for some maintenance and he no longer needed the GX so he decided to offered me the opportunity to buy it from him...
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