Finally a workshop/storage/mancave

May 25, 2010
The Netherlands, In the Market Garden area
Working on a jig for the tub.
The outside frame is bolted together, at least on one side the other is clamped so I can make some adjustments.
Decided to narrow it with 20cm to make it easier to handle on a rotisserie.
The cross bars, 5 one for each 2 connecting points from tub to frame, will be Attached in a flexible way to make it possible to use it on different vehicles.

The cross bars will get attachment points that can be adjusted in height for the different mounting points.
The tub is going to sit about 10cm plus original difference from 0 line on the chassis.
This way I can build the tub back up off the chassis and it wil fit just on there when done.
An other benefit of this is that the frame will not be in the way of the metal work.
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