Common Failures and Repairs - FAQ

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Sep 14, 2003
Centennial, Colorado
This is an FAQ thread. That means no chat or discussing the items posted here. You can go into one of the threads linked based on topics for questions

The reason is to help the reader sift through data rather than chat to help solve their issue. Each post is a single topic with Links to relevant threads

I am going to start with one post on Cracked Radiators after doing a search

It is open for any member to add a post on other issues with links following the format I am using in the next post
Cracked Radiators and Replacements

There have been several threads on cracked Radiators. This isnt unique to the 200 series as they contain plastic. I once broke my 80 series Radiator by accidentally pressing on the plastic hose nipple while changing spark plugs

The 200 series issue appears to happen more in older 200's (2008-2010) so far and usually manifets itself in a crack at the top as you can see the radiator fluid that leaked out

In post 2 of this thread Mowgli has the removal and installation steps from the factory manual. This thread would also be a good place to ask questions about the removal and install

Here is the Public Service announcement thread started by Jdclarke450. Lots of posts and good info here

Here is Sage1's thread on a Radiator problem

Here is a thread on patching

This is not an exhaustive list of threads. Others can found searching. PM me if you see a key thread that should be added and I will edit this post to include it
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Starter Failure (No Warning)

I’ll see if I can make this follow the format as Ken suggests. I’m proactively replacing my starter to avoid being stranded somewhere.

A few 200 owners have had their starter fail abruptly, leaving them stranded. As I understand it, the failure is in the solenoid, which is attached to the starter motor. There's a way to jump it using a long screwdriver; once I understand that a bit better, I'll post it here.

The original-installed starter is a pretty large unit. The replacement starter is quite a bit smaller. I copied this pic from @cruiseroutfit. Original starter on left, new unit on right.


I'll be updating this more when I can. If you have info that should be added here, please let me or @Romer know, and we'll edit this thread to include it. Thanks!
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HVAC Recirculation Door/flap

Rusted KDSS valves / accumulator

The KDSS valve housing + bolts appear to be the only undercarriage component that is not treated to inhibit rust. 2017 and earlier appear to have hex-bolts that like to break allen wrenches when the housing gets rusted. 2018+ have standard bolts, which is better, but the housing can still rust in almost no time (especially in northern / snowy / salty road states). Preventative maintenance is to cover the KDSS valve housing in something like LPS3 (spray-on, self-healing, wax-like protectant) or marine grease.

final cost of KDSS valve was $2626.00 The cannon ball that my brother brought up from the bottom of the ocean had less rust. the vehicle has been in service since Jan 2012 and has some surface rust on the rear end, but not like this. I always thought that the screwulater valve was a joke: Toyota calls it a KDSS accumulator. New one is getting coated with fluid film or LPS3.

rusted KDSS.jpg

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