1. alefer5

    SOLD  SoCal: RotoPax Fuel & Water Containers (With Mounts)

    Up for sale is a variety of Rotopax Items: - 2x 2-gallon Rotopax Fuel tanks (Fuel Pax) - 1x 2-gallon Rotopax Water tank (Water Pax) - 2x Rotopax DLX Pack Mounts Items were used and do show some cosmetic signs of wear. However, all items function correctly - the containers do not leak and...
  2. B

    Driver's door weatherstrip leak

    Hi there, I have been trying to track down the reason for the carpet on the driver side of my LX450 been always wet after raining or washing it and after a long and thorough research, it looks like the door weatherstrip is the culprit. I only see water droplets inside, half way down the lateral...
  3. Outer Limit Supply

    LifeSaver portable water filter Jerrycan- September Group Buy

    While on the Rubicon we experienced a slight hiccup... Yep, you guessed it, we ran low on water. Since our return we've been looking for a convenient/versatile solution and we believe found it. So to introduce it we've decided to launch a group buy. This is a package deal and it comes with the...
  4. A

    Heavy rain: Leaks, electrical gremlins, and limp mode.

    Hey everyone. I have had an interesting thing happen on my 01 LX470. A couple of weeks ago during a long road trip in heavy rain I noticed that my Tach was flopping all around. An hour or so later the dash lights go out on it. By this point the rain had stopped. I keep driving because i'm still...
  5. morganism

    HHO gas conversions - anybody that has desmogged?

    Was looking at these a couple years ago, and the tech is advancing pretty well, but these guys seem to have nailed it. This company may have solved one of the hardest problems in clean energy If someone up in Washington state has a desmogged, and not daily driver, we should go talk to these...
  6. Dave 2000

    Faster heater?

    Unsure if this has been posted on the forum before but it may be of interest to those being hit by cold weather? Yesterday I was working on a Renault van, whilst looking around under the hood I noticed a device in the heater inlet hose. It is basically a small alloy block that held four diesel...
  7. Gregol

    After heavy rain on highway speedometer and kilometer counter dead

    Hello, Just drove into a beautiful storm on the highway in South of Spain. When the rain stopped I realized my speedometer and kilometer counter stopped too. Where should I start to look? Is this a classic trouble? Happy New Year G
  8. digitalbuck

    Opinions on this water to air intercooler for LJ78 / 2LTE?

    I'm getting ready to install a water to air intercooler on El Troque and have been looking at all of the available options. It looks like the simplest / cleanest / most compact unit that has good capacity is this: Water to Air Intercoolers It is pretty good size and square with a straight...
  9. dermolotov

    Waterbogged FJ80

    Went into a deeper than normal bogpit today around 3 cm above the door seals. Water went into the front and back seats but didn't do must to any of the mechanics. Though, a few strange things did happen when I was reversing out (still have the snorkel sitting in the garage I really should've put...
  10. livelarg

    TJM compressor water locked?

    Howdy all, I was in some pretty deep muddy water the other day. I turned on my rear lockers about halfway through. My rear locker didn't work. I checked all the wiring and I have power to the little compressor that actuates my locker. I took off the air connector, and a little water spit out...
  11. Vae Victus

    Engine Block Water Jacket Brass Fitting - Size and Use?

    Someone please remind me - is this the heater water return? Right next to the temperature module. Trying to get a plug for this so I can flush my water jacket. What's this fitting called and any clue the size of the exposed female fitting pictured? 16mm is close to the ID. Where is this...
  12. Passenger56

    Water in Rocker Panels & Passenger Floor from Sunroof?

    Hey Everyone, I have recently noticed a significant amount of water accumulating in the frame of my 2005 LC. At first I wasn't sure where but my mechanic said the water (literally gallons) was in the rocker panels and he was able to drain it by pulling a plastic plug on the passenger side. I...
  13. thebus

    Another water leak..

    So i sealed the windshield with the roof flashing sealant according to one thread on here i think it was firetruck? worked freaking amazing..no water pooling in either side of the windshield. now i have a bit of rust which i sealed over on driver side about 4inch up on the edge of the...
  14. shocktower

    water on the rear drivers side

    Ok she's old, but I cannot figure out why the rear drivers side passenger door card and floor mat get, wet. I checked the door drains and they are fine, I only get this on one side, weather stripping ? yes I did a search
  15. A

    Part Number for Water By Pass Hose on oil cooler line?

    Anyone know the part number for the uppermost water bypass hose connected to the pipe that goes to the oil cooler? I ordered 15777-50030 thinking it was that one, but it is not. All the diagrams I find on line don't show this hose.
  16. Calgary40

    Any tricks to transmission or bell housing removal? & water in gear oil.

    Trying to get through to change the clutch on a 77. I removed the two top bolts and 3 per side on the bell housing then with trans and t case (and engine) supported tried to wobble/force/move everything back. When I got frustrated with that, I disconnected the four bolts around the trans and...
  17. T

    Water leak.......searching for the cause.

    Hey guys, need some help locating a water leak. Its coming out of the back seat HVAC controls in the ceiling. I feel like I've checked or fixed every issue it would be but still hasn't completely stopped it. I have resealed the 3rd brake light, removed roof rack which included resealing holes...
  18. cc93cruiser

    F engine water outlet paper gasket installation order

    Quick question... I have the diaphragm from an F engine cooling system/waterpump and I noticed I did not put the gasket on the pic ( letter D) in the correct order.. I put the thermostat on the lower piece water outlet and then paper gasket on top then the upper water outlet piece with rubber...
  19. In2cruisers

    OK... where is my water temp switch on the block?? ----3B-----

    I have everything torn apart doing a turbo mod....so I thought I would chase gremlins while she is down.. Trans is pulled due to on again, off again 5th gear issues. Also had intermittent water temp issues so might as well swap out sending unit... The rig is a a buddys so cant look at the moment
  20. ndaquilino

    water sloshing around in my roof...

    Hello! I seem to have a water issue in my roof. Every time I start from a stop or brake I hear what sounds like a wet and wild waterpark sloshing around in the roof. It also sounds like a substantial amount of water too, but that could be because its a few inches directly above my head. It...
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