Wagon Wheel Size

    Just picked up some wagon wheels from a FJ40 donor which were original on my BJ44. Previous owner installed chrome ones. I thought these would be 15", and they measure 16-3/8" +/-. What size tires will fit these? Thanks in advance!
  2. arklatex60

    Getting started on a desmog

    I'm getting ready to start desmogging my 60. I'm planning on the kit from man a fre. On their website they state that it would be better to go with a weber carb, hei distributor, and headers. I would prefer to keep everything Toyota and keep the OEM manifold. I understand that I would need to...
  3. Beehanger

    Steering linkage parts?

    Hi guys, Getting a popping noise when I turn the steering wheel (can feel the clicking in the steering wheel) on turns with the steering linkage especially when going right. I have shop time and can use the vehicle lift next week, but the vehicle is not currently running. Would love to know if...
  4. AmericanKing

    Dad Adventure Wagon

    I thought it was time to finally make a build thread here. 2004 Sequoia Limited 4WD. I acquired the truck in March 2020 from my parents my grand parents owned it prior to them. After test driving the truck I diagnose a bad head gasket. My father overheated the truck which he thought it only...
  5. 5

    SOLD  McPherson, Ks 1956 Willys Wagon

    1956 Willys Station Wagon. Chevy 350 with 350 turbo trans and np203. Front disk brakes, new springs and shocks, new glass and rubber, full set of door cards, electric wiper conversion, new interior handles, new gas tank and fuel lines. New brake lines and master cylinder, new wiring harness. Too...
  6. AJAEbj42

    For Sale  BC: 1982 BJ60 'G' trim, the 'Wirrell Wagon'

    Hi Everyone, Many of you who frequent the diesel forums may remember Charles, a long time admin and a member of our Coastal Cruisers club www.coastalcruisers.ca Charles passed away ten years ago and his truck remained in his family until 2 years ago when I acquired it. My plan was to 'repair...
  7. djawahir

    FJ60 Steering Column Bearings

    So, I'm posting this here since I didn't come up with any good results when I searched. I spent way too much time trying to figure out the numbers on the bearings, too. After removing my steering wheel for some R&R, I decided to see what conditions some of the bearings in my steering column...
  8. K

    Radio Options that appear classic

    Hey Everyone, I am looking for a radio with the same face as the OEM, which has Bluetooth. Do you have any ideas?
  9. T

    Wiring help needed

    Well I’m hoping someone can tell me where these cut wires are supposed to go. This is on a 1985 fj60. I didn’t cut them so I’m not sure what they are supposed to be connected to. They come from the cab through floor. Any ideas would be helpful.
  10. C

    Test:  giday mud truckers

    Giday, i have a 1990 LJ 78 , been a good reliable wagon, have found some very interesting articles on here, great that you guys go to a lot effort to share your wisdom and experience with dudes ya know and other ya don't.. I sure appreciate your work..
  11. TexasLandCruiser

    Reverse Lights - Resolved V8 4L65E

    5.3 V8 4L65 Transmission After the stand alone harness install my reverse lights weren’t hooked up by shop. Found the 12 volt circuit wire working proper off the ECU curious of appropriate place to tie the 12 volt signal into that circuit to trigger the 2 tail bulbs. 4L65 NSS works and...
  12. wngrog

    Oddball 25 Thing

    I got to see the 25 wagon that the guy that owns Thomasville (GA) Toyota bought. This is possibly a Brazilian creation. He does not know. I’ve seen some videos about it. Here are the pics. Y’all are the experts.
  13. Jimb074

    SOLD  NorCal - FREE Wagon Wheels

    Livermore, CA FREE - I have three old school wagon wheels, looking for a good home. Tires are obviously shot but maybe you need a spare or have one orphan looking for some friends? Message me for address.
  14. B

    FJ60 Power steering pump - discontinued?

    So it seems the fj60 power steering pump is a discontinued part. I can get a NAPA or a Duralast or a BBB Industries pump all with a limited lifetime warranty. Problem is, I've had aftermarket pumps before and they don't last. The one in my 60 right now is from Rock Auto, it was made by BBB...
  15. Benjaman

    Rock auto closeout deals

    Got this in an email, some good deals. https://www.rockauto.com/closeouts/?carcode=1276613&l=en&a=CloseoutEmail
  16. thecapedcapper

    SOLD  2002 Audi S6 Avant - Charlotte, NC

    I've really enjoyed this wagon over the past 3 years but the time has come to move it on. I daily drove it for a couple years and have enjoyed it a once a week car since then. Extensive maintenance history over my ownership including the oil cooler, timing set , and transmission valve body...
  17. archie73

    Checking for rust under bedliner

    Howdy from the 40 corner. I’m tempted to go look at a wagon (350/700R4) that’s been bedlined from the belt line down to the rockers. Seller claims no rust or bondo- but I’ve been told that before. My gut tells me no one puts bedliner on a good body- of course people do crazy things. The pictures...
  18. S

    62 Distributor

    Looking for a new distributor unit for my 62. Are these available new OEM anywhere without an exorbitant price? If not I guess I’m on the hunt for some high quality used sources that have been cleaned and tested. Thanks!
  19. wngrog

    Builds  The Saggin’ Wagon Part Deux - Tilda Bogue Service Station

    A long time ago in a garage far far away….. The Saggin Wagon was born Fast forward 5 years and 10,000 miles and the 3rd owner (since rebirth has sent this thing to Tilda Bogue to make it like he wants it. It arrived a few weeks ago and has been patiently waiting its turn for some love while I...
  20. BGMachine

    Project Bluey - the dad wagon!

    Hey All, I just scooped up a '95 80 series this weekend out of Kentucky! The goal for this truck is to make it my daily in year when the lease is up on my Taco. Here's the details for the truck: 1995 FZJ80 - Moonglow Pearl 142,000mi low rust needs some fixin' So for step 1, I have to fix...
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