1. M

    DIY 80 Series Bed Build

    Hey guys hope everyone's well I've seen a bit of discussion on beds inside their wagons as appose to swag or tent. Here are my thoughts on the matter, the pros and cons and how I made mine for roughly 30$. I love mine and provide a bit of info if your thinking of doing it yourself.
  2. Chris1989landy

    radio fj62 help

    I have no sound to all but one speaker ( rear ) drivers side have checked all fuses, continuity etc e volume all the way up = very weak muffled sound from drivers side rear static when radio turned on and power up pop from I think all speakers ripped all out and tested with 9v battery they...
  3. P

    Builds 1995 HZJ77 wagon build - Japan sourced

    This build is about my recently (November 2018) purchased HZJ77 70 Series Wagon and the modifications I'm working on. I bought it nearly sight unseen (other than 4-5 photos) off of Yahoo Auctions here in Japan (I'm currently located in Nagoya) for 1,100,000yen (about $9500) and had it shipped...
  4. thermoshelmut

    For Sale 1988 FJ62 - 85k Original Miles

    I don’t have a lot of info on the history. I bought it from a Cruiser dealer here in OKC. It had 73k. miles. Needed some body work and looked like it had been sitting for a long time. Normal mechanical work done (new alternator, radiator, thermostat, water pump, exhaust and master cylinder). No...
  5. 60wgnadvntrs

    SOLD '88 FJ62 Boise Idaho

    $5,000 220,000 miles *Transmission Pump went out selling as is. This rig would be a prime candidate for anyone wanting to do the H55 five-speed swap. The 3FE + H55 combo increases torque and gives a little more life to the inline 6. About the Rest of the vehicle. Body: -A beautiful blue paint...
  6. Dustin Messina

    Builds 1985 FJ60 Gets a Holley Sniper EFI Setup

    This is my first build thread so give me a break on how bad this is going to be... Most people don't want to read so...Yes, the Holley 2300 2bbl Sniper is awesome (200 plus miles on setup), yes it works on a 2f, yes its a straight forward install, yes I am running stock dizzy and figured out...
  7. sigorama

    For Sale 1986 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60, Dune Beige, $2,500

    1986 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ-60 For Sale $2,500 firm View 150+ photos and more info OVERVIEW This 1986 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 has been in Colorado it’s entire life. Aside from the aftermarket wheels, it is completely original and even has the original check list sheet from the dealer...
  8. PNWLife

    For Sale 83' Toyota FJ60/Daily Driver/Astoria, Oregon

    Not only my favorite Toyota so far, but my favorite vehicle ever. I absolutely love this FJ60 and can't tell you how many looks and compliments I get daily. I bought her 2.5 years ago from a friend I've known for 25 years who manages a well-known, respected auto shop. He put a lot of time and...
  9. Mikescruisers

    SOLD 76 FJ55 Pig-Franktown CO USA

    Hello all- Have a cancerous 55 that has a lot of good parts! Complete -running/driving. Doors, glass, interior, sbc, running gear, front disk axle, 4 speed tranny, transfer case, vintage roof rack, stock stereo and a "nice" tailgate handle! Please let me know what you need, so we can keep the...
  10. G-Cat

    craigslist OEM 40 Series Wagon Wheels

    NOT MINE. Atlanta Craigslist. 5 wheels. Asking $500. Toyota FJ40 FJ 40 Landcruiser 79-83 OEM Wheels Rims
  11. J

    1988 Toyota Blizzard Wagon

    I bought this Toyota Blizzard Wagon with a 4 cylinder turbo powered diesel are there any other Blizzard owners out here?
  12. Dedtruk

    SOLD One 15x10 wagon wheel in southern NJ, USA

    SOLD On CL for $20 but $10 $5 picked up Mud price. Package deal with other stuff I'm selling here on Mud. Want this $%!&* thing gone! Has a 35 inch BFG AT mounted on it that has a lot of tread but its desiccated. Holds air for a little while and a shot of that green Tire Slime type stuff...
  13. Tezmac

    Wanted 15x8, 3.25" BS Wagon Wheel

    So I've got a set of 4 of some type of old wagon wheels on my FJ40, maybe custom 70/80 Series U.S. Wheels, I can't tell. They're 15x8 with 3.25" of backspacing that the PO rattle canned black. There's no identifying marks, stamps, tags, labels, etc anywhere on the wheels that I can find. I'm...
  14. southerncruiser62

    Project 200 Wagon build

    So I've gone back and forth about building the 200 and finally bit the bullet and went for it. Originally I just wanted a 200 series as a family cruiser for trips and what not and to have the troopy for more moderate camping and wheeling trips but after much thought I decided to start a...
  15. piecemeal

    craigslist 16 x 5 spare steel wheel (Toyota OEM)

    16 X 5 spare Toyota rim (6-lug) good shape. Spare off of an FJ Cruiser?? $20
  16. piecemeal

    craigslist 15 x 7 holeshot wheels (set of 4 aftermarket)

    15 X 7 chrome rims (6-lug) good wheels, good chrome $75
  17. seventysixers

    For Sale (UT) black steel wagon wheels

    I have a set of four American racing black steel wheels six lug. 150$ for the set pick up only. Not worth shipping. In salt lake text if interested 801-209-7396
  18. Roadnoiz40

    '88 FJ62 wagon with 213000 miles.

    A friend brought his 1988 FJ62 over to the garage for some maintenance. We changed out the diff fluids, adjusted the backup light switch so the lights came on in reverse, installed some bushings on the linkage from the shifter to get a tighter operation. I test drove this bone stock vehicle, (he...
  19. tlc81

    For Sale 1999 Lexus LX470 loaded - no accidents, stock $9,500.00 obo

    1999 Lexus LX470 261,000 km fully loaded, AHC, factory rear locking dif, CDL, power everything, sunroof, leather interior etc etc etc. everything works timing belt recently done. new spark plugs and brakes no accidents 2nd owner all receipts, services done never modified, never wheeled...
  20. Dailydrivingfj60

    Engine swap

    I'm a new and proud owner of a 1984 FJ60. It's my daily driver and I like the 4.2 engine but I don't love the millage and the problems that I get here and there.. I understand that the 4.2 has style and I love that! Is there a way to make that engine reliable enough so I don't have these pop up...
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