1. SirJester

    Time to upgrade.

    Just sent this email to Slee asking for their feedback, but I thought I should ask you what you guys think. Note: 1997 LC80, 160,000 miles, factory locking hubs. ...... On a road trip last week my father was driving my 1997 Land Cruiser that I was planning on building into an overlanding rig...
  2. N

    1HD-FT injector upgrade

    I asked my diesel shop who is very reputable when it comes to toyota diesel tuning a quote to get my 1HD-FT injectors checked and rebuilt if necesarry. He told me it is better to convert my 2-stage injectors to single-stage injectors, better low down performance he said. I searched on Mud and...
  3. jawjatek

    Rear seat belt upgrade nut install

    I purchased the seatbeltplanet.com FJ60 rear retracting seat belt set to upgrade my 1987 FJ60 rear belts. The old lap retractors were old and jammed, and I want to be able to take along the whole fam on trips. Currently only 2 can ride with me, and one has to "ride bitch" using the rear center...
  4. joseluisram

    forged pistons and cam upgrade for turbo???

    ok so i went to the local junk yard and found a 1994 fzj80 with a complete engine on it, it had 234,000 on the clock i was looking for a 4bt cumins or a 6bt but did not had any luck since it was a u pull it it only cost me 300 bucks i am planning on restoring this and try to add a turbo that i...
  5. jpsfj60

    HDJ81 Wiper Upgrade Question

    Can I put a pair of US 4runner wiper arms on my HDJ81? Did this on my FJ60 and it was a huge improvement. Also you get more of a selection of wiper arms for your 81. If not what is the wiper arm upgrade everyone is doing? Thanks!!
  6. M

    Was gonna upgrade the stereo head unit......

    ....but opted for a Bluetooth transmitter for now. $18 from Wish.com, and it sounds perfect! Easy to set up, will charge my phone, will read SD cards, has an aux in, and did I mention it sounds terrific? Received it three days after ordering. Highly recommended if you don't feel like replacing...
  7. ChewBaca

    Audio Control LC6i for Amp upgrade

    Has anyone used the LC6i contraption from Audio Control to upgrade the 100 series sound system? LC6i - AudioControl My plan is to use this along with my kicker CXA Series 5 channel amp. I just installed 4 jbl club 6520 door speakers and it needs more of a punch. I also have an older mtx woofer...
  8. Jawman3

    Just bought my first LX 470. What should I do next?

    I just got my first 4x4 and first LC (1999 LX470). I'm looking to start modifying my truck for some off road adventures around AZ. What would you upgrade and in what order? 1999 LX 470 Dirt Road by Jawman3 posted Mar 13, 2017 at 8:51 AM1999 LX 470 Front by Jawman3 posted Mar 13, 2017 at 8:51...
  9. 76 PTO

    Master Cylinder Upgrade

    Hey guys I have a 76 cruiser with the stock disks up front and drum rears. I discovered that my master cylinder was leaking a little and wanted to up grade to the 80 series master. I would also like to convert to rear disks in the future. I bought a 1994 80 series non ABS master. Should I...
  10. bwalker16527

    Finished front knuckle drum to disk upgrade

    Just finished front knuckle drum to disk upgrade on 1974 FJ40. Bought 1976 FJ55 knuckles and birfields from Deadlew. Cleaned and painted knuckles, dust shield, arms. Bought new rotors and reman calipers. Bought knuckle rebuild kit from Cruiser Outfitters. Took some time but everything...
  11. mwebfj60

    Pre 85 H55 Upgrade FJ60

    Parts Needed Longer Transfer Case to Transmission Bolts (4) 90119-12047 (3) 90119-12047 5th Gear Oiler Cup (1) 33124-36010 5 Speed Shifter and Shift Knob (1) 33530-60160 and (1) 33504-14050-B8 Transfer Case Linkage - From Late 85' and up. Transfer Case Linkage Pivot Shaft From H42 (H55 doesn't...
  12. T

    Headlamp upgrade

    I am new to this and need help. I have a 2005 100 series low beam bulbs are very weak. I went to the local parts store and upgraded to the best bulb they had in stock, but they are just as week. What other choices do I have?
  13. RaleighCJ

    Welder upgrade

    Hello everyone, If this is the wrong place, please excuse the ignorance. I have used a "cheap" Chicago Electric welder for the past 10+ years. It has served me well, but I think it is time to upgrade. I honestly am uneducated when it comes to the differences and brands available. Here...
  14. HardyDanger

    15 min x $15 ARB marker light upgrade

    so picked up a used Arb bull bar on Craigslist. Popped the makers off and they contacts were halfway corroded. I surprise here. ------ This is a simple way to reuse the ARB orange lens and plastic light housing. Took less that 15 mins to complete mod. (Spent more time posting this). Found...
  15. B

    Valve body upgrade Wholesale Automatics Australia

    Anybody have any experience with these valve body upgrades from wholesale automatics from Australia any info would be appreciated thanks
  16. Onur

    RHD 6X Series Front Wiper Upgrade

    Figure I would share some research that proved fruitful. Thanks to @heidtman79 for allowing me to fix my mistake. ;) The 4Runner wiper upgrade works great on LHD 6x series trucks. This upgrade does not work for RHD iterations. As we are seeing more RHD 6x vehicles, it's become apparent...
  17. MrCWineMan

    Super Simple Cruiser Upgrade

    Okay - I debated even making this a thread, but I figured if Toyota put running boards on a Land Cruiser (totally useless) I might as well put up a tiny thread about taking them off. Hopefully this thread is more useful then the running boards - but probably not. Each running board is held...
  18. Yota540

    dashboard lights upgrade

    So my dash is basically not illuminated at night and I would like to do something about it. Other than just replacing the stock bulbs, I have seen some mention of LED replacements on here and was wondering where was a good place to start looking at those? thanks!
  19. JimJ

    Caliper question

    So the front calipers on my 60 have been upgraded to larger 4-runner ones. Does anyone else who has upgraded have to use a spacer for wheel clearance?
  20. david lacle

    Bj73 want to upgrade the steering system any tips?

    Im having problem with the steering box with a lot of play got a 33 inch tire
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