1. SteeleLC2000

    Headlight Upgrade

    Hey, I'm a college student looking to continue modding my 2000 Land Cruiser and thought that set of new headlight would look great since mine are a bit old and not working as well. I was hoping if anyone knew of some headlights that would fit that car and were maybe more modern looking with halo...
  2. DieselMechanicN

    2LTE LJ78 Holset Turbo conversion, easy upgrade.

    Allright guys, Over this past year I have been reading up on this forum for different tips and tricks to gain extra power out of the 2LTE and thought i would share my experience, as I haven't seen it been done on any of these related forums. I obtained the truck in February, and in the saddest...
  3. L

    LX470 Head Light Upgrade

    I have an 06 LX470 that I have decided to keep and upgrade despite the vehicle needing a lot of repairs due to being so old. So instead of repairs, like I normally do, I would like to upgrade the headlights to some brighter LED ones. Any recommendations on what will work in an LX470?
  4. Sowbug2000

    Headlight Upgrade Help! 2003 Land Cruiser

    Yes, I have searched and searched and searched the forum...and I haven't found an option that seems to work for me (that I can understand anyway). I don't do many MODs as I'm not mechanically inclined or afraid to screw up my truck! BASICALLY, I'm looking for a headlight...
  5. PhillipPinot

    Any advice or tips for installing the Slee primary battery tray?

    Im purchasing the Slee primary battery tray for the Interstate 31P-AGM7 Battery. I’m a woodworker but I have zero car experience. I looked through the instructions and it looks simple enough. Are there any tips/tricks from anyone who installed this share? Like using a particular kind of...
  6. dodored

    FJ Cruiser visual upgrade

    Just bought a 2007 FJ and found that the stock aluminum wheels had the chrome peeling off of them due to corrosion. I looked at getting TRD wheels off a Tacoma, but found that the price and offset differences made them unattractive to me. So I decided to sandblast the chrome off the wheels and...
  7. B

    For Sale  AP Racing Big Brake Kit For Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series

    AP Racing Big Brake Kit for Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series Or Lexus LX470. This kit is nearly brand new, miles on the kit are less than 1000 miles . The kit includes the caliper mounting brackets , along with stainless steel braided brake lines . The caliper brackets can be removed from the AP...
  8. S

    Dashbaord Swapping/upgrading from 1998 hdj100r to 2003+ hdj100r

    I want to upgrade my toyota land cruiser 2001 hdj100r dashboard to 2003+ i have seen many people across the countries doing this such as in india pakistan Please give me advice is this okay ? please also have a look of my images inserted in this file
  9. lahunter

    Complete front and rear light Assembly for 99 100 series

    Hello All, My question is who has purchased a complete assembly for their headlight/tail light upgrade, how do you like it, and what is the name of the company you purchased it from. i am looking for plug and play kits that fit factory. and yes.....I have searched the forums for over an hour...
  10. Navyator

    Spend money to upgrade or buy a new vehicle?

    Hey everybody. I'm at an impasse. I own a 1991, RHD FJ80 that I brought back to the states with me from Japan. It's got roughly 80,000 miles on it (tach cable snapped, but I haven't put much on it since), an I've been having EFI relay issues (every few months the relay goes bad, never dies...
  11. K

    60 series wheel tyre options

    searching for wider wheel options for road comfort and to lessen the harsh road feel of my 85 60 series wagon H1 diesel. Its extremely good condition. Currently it has worn since new standard sized chrome wheels. I used to run about 32 psi. this led to scrubbing of front passenger (LHS for...
  12. I

    For Sale  FZJ80 Alternator upgrade parts

    Reference:Upgrading stock alternator to 130/150 amp I sold my 94 FZJ80. The new buyer wanted it Stock so I ended up with any mods I had done including the alternator upgrade I had done. Asking $150 + shipping. You get the Photoman bracket, Sequoia Alternator, 175 Amp fuse, connector plug. I ran...
  13. N

    Newbee Looking for Advice on '06 LC

    This is my first post to the forum and I wanted to see if anyone could give me some feedback on an '06 LC I purchased earlier this week. The truck came with the Gulf States Extra Mile Package (gray fenders, gray two tone, and gray side panels on Alpine White body). My plan is to make some...
  14. tschuszl

    New To FJ62s

    I just bought my first Land Cruiser, an all stock 1989 FJ62 (170k miles) with the hopes of using it as a learning experience. I am a novice when it comes to 4x4's and basically working on cars in general, however I have been doing a ton of research. I plan to take this rig on overland camping...
  15. B

    Upgrading LX470 Nakamichi stereo / screen dilemna - budget, costs?

    Bought my 2001 LX470 back in September (came from the world of 60 series) and pretty much love it. Have a long-term plan to do various upgrades / mods over time as budget allows (from bumpers to sliders, tires, etc). Want this to be my forever daily driver/overlanding rig and basically hold onto...
  16. K

    My stereo upgrade so far in 2001 LX 470

    In case this will help anyone in the future, this is some pictures of my stereo upgrade so far on my 2001 LX 470 Kenwood Excelon Double Din with Apple Airplay and backup camera. Focal K2 4" two way components for center channel Focal K2 6.75 three way components in the front doors Focal K2...
  17. JohnnyC

    Early HT Dome light LED upgrade

    I just did an early hardtop dome light upgrade to LED light. The light insert is a new product from Odd Iron Off Road Link: Over view of Odd Iron Off Road and offerings for Land Cruisers and off road vehicles Very impressed at how well this was put together ... well thought out for sure...
  18. suntrakr

    Brake booster upgrade for '81 fJ with front disc conversion

    Any recommendations for best bang for buck brake booster upgrade? currently running OEM booster (i think) but running a front axle/disc conversion (poss 60series). About to do a frame off to sort the chassis and keen to improve brakes if poss. Any recommendations?
  19. ttxpc

    hydro boost brake upgrade

    Installed a hydro boost out of an f250 over the weekend, 84 hj60, definitely a great upgrade, can lock the 35's at 60mph if desired. Should help hold it on those gnarly hills, where it always was a struggle to stop it rolling backward
  20. Funner

    Home office upgrade

    most days I can do my job from anywhere I have a good internet connection. I tried something a little different today:hillbilly:
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