1. R

    200 Series Oil Pan Plug Torque

    I learned the hard way this weekend that knowing torque number is important. After changing the oil on my 2017 LC 200, I went for a drive only to return and notice oil dripping. I had set the torque on the oil plug to 18 ft lbs because that seemed like a reasonable amount. I then tightened it...
  2. sunrk

    Torque for new manifold studs? Sealant or not on gaskets?

    Took my 1hz's old Genie headers off yesterday - they have a fair number of weld cracks and pinholes due to rust/age/vibration/etc. all of which couldn't be seen without removing them. To be honest, they are pretty ugly and one of the weld cracks was 1/2 way around at a join where three cylinder...
  3. Beej

    For Sale  Massive 300 ft lb torque wrench (HF)

    Hey folks, If you're doing the oil pump cover seal or front main seal, this is the tool you need. $60 shipped CONUS 3/4 in. Drive Click Type Torque Wrench -- Beej
  4. skillsforchrist

    TORQUE Converter 32000-60060

    Trying to find torque converter and counterbalance in Australia or Japan. Flywheel by skillsforchrist posted Apr 27, 2017 at 9:59 PMTorqu Converter by skillsforchrist posted Apr 27, 2017 at 9:59 PMTorqu Converter by skillsforchrist posted Apr 27, 2017 at 9:59 PM I ordered from the USA and the...
  5. Leandro

    Diff plugs torque

    Hi all I have a 99 LX and this weekend I'm embarking on the TX & diff oil change. My truck has LSD in the back and the plugs are not allen, they are Hex. The FSM i have is for 2004 LC, which doesn't have the same diffs I do (cover is probably the same, but i prefer to err on the safe side). I've...
  6. riffman12

    Front hub flange torque confusion

    Hi guys I'm about to get in and tighten down my front wheel bearings. I'm finding mixed info on torque specs for the 6 nuts that hold on the flange and cone washers on the outside of the hub. The ones you see when you first take the center caps off the wheels. Can someone confirm the torque...
  7. Eicca

    Torque loss?

    Driving my mom's 1999 recently and maybe I've just gotten used to my GS400 but I swear it doesn't have the torque it used to have. The old 3FE, slow as it is, still puts down a little "jump" when you give it some gas. You can feel the torque come on suddenly. The 1999 used to have "jump" but...
  8. hazard

    1FZ FE Engine Torque plate

    Anyone used torque plates on bore or hone jobs for their engine? Did you use aluminum or steel plate and what are your thoughts? Did you take multiple before and after bore measurements, and if so, how did it turn out? I am doing a diagnostic teardown and blueprint job. 1FZ engine building and...
  9. Gengis

    15B-FT Powerand torque curve.

    Hi All, does anyone have a power and torque :rev curve for this engine. The 1HZ and 12HT would also be of interest if available. Thinking of making a BJ 62 FT but early daze yet. Also anyone have any experiance of converting a 15B-FTE to a 15B-FT?? G
  10. rc51kid

    RTH lower trunnion bearing stud torque spec

    Quick question. I am replacing my lower trunnion bearing studs with new OEM hardware. Plan is to install STUDS with red loctite. Any idea of the torque spec on the STUDS themselves? The original ones were not very tight. Should i just use red loctite and tighten down to a reasonable torque such...
  11. Tripledave

    Torque Steer on newly lifted LC

    Has anyone noticed and/or addressed a torque steer issue on their 200? I recently had my 200 lifted with the OME/SPC UCA Kit by the fine folks at Slee Offroad, didn't visually notice that the rear axle had moved one way or another, alignment was done at their shop (specs look great on paper)...
  12. C

    Urgent: Torque Converter for A442F Fully Hydraulic transmission

    Hello there! I have brought down my transmission of 1HDT 91 with A44F2 fully hydraulic. Now I figured my torque converter is gone. No way I can find this in India, where I live. I have been seeing some refurbished one's by Florida Torque Converters on ebay, any feedback if these guys are good...
  13. icorradoi

    Torque Spec for Transmission Mount bolts?

    I'm installing a Slee belly plate this weekend in preparation for Cruise Moab and thought I'd replace the tranny mount while i'm there. I've looked through the FSM, but could not find the torque specs for the 4 bolts anywhere.
  14. modeststeve

    Toyota B Main Bearing Torque Specs

    Anyone out there have Main bearing torque specs for the early Toyota B engine? If I had hair I'd be pulling it out....

    Torque Convertor for A343F FZJ 80

    Hi to all, sorry for my english I am Italian and I live in Baja California Sur... I need to replace a Torque converter fom my AT A343F, I contacted West Coast Cruiser for understand if the A440F Torque Convertor can be fit in my At, but maybe are closed ... Can someone support me with a...
  16. D

    2001 LX470 Torque Converter locked up! Advice for repair?

    So, in December, I surprised my wife with an 01 LX470 with 171K. The price was very reasonable, and it was in excellent condition. Plus, I was off work from surgery, and I usually get in trouble if I"m not at work! She has been driving an 01 4Runner for quite some time. Two days ago as she came...
  17. M

    94 Land Cruiser automatic transmission(A442F) filter bolt torque.

    Hello. Can't find the specs for the transmission filter torque. In Haynes all it says is transmission oil pan to 61 in lbs. No mention of the filter torque. Chiltons says "Inspect, clean or replace the transmission filter or strainer at this time, if necessary. If the filter is removed, be...
  18. houstonfj40

    Torque specs on front and rear caliper bolts?

    Installing Terrain Tamer rotors and pads this weekend. Can anyone share the torque specs for the caliper mounting bolts front and rear? Thank you! Marc
  19. ceylonfj40nut

    Fzj80 Cylinder head torquing

    I am about to put the cylinder head back on after a headgasket replacement. Bolt holes look clean and thread in without a lot of friction. I plan to use new OEM head bolts oiled per FSM. Reading on mud some say to chase the threads. FSM does not state to do this. I plan to run my bolts down each...
  20. BakerFJ

    Need some torque specs...

    Does anyone have the torque specs for both oil pans for the 1FZ-FE? Or know where I can find these, my repair manual isn't much help and my school's All Data also doesn't have it either, so I figured I could ask ya'll
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