1. ChaserFJ60

    Oil PSI / Coolant temp Ohm values

    I'm doing a little pet project and I need to be able to calculate the Coolant temp per Ohm and Oil Psi per Ohm of resistance and im having a hard time finding values for the stock FJ60 sending units. I found the water temp sensor values to as such WATER TEMP CELSIUS RESISTANCE OHMS 50 226...
  2. R

    1FZ-FE block/head sending units???

    1995 80 series I am stuck trying to figure out what all the sensors are on the block and head. I have a guy rebuilding the engine for me and I want to replace all the sensors but I have no idea what they are or what they are called. Any help for this noob would be greatly appreciated!
  3. LostAfrican

    Engine Temps,Thermostats, and Jiggle Valves

    At the risk of embarrassing myself (I should be used to it by now), and in the spirit of saving YOU from the same troubles...make sure your Thermostat Jiggle Valve is at the TOP! For sometime (too long) I have been unhappy with my engine temps. They were never bad/too high (never exceeding...
  4. Daniel Calu

    Engine Temp

    So I did a cat back exaust , I kept 1 magnaflow cat ,flowmaster 50 mufler 2 1/2 pipe split into 2 at the axle. It seems like the engine temp has droped about 5 degrees when I check my tourqe pro .can anyone confurm this?
  5. Silveredition

    12ht coolant temp

    Gday all, I hope this is in the best section.. I have added a Redarc coolant temp gauge to my hj61 - the probe is in the top radiator hose about 100mm from the thermostat. From memory the thermostat (genuine Toyota) is stamped 88 degrees celsius. In normal driving on say a 20 degree Celsius day...
  6. In2cruisers

    OK... where is my water temp switch on the block?? ----3B-----

    I have everything torn apart doing a turbo mod....so I thought I would chase gremlins while she is down.. Trans is pulled due to on again, off again 5th gear issues. Also had intermittent water temp issues so might as well swap out sending unit... The rig is a a buddys so cant look at the moment
  7. 1

    2F Engine Temp Sensor Mounting Points?

    Hey guys, Just wondering where i can mount a mechanical water temp gauge in my 2F engine. I've had a look around but haven't been able to see anything. I read the manual and it didn't say anything about temp sensors, only the thermostat in the water head. Any help is appreciated. Rohan
  8. 93yotasr5

    Where to install my koso temp gauge?

    I'm going to be doing a full hose /coolant swap on my engine this weekend and I'll be adding a "T" fitting for the temp gauge. I'm thinking of putting it down below the ash tray or on the left side of the cluster.
  9. D

    Coolant Temp Gauge Issue

    Hey everyone, I promised I've searched a ton so forgive my first post being a question and hopefully this isn't something I should have found and just missed. I just picked up my LX470 last week and got a deal on it since it had a few minor issues (half the third row missing, SRS light, etc...
  10. Fj moneypit

    Scan gauge II users - need xgauge for trans temp

    Is there a transmission temp xgauge you use? And what is a good temp for our transmissions? I found a xgauge code on line but it measures in (-) degree F.
  11. Alic

    Where to install Temp censor to AT

    I have a Depo racing gauge with sensor to measure AT oil temp. Do someone have photos where to install that sensor?
  12. Bama4door

    Temp Sender Reading High

    A little background first. I have recently flushed and changed coolant in my 62 and all has been well for the past couple months. Recently I have noticed the temp gauge reading high. Usually it was when I was stuck in traffic or going slow it would creep up to just past half way and once I would...
  13. E

    '00 Trans temp in torque app?

    I'm new to this app and obd diagnostics in general. I'm not getting anything on trans temps when I connect. Is there some way to add this function, or does my 2000 not have a temp transmitter?
  14. F

    Pegged temp gauge briefly

    Recently, had a cold snap in these parts. A bit below freezing for a few days, snow & freezing rain. Chose to drive the Cruiser, due to conditions. Wasn't worried about the temps, as I knew I had ample antifreeze. Drive slowly over big hill near start of my commute. On the downhill, notice wisps...
  15. LXColorado

    HVAC Troubleshooting

    Mudders, I've had a few ask, so I think it warrants its own post - I assume more might have had/have this issue. Maybe this could end up in the FAQ, if enough people post solutions to HVAC problems (with pictures!). PROBLEM: Temperature control for HVAC does not work. Cold is cold, 65 and...
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