1. T

    1997 Land Cruiser 80 Car Sound?! Help!?

    I am just verifying if the sound I here is a Exhaust Manifold Leak. If not, what would it be then? Thanks for the help!
  2. froto1

    Strange Noise

    There is a strange noise coming from the front of my 2005 cruiser, it is intermittent and seems to happen at lower speeds when letting off the accelerator. The noise is like a rub/light scraping sound, and is rotational. I found a video on youtube which sounds extremely close to what I am...
  3. theeconomist

    1KZTE - mysterious jingling knocking sound and check engine

    Hey guys, We've been travelling the world in our old but gold (kind of) Land Cruiser Prado for the past 2.5 years and never had any problems with the engine (had lots of others to compensate). Until recently, unfortunately. So it goes like this: We're driving and everything's fine. Engine...
  4. effjay80

    Free 80mm Noico Sound Dampener

    I have some excess 80mm Noico sound dampener free if anyone interested. There's a full 36 sq ft box plus about half of another. Used some on my 80 and works great. Free for the taking here in Fort Collins.
  5. I

    Door window scraping sound against rubber gasket/weather stripping

    Hello everyone, I already did a google search on this subject and a IH8mud search here. Did not find much. So please bear with me. When I raise and lower my drivers side front door window, I get a horrific sound, scraping sound like someone scratching their fingernails against a chalkboard, but...
  6. Daniel Calu

    better sound clip of my exaust

    magnaflow down pipe single cat 2 1/2 pipe flowmaster delta flow 50 split to duals at axle.
  7. racevws

    metallic slapping sound after birf rebuild

    So I recently rebuilt the birf and stuck new(er) joints in the rig. The drivers side kinda makes a slapping sound when I hit a bump. Link to video: I hit the top sidewall and it induces the clicking, but the front and back does not. The bottom does to some extent. Am I paranoid or is this...
  8. IBFJ62

    What would a 'bad' lifter sound like??

    I'm curious what are the signs of a bad lifter, I'm trying to track down what seems like more valve train noise than what I would expect in a recently rebuilt motor. Sounds find at idle and revving while I'm under the hood, pretty much like a throaty tractor, but I'm hearing 'something' when...
  9. jonheld

    When it rains, it pours...

    So in preparation for my extended road trip, I have been a busy little bee taking care of all the little things that add up over time. Today I decided to change my alternator to the shiny new rebuilt one that's been sitting in my garage for a few months. However it seems as if the logic plug is...
  10. cbw4466

    For Sale  Sound Mat - Never Installed, Sold Vehicle

    I purchased these off of amazon anticipating install once the weather got warm enough. That was back in November and I sold my 80 a few weeks ago. Who knew Amazon Prime had such a s*** return policy. I no longer have a use. Brand new in box Dynamat 10455 18" x 32" x 0.067" Thick...
  11. Beej

    Who else has ripped out all their interior for sound deadening and running wire? Any gotchas?

    Hey folks, I'm undertaking a project to sound deaden the truck and run wires for 12v outlets and rear accessories, and so on. I'm going to replace my front seats as well. Are there many gotchas associated with this project? I'd prefer it if this all went back together the way it was at the...
  12. D

    Sound cutting out stereo

    On my 94 LC, the sound will randomly cut out on my stereo. It has an aftermarket radio and has since I got it. I figured it was the radio going bad (it was an older style Kenwood with no AUX), so I bought a new radio w/ AUX hookup and installed it (along with a new harness). Still doing the...
  13. lazy

    Sound behind the glove box

    Sounds ds like motor pulsing. On moab and can't look up, but my wife is nagging enough for me to care. Not motor related, sound when motor running and when off. Thanks!
  14. M

    Water running sound behind dashboard

    Hey all! I just picked up my first FJ80! It has a sound when accelerating above 2000 RPM and at an incline like water is running behind the dashboard (sounds like it's behind the radio or passenger side). The A/C doesn't work so I'm thinking the drain tube is blocked? Not sure where to go...
  15. Buckets

    What's that sound and why won't my FJ move?

    New-ish FJ80 owner here. Found a 94 and it's been running like a charm for quite a while. Today while driving I noticed a grinding sound as I stopped at a light. In drive, the truck won't idle forward. I can accelerate and it takes a moment to respond, then jumps forward harshly and cruises for...
  16. White Stripe

    Factory sound deadener

    I have a 77 fj40. What's the easiest way to remove the factory sound deadener that's glued to the floor on the driver side and Trans hump?
  17. EasternYeti

    Groaning sound when turning the wheel

    So after daily driving the truck almost two years, I've come to know it's quirks One thing I've noticed for the last year is the power steering seems to go in and out as I parallel park (or any time the truck is not in motion) I know a run a vortec, and the total mileage is approximately...
  18. MoabChris

    Aftermarket speakers, marine amp, aux only install...

    So today i installed some sound into the fj. Noam n4 Marine speakers attached to the roll cage, Pyle PLMRMP3B 4 Channel 800 Watt Waterproof Micro Marine Amplifier installed in the small open space to the right of the glove box, full wiring, a simple aux port and lighted on/off switch...
  19. T

    Vibration grinding sound after 3-inch OME lift--drop transfer case????

    1997 Land Cruiser I just installed the 3-inch HD OME lift. Looks great and feels smooth but I have a grinding sound/vibration at high speeds (65mph+) and especially audible when I release the gas from high speeds. I initially thought driveline angle issue after lifting it but would a 3-inch...
  20. sj

    This doesn't sound good. 100 series noise

    Drive belt noise I'll see about taking it to Murf.
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