1. cruzerDave

    Dissent Bumper Notification Tone

    In the course of drying my front bumper from Dissent in the hallway I bumped into it and was surprised at the beautiful 'gong' sound it made. It reminded me of a Buddhist temple bell. So I recorded it. And used it for my notification tone on my phone. Then endured crap from my kids...
  2. Outono

    Womp / chug sound matching jumping speedo - help!

    Alright guys, need some help here. Im getting a loud womp womp / chug chug sound as my tires rotate - the speedo jumps and matches the sound. Here's a video: Untitled When the video goes dark, I put the phone next to the transmission, which is where im hearing the noise emanate from. Its more...
  3. N

    Winding-like sound when steering wheel turns left

    It seems like every half-turn left there is a winding type sound coming from the steering column. After it warms up, and if it's somewhat warm out, the sound goes away. I've also noticed the sound when I loose traction in the snow and my tires spin sometimes. Any ideas?
  4. E

    Odd intermittent clicking sound at start up

    Here's the situation: only does it when it's cold/er, it's not the cat shields, it sounds like a rotational clicking that speeds up when I'm driving. Eventually it goes away after the car is fully warmed up. I checked the fan and it's not making contact with anything. Could it be the starter...
  5. landscrambler

    Annoying sound since putting on new tires (I'm stumped)

    Okay, I've seriously searched every thread I can and can not find anything that matches what I'm dealing with. (Also, pro tip - when searching on google, add to the end of your search) Anyway, since I put 33s on my 62, I get this strange repetitive hum noise. It increases...
  6. 40thSagePearl

    OEM LX450 stereo turn on and off pop please help

    Hey guys I have a 96 LX450 with the original stereo amp etc. Two upgraded speakers in the front doors are the only mods that have been made. When I turn the stereo on I hear a low noise pop at first then it plays just fine. Turning off I hear a loud pop. What could this be ? The amp itself ? , a...
  7. cajunking

    Raspy Transmission Sound?

    Hey everyone, Just picked up a high mileage '98 100 from a Toyota dealer (224k mi.). Everything seems in pretty good working condition. Belts were changed pretty recently, has had regular service and one owner for its life. One question is that I get a rasping sound at 1500 rpm to around 2000...
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