1. mrjordann

    What tires are you guys running on stock 15" wheels?

    Hi. Discount Tire says they can't sell me 33's knowing that I'm putting them on an FJ40. Silly, considering I have 33s on it now. What tires sizes are you guys doing? Apparently BFGoodrich doesn't make any tires that are tall enough but also narrow enough for the 15x5.50 Toyota wheels, but I'm...
  2. sunrk

    Non-turbo vs turbo diesel fuel plumbing, primers, etc for Toyota's

    I've been looking into this a bit because I got an incorrect (ports too big) fuel primer head a while back and didn't realise until then there were two sizes of fuel line fitted to 80's for the Australian market. So I went looking in toyodiy at the p/n's and discovered that for mine (1992) the...
  3. platypusREX

    Changing oil right now..a tale of two filters

    Hello guys, I am changing my oil and bought a Toyota oil filter 90915-YZZD3 and it is tiny compared to the Napa 21515 filter. The Napa filter looks like it goes on a Caterpillar bulldozer and the Toyota is literally "cute" next to it. The seal looks to match but the capacity is way different...
  4. V

    Wheels and Tires

    Working on a 67' fj40 with a stock suspension and stock brake drums all the way around. I currently have 235/85r16 rubbers on it. And some 16in steel wagon wheel rims. I am wondering what rims fit on my cruiser pertaining to the offset numbers. I am leaning towards the American racing outlaw II...
  5. Stikboy9480

    1994 80 Series Speaker Size

    Ive already done some extensive searching and i cant find anything. I have a 1994 and im looking to upgrade my sound system. Im just curious about the size of speaker that can fit in the front and back doors without damaging the visible panel. And i am fine with spacing the speaker if its too...
  6. silverhorse

    100/200 series interior size difference vs. the 80

    Gents, I need some advice. We have a family of 7, so the 80 is getting kind of tight. I have never been in a 100 or 200 series before. I'm wondering if the interior is larger? TIA Billy
  7. UncleSaj

    Vacuum line size

    Does anyone know what size the vacuum lines are that control the butterfly valve to kill the engine? in mm please, outside diameter. I have a leak and need to order some new lines but not sure what size to order. THanks!
  8. B

    Monstaliner vs baseball size hail

    Repainted with Monstaliner a couple years ago. It's been great against abrasions, survived a good dent on the front quarter panel, and only been a challenge to clean on the rear where it gets a lot of grime. Yesterday the entire truck got smashed with baseball size hail in Denver for the...
  9. Vae Victus

    Engine Block Water Jacket Brass Fitting - Size and Use?

    Someone please remind me - is this the heater water return? Right next to the temperature module. Trying to get a plug for this so I can flush my water jacket. What's this fitting called and any clue the size of the exposed female fitting pictured? 16mm is close to the ID. Where is this...
  10. M

    Tire size

    I recently got a '95 that came with theses 18 inch rims. I want to put on mud terrains and was wondering if anybody knows how big I can go before needing a lift kit? The ones on there now are 285 60 18...thanks in advance.
  11. mrjordann

    1973 Radio Replacement - Where to find a compatible radio?

    hello! I bought a 1973 FJ40 without a radio in it, and I notice the radio slot is an uncommon size. I'd like to put a radio in. Preferably something with USB, or Bluetooth, but anything is fine. What radios do you have in your land cruisers? Which ones would you recommend that fit? Thanks in...
  12. BlackCat

    FJ62 factory radiator trans cooler fitting size

    can anyone tell me if these dimensions will be a drop in, no additional parts needed swap? My main concern is the trans cooler fittings swapping over correctly. Please and thank you. It's an aluminum Champion 3-row and I want to make sure I don't need anything else before I order it.
  13. S

    1978 BJ40 tire size

    Just bought one and is being delivered from Missoula, MT. Putting new BFG AT's on it. The 3 litre diesel runs great and has stock 4 speed manual. What size tire can the little diesel turn? Previous owner says 55-60mph tops with the stock tires that are on it. Vehicle is in great shape and...
  14. mtkreitz

    Mirror Ball Bearing Size

    Does anyone know the size/diameter of the (3) ball bearings that are used in the base of the side view mirrors? Mine came apart while driving and all (3) ball bearings went with it. I want to avoid taking apart my passenger side mirror to find out what size they are. If anyone knows the size...
  15. Marine7

    What size fuses should I replace my fuseable links with

    I went into my local Toyota Stealership, Wilmington NC, and the Moron running the parts dept had never heard of a fuseable link! He asked where they went, what they looked like, so finally I lost my mind a left the little s***head! So, I guess I'll replace my links with fuses. I know 80 amps...
  16. kling-on

    BJ42/3B WITH TURBO... what size exhaust

    almost done with parts collection on my Isuzu Turbo upgrade ... what size exhaust tubing is everyone running??? are you running it to the rear tire or out that back and why ?? just looking for ideas pick if you got them
  17. fj62max

    Where can i get a wheel tire cover for a 315 size tire for my spare?

    Looking for a tire cover for my swingout spare. Size 315. Would like it with a logo. Thanks
  18. canman

    Universe Size Comparison 3D

    Pretty cool...
  19. Stevesnj

    Tire valve stem hole size

    I just got some new tire and want to get the valve stems but I don't know the stem hole diameter in the wheel. Anyone know what size I should buy?
  20. O

    100 Series Viscous Fan Hub O-Ring Size

    As per above does anyone know the size shape and diameter of the sealing O-Ring to suit a 2001, 100 Series 4.5lt Viscous Fan Hub O-Ring. VIN: JTECJ09J605502869 Model: FZJ105R-GNMNKQ Engine:1FZ-FE Thanks in advance Oz
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