seat belts

  1. airon23

    For Sale  [Prices Slashed] FJ40 Miscellaneous Parts (and FJ60 steering parts)

    [UPDATED Jan. 15] Updated with what's been sold Time to give back to the Landcruiser Community, and by give I mean sell. I'm cleaning out the shed of some old parts I've collected over the years from MUDers and just random purchases. All proceeds will go to my continued FJ40 addiction. I...
  2. G

    Seat belts interchangeable side to side ???

    Are the FJ80 seat belts and retractor assemblies interchangeable (i.e., identical) side to side? Can I replace my front driver's side assembly with a front passenger side assembly? And, thank you all for your interest. GringoBob
  3. Flank

    Wanted  USA Driver side (Left) Front seat belt for 80 series

    Looking for a Drivers seat belt assembly in good condition in gray for 95-97 80 series or LX. Good retractor and no fraying. Feel free to send me PM. Cheers!
  4. C

    Wanted  Rear shoulder belts (non-retractable)

    I am searching for non-retractable brown shoulder belts for the rear seats in my 1985 HJ60. It has lap belts which I want to upgrade with fixed shoulder straps. It is not possible to do the tretracting shoulder belt conversion due to laws here. Also not possible to use the retracting lap belt...
  5. C

    Wanted  Looking for 3-point non-retractable rear seatbelts

    Hi I am looking for 2 nonretractable rear seatbelts of the 3-point type. I have the 2-point type and the threaded holes in the c-pillar so I want to upgrade to 3-points. Do anyone have some in brown lying around, willing to send to Europe? Cheers
  6. sigorama

    For Sale  1977 FJ40 OEM Rear Lap Seat Belts

    Pair. Dated 1977. $120. PM me. You can see more pics here
  7. Ali M

    Where can I buy new front seat belts?

    I need to replace my brown front seat belts particularly the driver seat. Where can I get new ones?
  8. ukaviator

    Anyone using front seats with integrated seat belts?

    Hey Guys My 45 only has the lap belts, and no where to mount a shoulder belt. Is anyone on here using a set of seats in either their 40 or 45 that have integrated seats belts? if so please post up some pictures and details on what you are using Ive considered an internal roll cage so I can...
  9. 4

    For Sale  FJ40 seat belts

    Lap belts $25 ea recoil working $50 recoil not working $35
  10. Q

    Seat belts for a 73 FJ40??

    Hi all, I'm glad to join as I'm new to the FJ's. I just got a 73 FJ 40 and she's in really great shape however with no seat belts I don't feel comfortable taking top off and driving my kids around! I've done some research but really not sure who/what to go with. I don't have a roll bar so I...
  11. cppilot

    Finally restored my 1965 FJ45 Red seat belts

    Just finished restoring my original 1965 FJ45 LPB "Red" seat belts and thought I would share. The webbing was in really nice shape and all the chrome was fantastic. These seat belts were complete and all the working parts were excellent. The lift handles were originally painted a grey color...
  12. C

    Seat Belts for 3rd Row Seats

    I just bought a '92 Cruiser and I'm having a used pair of 3rd row jump seats installed. The seats came with the middle belt, but I don't have the two outside belts that bolt onto the wheel well. I've searched all over, but can't seem to find anyone selling the 3rd row lap belts. Does anyone...
  13. ToyotaMatt

    For Sale  1985 Toyota 4Runner 5 Passenger Seat Belts Complete Set Front & Back W/ All Mounting Hardware Bolts

    - This is a 1 single / same vehicle matching set of 1985 Toyota 4Runner 5 Passenger Seat Belts sets Complete Set Front & Back W/ All Mounting Hardware Bolts - Toyota Interior Trim Code #1 Grey / 1/79- Later FJ40 Trim code #1 - The 1985 Grey Color Fabric Belt Webbing & All Grey Plastic...
  14. peterkcc

    For Sale  78 fj40 shoulder seat belts $75

    Shoulder belts from a 78 fj40. What you see is what you get. They fully retract and extend but need a good refurbish. $75 plus shipping
  15. JWhitley12

    Wanted  FJ62 Gray Tailgate Carpet/ Rear retractable seat belts

    This is my first classifieds wanted ad so if Im not supposed to ask for 2 parts in one post please forgive me. I am looking for a used tailgate carpet for my 88 FJ62..Doesnt have to be great, I can clean and dye it. It would be great if it had the cardboard backing with it. Also looking for a...
  16. willbt

    Wear your seat belts folks!!

    Well my Monday didn't start the way I was expecting it to. I was sitting at a stop light yesterday morning on my way to work when got rear-ended by a car moving at high speeds. The car hit me so hard, it it opened my sunroof shade and blew my sunglasses off my face. I wasn't able to find them...
  17. Javelin

    Rear seat belts wet after rain

    So my wife was sitting in the back with our 1 month old and she noticed her seat belt was damp. It was damp on the section that can't be seen. I'm thinking it's either my gamiviti rack leaking. The middle mount is literally right above the seat belt, but I'm unsure if it can drop onto it. (hard...
  18. Flatlanderfj40

    For Sale  '74 front seat belts (KS)

    $75 shipped lower 48. Won't be able to ship till after 2/9.
  19. Ben edwards

    For Sale  FJ40 3 point seat belts

    FJ40 retractable seat belts. 75.00 - shipped
  20. T

    cleaned seat belts with a power washer...

    my 07 lx470 has 260k miles of dirt, sweat, and funk on the original seat belts. I googled how to clean seat belts and read about using a powerwasher to remove the dirt and grime. before pics...
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