Front passenger seat belt tightens on its own - pretensioner issue?

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Jul 29, 2020
Bay Area, CA
Hi all,

I'm having an issue on my 1994 FZJ and haven't found a good match by searching.

Every so often, when there is someone sitting in the front passenger seat, the seat belt tensioner will activate. You can hear it make a very brief noise and the belt gets tighter. I'm not talking about changing ratcheting modes or pulling it out too far - it seems like the vehicle may be detecting a crash (or something) and applying pretension. This tends to happen more off-road than on-road, but it does happen around town.

I haven't taken any steps to diagnose yet as I'm not sure where to start, nor am I familiar with how the crash / restraint system works on these trucks.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Here's a photo of the rig just for fun :0)

These trucks don't hav pretensioning on seat belts.

They're either locked or not.

When the truck is not level they lock.

When you brake hard they lock.
When you accelerate hard they lock.
If you squirm around in your seat while locked they may get tighter.

You have to remove the locking condition for them to release.
Ah, interesting. Being the driver, I've never experienced it firsthand but it sounded electronic to me. I've seen threads about cleaning the mechanism, so I think I'll give that a try:
Yeah, I would say carefully clean it.

My current 80 driver side belt does this offroad. Previous 80 did the same, and a clean helped it.

Its just the spring loaded recoil clawing back the belt every time there's a bit of slack. If it's in locked mode, it will stay locked until you're back on flat ground and release some tension. You can end to being pinned tighter and tighter in the seat.
I've had to unbuckle mine at times to be able to reset it.
It can be a pain in the neck.

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