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  1. N

    FJ60 Seat Belt Replacement

    Just purchased an '87 FJ60 and new to the forum. Thinking of pulling out the seat belts and replacing - they are a bit frayed and I'll occasionally be putting kids in the car in 5-point seats. Any suggestions on best options for front and rear. Seems like Toyota has discontinued making...
  2. SB Closer

    Wanted FJ60 Seatbelt Shoulder Loop Bolt Covers

    Looking for the two-piece plastic cover that covers the upper seatbelt attachment point (bolts the shoulder loop deal to the B pillar). I am missing one side and the one that I do have will fall off any day now. Anyone know of a source or have the part number? 1985 FJ60, Grey Interior. Thanks!
  3. SimplyTanner

    How much should I sell my 1983 seatbelts for!?

    I am selling an entire driver and passenger set of stock seatbelts with hardware from my '83 pickup to a fellow Toyota owner in Maui. I have no idea how much I should ask. Everything works great. Used but loved. Any thoughts on price?
  4. PinkLemon

    RHD BJ70 Rear Shoulder Belts

    I have an Australian spec 1985 RHD BJ70 and - as many of your know for this year and variant - it didn't come with a factory rear seat. I found a rear seat from a BJ71 in Japan and managed to get it over here to the US along with all its mounting hardware. So I'm all set with installing the...
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