1. Moe123

    LC 100 undercarriage rust

    I’m looking to buy this LC 100. It’s one owner, no accident 150k miles, body is rust free but has this under body rust. Please help if I should buy this at 15k or not:
  2. S

    Preventing rust spread-FJ62

    I’ve noticed over the last two months I’ve got some patches of rust that have started to develop in my rear wheel wells. I want to get on top of it and stop it from spreading. Any ideas or recommendations?
  3. robotriot

    How much rust is too much rust!?

    Looking for expert advice on the cost of rust treatment, or possible complete replacement of parts on this beautiful beast Toyota FJ60. I’ve attached pictures to show the extent of the rust. The exterior doesn’t have any. It’s lived in The Bay Area for the last 30 years in a garage, and taken on...
  4. G

    Rust on Frame - Remediation Help

    A previous owner did a lot of body work on my cruiser to remediate some rust on quarter panels. The undercarriage looks good overall but I did find one spot of concern regarding rust. It is one of the frame connections near the rear passenger tire (not sure how else to describe it). Pictures...
  5. 20190207_215640.jpg


    Front frame below radiator had more rust than I wanted to allow. Knocked it down with a wire brush and painted over it.
  6. 20190207_215607.jpg


    Front frame below radiator had more rust than I wanted to allow. Knocked it down with a wire brush and painted over it.
  7. 20190207_215512.jpg


    Lower strut mount wire brushed then painted with rust inhibiting primer
  8. NCTroutHunter

    Should this rust scare me from buying?

    I'm looking at 2005 LC with 144K. Price is great at $10K, but let me know what you think about this rust (especially the door). It was in IL most of its life - service record on Carfax are decent, but also no record of a timing belt so I'd be looking at that straight away. I would greatly...
  9. Flagstaff100

    Too much rust?

    I've been looking for a 100 series for a while and came across a low mileage (~95k) 2006 LX470. It's from up North (Montana), so I figured there would be some rust. I'm from the Southwest, so I have zero experience with the stuff. Can someone take a look at these photos and let me know?
  10. edwards_rljr

    I need advice on possible FJ Cruiser puchase /How much rust is "normal"

    Ok, so I'm looking for some advice from the FJ community about this potential purchase. I've been looking off and on for a while, and ran across a 2008 FJ Cruiser for sale that has about 110k on it. It's the 6 speed, which I want. It has the locker, A-trac, inverter, subwoofer, and the button...
  11. D

    The Tale of Two Cruisers...

    Searching the internet one day looking at 100s and came across a slee’d out 100 in Vermont (I’m in Mississippi) All slee Front bumper, rear bumper, slide steps, full skids (front, middle, belly), lift, dif drop, warm m8000, weather techs mats, clean interior and a 2uz with a 150k miles on it...
  12. C

    1965 panels on 1980 body??? possible or not?

    Soooooooooooo... here's the deal: I have a 1965 FJ40 in pretty nice rust free condition...but, no PS, drum brakes, old tired engine but looks great mostly :) today I found a 1980 FJ40 from Japan that is super rusty being from Japan and the Oceanside...however it has a diesel engine, has PS...
  13. S

    The best tools and methods for extracting broken bolts

    ARGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! 98 LC, little rust but it has beaten me once again. All three bolts for the transfer case shield and half of the bolts for the engine plate have broken off. Stopped by Auto Zone, lifted truck, drilled out bolts, used OEM extractor set, broke 2 of the five trying to get...
  14. H

    For Sale 2002 LX 470 150k

    I've been reading the threads and looking for a LX 470 for a while. Been messaging with a private dealer for a few days about a 2002 they posted for $13k. They sent me the Carfax and two things stuck out: 1) Seller is in Texas, but the LX 470 spent a lot of time in Colorado, and 2) they have...
  15. C

    Found car.....rust question

    Hey guys, I know these are a pretty frequent question, but this seems to be the only questionable area with a car I'm looking to buy. Found an '06 LX470 the right color and by all indications is in good shape. Good service records, low wear (from what I can see), etc. The car is 450 miles...
  16. Reg Wang

    Ok to buy?

    New here and new to Toyota in general. Fascinated with the LC heritage so I've been searching and searching for an affordable deal. Found one, local Toyota dealer who would give my trade vehicle a good price and they have the cheapest 2013 LC, black on black, two owners and clean Carfax, 80k...
  17. ppc

    4Runner frame failures - could happen in older, rusted 80's

    This article is a short read related to 4Runner frame failures. With all the rust repair related threads and pictures of late it is food for thought for all rust belt vehicles the age of our Land Cruisers, Toyota 4Runner Frame Rust Being Looked at by Feds
  18. F

    Wanted Where to buy chunks of body work?

    My '82 FJ60 has some rust spots that I am suddenly motivated to repair. And, while I feel pretty good about being able to weld in some patches where the body work is flat, or close to it, when I have a more complex piece to fix, it seems that gettgin a matching hunk of body to weld into place...
  19. Joseph Jones

    Rust Issues - 1999 LC

    Would love some input. Recently purchased a new to me 1999 LC that needs some TLC. the worst rust is in the rear bumper area. I think I just need to pull the bumper off, grind, treat and stop the rust and the best fix may just be a new steel bumper. Thoughts? The spot on the rear hatch and...
  20. L

    100 series Rust -Actual Performance Failure

    I live in the Rust Belt (Indiana). I've had my '04 since new. Garage kept, dealer serviced, winter driven. No off road and only 115K . OEM Had '99 with 298K. 4th owner. Rust everywhere underneath. Ran like brand new, just eyesore under her garters. Rust and corrosion live in the undercarriage...
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