1. suntrakr

    FJ40 Chassis rust question - with pics

    ok, full tear down on my FJ40 as it was starting to get rusty. Chassis in pretty good nic except for the rear suspension spring perches. Question is do you think the perches should be replaced or can we scrape out the rust that's pushed the plates apart and push it back together. The rails and...
  2. C

    Minor Rust on Painted Surfaces

    Any experience/suggestions for treating painted areas with minor rust like these spots under the grill?
  3. C

    Salvage Rusted Rear

    Any thoughts or suggestions for salvaging this? Or is this beyond functional repair? Help greatly appreciated!!!!
  4. M

    Rust Removal Without Welding

    So during isolation, decided to give a crack at fixing the rust problem i have in the 80. Decided to use a steel epoxy putty instead of welding as it is a couple of spots all over the body. Grinding, scraping and sanding the rust spots first, applying a rust converter and then putting the putty...
  5. K

    Another rust question... how much is too much?

    I have been trying to find something I can just drive out of the box in New England, which is a tall order considering the amount of salt we have here. Is this a manageable amount? How much might this be worth?
  6. B

    Rear corner frame rust.

    I'm currently in the process of treating the rear of my vehicle with POR-15 and noticed the rear corner being rotted out. Is it advisable to get some steel and patch it up? I never really dealt with rust with my past vehicles so I'm unsure if the corner is important for structural integretity...
  7. C

    Rear Chassis Restoration

    Hey folks! I finally got the rear bumper off after a long battle with one rusty bolt. This is what I have.... see pictures. Any recommendations for moving forward from previous experience? Also, any idea if this part that seems like a "buffer" behind the bumper should just be replaced?
  8. C

    Recoverable Running Board Brackets

    I just took over a 2000 Land Cruiser that I’m cleaning up. It spent 10 years in the Northeast, and the underbody was not protected from the elements. I removed the running boards and curious if some of the brackets are restorable. Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated! Here are pics of...
  9. BigDaddy89

    Transmission burnt out - need longterm storage for FJ62

    Reached a sad end the saga of issues that arose from a chevy engine conversion by Proffitts Cruisers, now out of business. A piece of debris was left in the transmission and when a thief stole the cruiser and abusively drove it the transmission burned out. We were hoping that our comprehensive...
  10. J

    Should I be worried about rust buying a 200-series?

    We're looking to get into our first LC and aiming at a lower cost higher mileage 200-series. Should I be worried about rust at all? I've seen a few from the northeast that are showing surface rust underneath. The car will live in AZ so I'm wondering if I should even care on a 2008-2009? Once...
  11. beer

    is this too much rust?

    Have spent weeks learning about 100-series and am now searching for the right '06-'07. This one has great service records, but the amount of rust underneath was a bit more than I expected. I believe it spent its entire life in Kansas so far. I looked through all the other rust help threads I...
  12. 100landcruiser

    Quarter panel/under door repair

    Hey i own a 2000 LC. The piece above the running boards is all bubbled rusted and wondering best option about fixing it. Should I take it to a body shop and spend all the money to get new piece welded on. Or should I strip the paint sand it down and spray a bed Liner paint or a rustproof paint?
  13. snorig

    Trying to identify what these underbody pipes/conduits carry – Help!?

    Hi Everyone, I hope this is the right place for this question. I have a 1997 40th from the Northeast and it has some frame scale rust that I'm in the process of blasting and grinding off. Part of the rust is on the catalytic converters/exhaust manifold (which I am replacing with a magna flow...
  14. K

    Too much rust on this '06 LX470?

    Looking to get into a 100 and found this truck on Offerup for 11,500 with 145k miles. It's a NE truck so has definitely seen some salt, but I don't know enough to judge if this is an acceptable level of rust.
  15. Phenx60bruiser

    Caught the bug

    So after 6 months of staring, drooling, and bugging my wife I bought my first land cruiser. It’s a 1987, 215k, and I got it for a whopping $2500. I think I bought the rustiest cruiser in North America however the frame has nothing but light surface rust (that I saw). I will be starting...
  16. js47

    Seized parking brake pins

    I’m sure someone else has had a similar issue so hopefully there is some good beta out there. I’ve been rebuilding the handbrake on my 100 and everything was going smoothly until I attempted removing the old bell cranks. After removing the clips I went to bang out the pins with a hammer, but...
  17. W

    Need opinions on rust!!!

    I’ve come across a good deal on a 100 series, but it’s got some frame and slight body rust (pics attached). I’m new to the rust game and would like your opinion if it’s worth tackling the repair or not. Thank you in advance!
  18. T

    Advice Purchasing an 80 - Rust question

    Long time lurker here. Currently have a couple 1st gen Tacomas but I haven't been able to shake the long time desire to own an 80. I've read through a ton of threads, Slee's page, etc but now I'm stuck. I just looked at a stock 1997 LX450 with factory lockers - Canadian truck 160k miles, my...
  19. Trekk75

    Rusted rocker panels

    72 FJ40 rocker panel rust through on both sides. I can replace entire section or just cut out and patch. Are there drain holes to prevent future rust? Thinking of perforated aluminum panel or similar. Thoughts?
  20. Gnarwgn

    Rust on interior seat anchor - sweat it or forget it?

    Team - One of my interior seat anchor's for driver's side jump seat is fairly rusty compared to all other anchors. What if anything do I do about this? I'm thinking getting an abrasive brush extension for my cordless drill, clean it up, and then brush some primer on? Am I overthinking it...
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