Rear Bumper Crossmember/Frame Rust and Dissent V3 Rear Bumper

    (Crossposted between here and the UZJ100 FB Group) Hi all! Looking for some rear bumper advice. I have some rust that has the rear cross member a bit jacked. I ordered a Dissent Offroad v3 high clearance reae bumpwr without the cross member cuz I don't tow. After looking at the rust on my 100...
  2. A

    2002 LandCruiser Deck Change

    Hey all, I have a question regarding my 2002 land cruiser GPS / deck. Looking to trade out the touch screen gps for the 2001 plain deck. Any for sale and will it fit? Thanks for everyone help. Also when it comes to rust, anything I can do for the under body? Thanks all!
  3. J

    6/1972 FJ40 Exhaust Manifold Rust

    Hey all, I am working on my June 72 FJ40, and am making slow steps to getting it back into running shape. The exhaust manifold is incredibly rusty, and I am concerned the heat riser may not be working due to the rust. I feel like it would need a month long soak in PB blaster before it would...
  4. C

    WDYD Rusted out muffler?

    I've got a '99 Land Cruiser that is by no means in mint condition, but it runs well enough and is a reliable winter vehicle. Lately it's been running rather loud. It's been throwing a cat code for a few years but otherwise been fine. Recently it started having misfires so got new plugs, a new...
  5. MrFitzie

    Best way to tackle this rust spot on the wheel well near seat mount?

    This weekend I started ripping out my old carpet to lay down some sound deadening and put in a new carpet kit, but when I removed the wheel well covers I noticed this. I decided to try grinding away some of the loose surface rust and it kept going. It looks like water came in from the...
  6. C

    Rust on '03 Cruiser - Deal breaker?

    Looking at purchasing an '03 Land Cruiser with about 140k miles on it. My main concern is the level of rust on the under carriage. Is this amount of rust a deal breaker or not going to be worth the headache of having it cleaned up? How expensive of a bill do you think it would be to clean...
  7. A

    Threads worn

    I have an upper rear shock mount that pretty much had no threads on the stud after removing the castle nut. I tried to retread with same m12 threads but really wasn’t enough there to tighten a new nut with any torque. I was thinking of maybe threading with 7/16 tap??? Anybody have any ideas ?
  8. M

    Another rust question.

    In the south, looking at an LX in the north. Rest of car is clean and checks out. Any issues with any of these underneath photos? Thank you in advance.
  9. B

    Does this California truck have too much rust....? (PICTURES)

    Hey everyone, my truck is a California vehicle but was kept in the foothills for most of its life. The body is perfect, not a speck of corrosion but underneath has more rust than ive seen on a cruiser, im trying to figure out if this i going to cause problems for me down the road or if its just...
  10. B

    Rust prevention options?

    Hi all, Apologies if this isn't the appropriate place to ask this, but I couldn't find a fitting category. I have a 100 series land cruiser with minimal surface from a salt free city. However, I plan to do a lot of driving in snowy areas, and I know I'm gonna expedite the rust. I'm looking to...
  11. A

    1988 FJ62 Rust

    I recently bought an FJ62 in decent condition that has some moderate rust issues. Ill post pictures to go along with it but I wanted to get opinions on what it may cost to fix it's issues and paint it to its original gray color. It runs and starts half the time, i've ordered a few things to fix...
  12. R

    Rust repair advise on North East 200 series

    Hello guys, I am considering a 2008 200 series in the northeast with 120k on it. It seems to have some rust on the underbody and I was wondering if it's worth the trouble to buy it and clean up the rust? I live in the northeast and plan on it being my daily to save putting miles on my 80 series...
  13. A

    For Sale FJ60 Body/Tub (NorCal)

    Hi, I've got an 84' FJ60 body/tub for sale - 99% rust free, a few bumps and some roof gutter damage from lifting off frame. No doors, most of the interior has been stripped, would be a good candidate for a body swap for someone who has major rust issues. That was my plan, ended up going a...
  14. A

    Purchasing an FJ60, how much rust is too much?

    Hello everyone, I’m new here as I’m still in the market for a 60s series. I’m looking to hopefully be guided in the right direction. At the moment I’m looking at this one for 8 grand. There is extensive rust Obviously as in the pictures shown however I noticed you can buy entire parts of the...
  15. N

    RUST: Am I in over my head?

    I am flying to pick up this cruiser this week and wanted to know what everyone thinks of the rust. It’s a 1982 fj40 and I’ve wanted that year for a while now. However I do not want the rust. Does this rust warrant a new tub or am I being dramatic?
  16. Chachi254

    Rust Assessment: 2008 TLC with 90k miles (I'm totally new to J200's)

    Hey mudders, I'm considering trading my 2019 4R TRD ORP with 14,500 miles for a 2008 Toyota J200. It's located in Illinois and the interior and paint/body look nearly brand new. My concern is that the vehicle spent its entire life in central Illinois and the chassis looks to have a significant...
  17. B

    Dissembling some parts in the undercarriage for rust prevention

    Hi all, I recently got an LC, but it has some slight surface rust. I plan to tackle the rust with evapo-rust, rustoleum primer, rustoleum enamel spray then finish with a CRC heavy duty corrosion inhibiter. In order to get as much surface area as possible, it looks like I'd have to dissemble...
  18. M

    [Photos] What are these rusted parts / should I be worried?

    Hey folks, sorry for the noob question. New forum and 100 series owner. I was inspecting the engine bay more intently and found these rusty looks sections. I was wondering parts these were and if I should be worried about the amount of rust there. Thanks!
  19. thunderhog

    OEM exhaust converter retainer melting?

    Hi mud h8ers, I have a really stupid question. I am trying to close a leak in my exhaust system at the flange where the catalytic converter meets the muffler. Can the converter retainer on the exhaust system melt? My 1997 has a pretty rusty exhaust system, and I replaced the gasket, bolts, nuts...
  20. C

    How bad is my rust?

    Hey guys, Looking at starting a rebuild on my 62. I just wanted to get some input on the rust of the vehicle at the moment? Thanks for your time in advance! C
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