1. M

    [Photos] What are these rusted parts / should I be worried?

    Hey folks, sorry for the noob question. New forum and 100 series owner. I was inspecting the engine bay more intently and found these rusty looks sections. I was wondering parts these were and if I should be worried about the amount of rust there. Thanks!
  2. thunderhog

    OEM exhaust converter retainer melting?

    Hi mud h8ers, I have a really stupid question. I am trying to close a leak in my exhaust system at the flange where the catalytic converter meets the muffler. Can the converter retainer on the exhaust system melt? My 1997 has a pretty rusty exhaust system, and I replaced the gasket, bolts, nuts...
  3. C

    How bad is my rust?

    Hey guys, Looking at starting a rebuild on my 62. I just wanted to get some input on the rust of the vehicle at the moment? Thanks for your time in advance! C
  4. Denver87

    1999 LX - Did I pay too much?

    PURCHASE PRICE: 8000CDN\6350USD for a rusty (weirdly the body is worse than the undercarridge) 280KM\173k MILES local (Alberta, Canada) Hundy. Factory Electric Rear Locker. Near everything works, because the column and cruise are broken. Clean bill of health mechanically/all fluids...
  5. B

    Does anyone believe this rust is worth repairing?

    Hey all, I just recently got a 1996 lx450 to turn into an overland project, not sure if this is the right place to post something like this since I’m new to forums so I apologize if it’s out of place, the model I picked up does have a couple rust holes near the windshield, and I’d really hate to...
  6. jamesurq

    Brand New Product - April 1st release. Rust Hole Magnets!

    Introducing rust Magnets, the best way to protect your ride from the casual thief. These easily removable Magnets will make that that opportunistic car thief reconsider your rust bucket behind the fence. Take them off for cars and coffee; slap them on when you head downtown to avoid carjackers...
  7. L

    Save it or Junk it

    After months of research and years of wanting to buy a LC. I found a great looking 100 series(2001) with 175k miles for $9400 in the mid west with a clean title, clean interiors and 9/10 body(It looked beautiful). Unfortunately I am in California and couldn't travel to see the car due to Covid...
  8. jroseen

    Rust vs Reward

    I found my dream 100 series for what seemed to be a reasonable price (6.6K prob negotiable down to $5800) right near me (New Jersey) Body looks great. Good color. Ran decently. But... BUT when the snow cleared and I got underneath I was horrified by the rust I saw. please help, I’m no...
  9. KevinThe75

    1988 Hj75 Restoration/Build

    I recently started restoring my dads old 1988 Hj75 ute to its former glory. The body is extremely rusty, and currently doesn’t have a roof on it, but the engine is in surprisingly good condition, (nothing can kill an old 2H engine). Yesterday and today i got to work stripping the interior and...
  10. ShepRunner

    What do you think of this frame? Rust?

    Hi All! Total noob in the market for a 3rd gen. Any thoughts on the rust on this truck? Thanks!
  11. T

    Frame Rust 🆘 !!!!!

    Looking for some feedback form some of you whom may have encountered frame rust before. I am currently looking to purchase my first GX470 and make the plunge into overlanding. I've been looking for about 6 months and I think I've found the one!! Or so I thought. A almost perfect interior with a...
  12. metzcloud

    60/62 Mudflap Inner Metal Rust Question

    I have my rear mudflaps off of my 62 while building up the inner wells. Both of them are in decent shape and am going to repaint lettering while off, and clean them up. My question is one of them appears to be without the inner metal/tin plating, meaning it's flopping excessively. Does...
  13. FJRanger

    Rear Frame Rust

    Well, the 4x4 Lab rear bumper has been on for a bit over a decade. It was put on by the previous owner and the time has come to show it some some love in the form of rust repair and new powdercoat. After getting the bumper off the 80's frame also needs some rust repair, especially the passenger...
  14. Erwin

    Painting and rust protection writeup

    I have nearly finished my 8 year 40 frame-off resto. When starting I had only rattle-can painted, but after reading on the net, and get my youtube exam, I started shooting. Results are OK. Since I have a blog on overlanding and technical stuff I made a writeup there. It is pretty long.. How to...
  15. russj

    Fair price of triple locked 80

    Just had a test drive on an 80 this morning. Original post here: The truck runs good without any noticeable mechanic issues. But the body is not that satisfying. I know it’s Minnesota, you cannot ask too...
  16. russj

    FJ80 rust

    I'm looking to own an FJ80 these days and found this guy near my place. But the rust issues seems not good. I've attached pics from the seller trying to get an idea of whether it's still fixable. The listing price is around $3k. Let me know what you think of this rust.
  17. charlieblues

    Just Inherited a Land Cruiser - Repairs and Body Work Needed

    Let's just say I am a noob times a million. I've just inherited a Land Cruiser that was sadly very neglected in a driveway outside for years, but still running okay despite all odds. I have dreams of making this a daily driver as I am without a car now. I've received a quote for the repairs, and...
  18. cruiserpatrol66

    Found rust starting in many places on my 1999 LX V8 (LC 100)

    Hi, I have noticed that rust has started to form on many places on my beloved 1999 Land Cruiser series 100 (same as Lexus 470). I found rust starting (under the paint) at the front of the roof, on the "frame" under the passenger side doors (quite a lot), on the tailgate door (opening up) by...
  19. suntrakr

    FJ40 Chassis rust question - with pics

    ok, full tear down on my FJ40 as it was starting to get rusty. Chassis in pretty good nic except for the rear suspension spring perches. Question is do you think the perches should be replaced or can we scrape out the rust that's pushed the plates apart and push it back together. The rails and...
  20. C

    Minor Rust on Painted Surfaces

    Any experience/suggestions for treating painted areas with minor rust like these spots under the grill?
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