1. C

    Found car.....rust question

    Hey guys, I know these are a pretty frequent question, but this seems to be the only questionable area with a car I'm looking to buy. Found an '06 LX470 the right color and by all indications is in good shape. Good service records, low wear (from what I can see), etc. The car is 450 miles...
  2. Reg Wang

    Ok to buy?

    New here and new to Toyota in general. Fascinated with the LC heritage so I've been searching and searching for an affordable deal. Found one, local Toyota dealer who would give my trade vehicle a good price and they have the cheapest 2013 LC, black on black, two owners and clean Carfax, 80k...
  3. ppc

    4Runner frame failures - could happen in older, rusted 80's

    This article is a short read related to 4Runner frame failures. With all the rust repair related threads and pictures of late it is food for thought for all rust belt vehicles the age of our Land Cruisers, Toyota 4Runner Frame Rust Being Looked at by Feds
  4. F

    Wanted  Where to buy chunks of body work?

    My '82 FJ60 has some rust spots that I am suddenly motivated to repair. And, while I feel pretty good about being able to weld in some patches where the body work is flat, or close to it, when I have a more complex piece to fix, it seems that gettgin a matching hunk of body to weld into place...
  5. Joseph Jones

    Rust Issues - 1999 LC

    Would love some input. Recently purchased a new to me 1999 LC that needs some TLC. the worst rust is in the rear bumper area. I think I just need to pull the bumper off, grind, treat and stop the rust and the best fix may just be a new steel bumper. Thoughts? The spot on the rear hatch and...
  6. L

    100 series Rust -Actual Performance Failure

    I live in the Rust Belt (Indiana). I've had my '04 since new. Garage kept, dealer serviced, winter driven. No off road and only 115K . OEM Had '99 with 298K. 4th owner. Rust everywhere underneath. Ran like brand new, just eyesore under her garters. Rust and corrosion live in the undercarriage...
  7. S

    2003 LX 470 Rust

    Hey guys - considering buying my first 100 series land cruiser or lx 470 and I quickly learned this was the place to come for research and knowledge. I found a low miles prospect in GA but it spent most of its life in Indianapolis (2003 LX 470 with 92k miles). Would the rust seen in these...
  8. S

    Replace rusty nuts and bolts

    hello, I just acquired a 4th gen 4Runner, too you a vehicle for this thread, but I figured you would have ideas and answers anyway to how tk address rusty bolts and clamps in the engine bay. Would I replace them? Where can I find a batch of clamps and bolts for this vehicle? Would I use...
  9. morganism

    Pillow block and pressed bearing removal tool

    This is a pretty cool tool, and looks like it could be fabbed up pretty easily. Is def nice for evap cooler and HVAC work. BEARING BUSTERS Blower wheel stuck on shaft Removing Difficult Bearings - Knowledge Base (Wiki) The Fastest Bearings In Racing-Built For Racers...
  10. Slashzero

    Tailgate Rust... How should I deal with it?

    So, I bought a 2003 LC last week. 196,600 miles on it. It spent most of its life in Vermont (1st owner), then 3 - 4 years in Illinois (2nd owner), and finally is now mine. The last owner had receipts showing the belt etc was replaced at 140k. The service records on shows it...
  11. shack

    Rust Converter

    I read somewhere else recently about this stuff and wanted to see if any of you have had any experience with it. Rust Converter Gallon I was thinking about buying a gallon, applying it by brush to many areas under my truck. Seems straightforward just looking for any user feedback. Thanks!
  12. Accessmark

    Fixing rust bubble on top of windshield $1500!

    2000 Series 100 LC. Denver, Colorado. 180k I need some advice. I have a small rust bubble, about the size of a dime at the moment, at the top center of the windshield where it meets the windshield gasket. The last time the windshield was replaced the Safelite guy sanded and painted a small...
  13. U

    Canadian BJ70: Looking For Opinions

    Hi Everyone, 1987 Toyota LandCruiser BJ70 - Diesel LHD | Cars & Trucks | Calgary | Kijiji I am hoping to get some opinions on this BJ70 that i am looking at. It seems to be mechanically sound, when i checked it out it started right up with no smoke. It shifted smoothly and accelerated good...
  14. joker77535

    Brake kine failure

    OK guys i need some help i finally got my baby running again after starter issues only to attempt to pull it out of the barn when I lost all brake pressure. needless to say after an hour of troubleshooting and bleeding i found the the rear hard line going across the axle had a pin hole in it...
  15. HDJdreams

    What’s your favorite rattle can?

    What’s your favorite spray paint for the drivetrain and chassis? I am not looking for showroom pretty, just a solid color and a rust barrier. I used Rustoleum self etching primer and enamel on my rear hubs. I am hoping it will hold up. What have worked long term for you?
  16. Swampfox58

    Bobm This All Your Fault!

    After you blamed my rain drip trim as the culprit for gutter rust, I had to take action. Glad I did, I know it looks bad but the gutter is still pretty solid
  17. E

    Is this too much rust?

    all, I am new to the forum and I am looking at buying a 100 series rig as a third vehicle toy/camping vehicle for my family. With that said, we camp about 3 hours highway drive from our home and I want the vehicle to also be a reliable and safe on the highway. I put a down payment on a 2003...
  18. T

    Metal / Body Work Denver Area

    Hello, Anyone know anyone good at metal work / body work in the Denver area? Have a 77 40 that has some rust issues wanting to get addressed. Thanks!
  19. F

    Advice on dealing with rain gutters on FJ60

    I've looked over the various threads on dealing with removing rust and cracked ancient putty form the rain gutters, and applying new self-leveling putty, etc. My question is, does that putty apply directly to the bare metal in the bottom of the gutters (after they've been cleaned and all old...
  20. CruiserAL

    Rusty quarter panel bubbles

    Hey guys, I hate making a new thread but I couldn't find anything on this. So I noticed some paint bubbles (Not metal rust bubbles) forming when I first bought the truck when I pressed on them they had a rusty smelling and colored water come out of them (gross). I then sanded the quarter...
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