1. M

    MPolley's LX450 Build/ 1FZ Rebuild

    I know this is long overdue, but here is the follow up to my "What should I do?" thread. My LX450 left my family stranded on the side of the highway after losing oil pressure the day after Thanksgiving. I was thinking about a swap, but found a 1FZ on Craigslist for $200 that I am rebuilding...
  2. Sweatyforehead

    2H Camshaft

    Hi guys! Its been a while since I did any posting on here. So here is a quick update. I have a class project to rebuild my tired 2H. I tore the engine apart last summer and brought my camshaft over to vancouver to measure the camshaft lobes and found that they were all worn out from the...
  3. F

    Transfer Case

    I am about to rebuild the 2F in my 87' FJ60. I'm also thinking of upgrading to the h55f tranny. The vehicle has 320k miles and it doesn't look like the transfer case has been rebuilt. I have never had any issues with it, it's always operated perfectly. Should I have the T case rebuilt while...
  4. blbuck12

    Unstable bowl level after rebuild

    So over the holidays I finally got around to rebuilding my stock aisan carb. Followed pinheads videos and the FSM and all was well with the world. Got everything together and it ran great for about a week. Then a piece of dirt/debri made it's way into the carb and plugged up one of the jets...
  5. UGA2018

    2F head rebuild threads

    I'm planning to rebuild my head in the next few months and I want to read up as much as possible. I can't find anything in the FAQ section for the 60's or 40's that seems to be the definitive guide to rebuilding the head. Other than the FSM can you point me in the direction of any threads that...
  6. offroadvegan

    Rebuilding My Engine!

    Hey everyone! Today was day 2 of taking the 80 apart and stripping the engine. As I mentioned in my other post, I am having a shop do the actual engine build. But I am removing it and reinstalling it. To be honest, I feel a little overwhelmed right now and wish I didn't start this...
  7. offroadvegan

    New Cams or Remilled?

    I am having my FZJ80 (1993) engine rebuilt. A friend advised me to NOT let the shop rework the cams, but to order new ones. A pair are about $1k right now. With the rebuild already at approx $4k, that is a huge chunk of the budget. He claims there would be a HUGE loss of power, and that I...
  8. H

    '84 FJ60 Resto-Rebuild

    Hi all, One of the newer members here, and just getting around to starting a thread on my latest project - a 1984 FJ60. I previously owned a 1990 HJ60 (while living in the Congo) and had to get my hands on another cruiser when we moved back state-side. I found this one for a decent price...
  9. RFB

    Want to rebuild a steering gear and pump

    Just picked up a PS gear and pump from a fellow mud member, I want to rebuild them both and have as spares Im asuming 37 i mud grapplers and KO2s arent going to lenghthen the life of the units in the truck now, my question is wheres the best place or who is the best guy to get oem rebuild kits...
  10. JAFO2014

    Best source for 2F rebuild kit

    Hi. I wanted to pick the brains of the experts on here. Anyone that has rebuilt their 2F. I am thinking I want to freshen mine up. I haven't rebuilt a 2F before. I have rebuilt other engines, so I have some engine rebuilds under my belt. But I know that every engine can have its quirks. Where...
  11. NJacob

    Time to Rebuild... 1FZ-FE

    I have got a 2000 model Lc100 with an Inline 6, 4.5 EFI (1FZ-FE) The cruiser has cloaked 400k Kms so far in the last 30k kms I have had issues with the auto transmission were in it slips from 2nd gear to 3rd gear. So I thought it would be the perfect time for a transmission and engine rebuild...
  12. S

    Fj80 Knuckle rebuild kits

    Hey guys Im looking for the most dependable parts at the best deal for knuckle rebuild kits for a Fj80. Thank you!
  13. Rich Ivey

    High Compression 2F???

    I recently rebuilt my 2F, went .020 over, added a header, and doing the Howell EFI system. Well, we go to try to get her to turn over and it sounds like my batteries are dying. That's impossible because I just put two yellows tops in. Anyway, we remove all the spark plugs and it turns over fine...
  14. ColinGreene

    78' FJ55 Rebuild. What have we gotten ourselves into.

    So, I am new to the forum and to anything offroad. I currently work directly for the owner of this cruiser. Ill be honest I dont know anything about the cruisers or the cruiser world. That said this forum consistently comes up and offers helpful threads with great info. I thought that it would...
  15. Custer

    SOLD  SOLD -- 2F FJ60 Engine (Remanufactured Long Block)

    I am selling a 2F Remanufactured (Reman) Long block: Powertrain Direct description, “TOYOTA 2F COMP ENGINE 81-87. 4230CC. WITH AIR. WITH POWER STEERING. 8 BOLTS TOTAL FOR INTAKE & EXHAUST”. Long story short, I purchased an 85 Landy out of Billings MT two years ago, the cruiser had about 2k...
  16. chuckost

    Carb Rebuild

    I know, I should pay more attention it's been discussed before... I need someone to rebuild a california 1978 carburetor that is disassembled in a box. Don't ask any questions, I don't wish to discuss the details. Lol Anyone out there that does good work without laughing at me? (I couldn't do it!)
  17. kunzma

    Center Arm Rebuild

    Early - 6/1969 Steering Center Arm Wanted to post up a thread on the partial rebuild of my center arm. I say partial because my center arm shaft and the bearing races were undamaged. If you need a new shaft I think that Mark's Off Road and Cruiser Outfitters still have some. If the races...
  18. E

    22re rebuild an AC question

    Hi guys, I have 88 single cab 22re 4x4. Its has 265k on its original engine and the timing cover recently started leaking/cracked equalling milky oil. I had decided to rebuild the 22re myself but a neighbor down the road just offered me a complete 93 pickup 22re 2wd with 170k that was...
  19. B

    Pitted / Rusted swivel hubs - What would you do?

    My truck came from Virginia, and Michigan before that with lackluster maintenance history. I am rebuilding the front axles now and am stuck trying to decide what I should I do about these pitted swivel balls. I cleaned them up the best I could and used some rust converter on them. I am trying...
  20. Jacobmled

    78' Hilux Rebuild

    Hey there guys, I'm a pretty new member here, but I've been looking through the forums for months now. Searching for some help/advice on my project, so I'm going to go ahead and list all of the parts that have been replaced or restored and other misc work that has been done. New • KYB monotubes...
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