1. T

    1997 Land Cruiser 80 Car Sound?! Help!?

    I am just verifying if the sound I here is a Exhaust Manifold Leak. If not, what would it be then? Thanks for the help!
  2. F

    Fix for ABS, VSC TRAC, VSC OFF, & Brake lights remain on no CEL, or how to repair an ECU

    Hopefully this post saves you some money by showing you how to potentially repair your skid control ECU rather than replacing/buying a new/used one (skid control ECU part # 89540-60160). These instructions do require the ability to solder surface mount components and use either an oscilloscope...
  3. Chachi254

    High pitch "ring" or "whine" when accelerating hard, stops after transmission shifts

    Hey all, Background: I have a 1996 LX450 with 200k. The cats have been removed and exhaust leaks have been filled. My transmission shifts hard and clunks when going from reverse to drive and between gears. My vacuum line charcoal filter is extremely blocked up. I've done the search in google...
  4. H

    HJ47 Glow Plug Problems

    Hi All, I have just found this forum after asking Mr Google about glow plug probs. I have a HJ47 which is giving grief in the cold start dept. After reading through several threads on here I am thinking of converting to a Wilson Switch and running dual element 11v plugs. I tried to chase up a...
  5. Greasyfingers

    Spring problems

    I purchased a 1980 fj 40 from a dealer and didn't think I was buying a bunch of crap put together from several different years until getting into it. The newest project, or should I call it the newest problem, is the springs. I orderd replacement springs from skyjacker. When They arrived...
  6. sue

    The Never-ending Problems with my 87 FJ60

    Alright, the following has officially driven me crazy. First, a little background. I got this Fj60, Sue, from a friend for cheap. Entirely stock 2f engine. It had not passed emissions for years, and I have still not been able to register it in my name because it does not have an emissions pass...
  7. dcoy

    Steering Problems

    I've been trying to get the steering of my '60 as tight as possible, given what it is. Several years ago, we had a rebuilt steering box installed and the results were okay. I was having clunking associated with turning in the front. Just got the truck back with new tie rod ends, which it...
  8. C

    Need help with Steering box install

    I just got a rebuilt steering box from CruiserParts. Got it all installed but when I went to hook up the lines the return line hole was too small. The high pressure line went in with no problem but the return line hole is too small. Can I just get a new return line with a smaller fitting...
  9. marcerrin

    Alarm/power locks problems

    I have a 2000 LC that Ive owned for 12 years. I don't have the keyless remote anymore, so I just use the standard key to lock and unlock my doors. Yesterday I went to unlock the door in the morning and the alarm went off (stock alarm, Ive never set it before). I hopped in and started it up...
  10. DieselCruiser81

    83' BJ42 24v Glow Plug Problems

    My 83' BJ42 doesn't start well unless its warm weather. I notice that the glow plug light stays on for the about 2-3 seconds if its 30 or 80 degrees. When it does finally start up it blows plenty of white smoke for about 15 seconds. Would this be the glow plug timer causing this problem? Thanks
  11. jpsfj60

    Power Antenna Problems

    I bought my HDJ81 knowing that the mask was broken. PO told me that I could just buy a new mask with the white plastic strip with the gear teeth on it and just insert it down into the assembly. Well this power antenna assembly isn't like that. That is only for the 96 and new cruiser's and...
  12. D

    intermittent ignition problems

    I have a '99 with 185k miles, and turning the ignition at times does not start, engine doesn't turn over. Very intermittent and no specific pattern. New battery, no difference. Dealer checked wires and connections and starter seem ok. Could it be the ignition switch? Turning the key to...
  13. Calgary40

    stuck - electrical problems

    Last night I swapped the positive batt lead, no issues. This morning my kid says fuse box came loose, some sparks, but truck restarted. Now, no power - he has just left to get a new multimeter (mine just died). Looking for ideas as to fault. Lights don't work, newer Batt (and no change w jump)...
  14. green fj

    Radio interferance problems

    I have Just rebuilt an Fj45 1972 Iv completely rewired everything. Now the radio which is brand new work perfectly when the Ute is idling and not running but after running at higher revs for about 10-15 min the quality completely breaks down till the radio cant be heard at all. This issue is the...
  15. V

    Front wide view camera problems

    Hello. My 2009 LX570 front wide view camera shows up cloudy on the screen. I have tried to take it apart but can not get deep enough in to the lens with the film. Has anyone else had this problem and figured out a solution? I did search google with the Toyota part number on the camera and...
  16. DeadguyLLC

    Steering Problems with high steer

    I have a 1978 FJ 40 with a SOA lift and 35" tires. I installed a high steer kit from 4x4 labs, and use a saginaw box with a two piece jointed shaft for power steering. Before the high steer kit, i had a serious case of bump steer. After installation, and the switch to a two piece shaft and new...
  17. Murphy

    Need diagnostic help for FJ62

    Problem is going on 6 months now. Runs perfect for a few weeks, then won't start. Then I get it to the shop where it starts and runs perfectly. Done that 5x now! I take it home, drive for a few weeks, then it won't start. I can get it started with carb cleaner in the air intake sometimes...
  18. feverDream

    Dumbest thing PO did?

    Did a search on the forum and found there wasn't a concise thread about the foibles and follies created by previous owners that have had to be remedied by us in order to keep our rigs on the road and cruising smooth. I thought it might be good therapy and a good way to feel some camaraderie when...
  19. Nasr Qaisar

    HJ61 Battery problems - melting terminals

    Hi Guys Absolute newbie to posting on Ih8mud but have been leeching off of your excellent forums for the past few years now. Six months ago, I finally bought a 89 Sahara FJ62G converted to a HJ with a 12HT diesel swap(previous owner's handiwork). The problem I am having is that the...
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