1. BakerFJ

    1FZFE Oil Level Sensor Block Off

    I've been toying with this idea in my head for a while now, I know that there are businesses that produce oil level sensor block off plates for the USDM 3SGTE (for those who don't know, it's the engine from the MR2, JDM doesn't have an oil level sensor). I've seen this block-off plate from...
  2. HawkGunner

    HELP!! I can't get my crankshaft pulley nut off!

    I'm pulling the motor to change all the seals and gaskets. I need to get the C/S pulley nut off. I have a 46mm socket, and I've hammered on it with an impact gun. No luck. I put a breaker bar on it and bumped the starter. It doesn't look like it's budged even a little. Im new to the 2F...
  3. DanMedeiros

    Knock off snorkel

    I was wondering if anybody here can recommend one of the knock off snorkels? If they are of similar quality to a Safari Snorkel I can't imagine paying $300 more for one. Also curious if they come with a template and how hard they are to install. Thank!
  4. Odyseuss

    VSC OFF switch install.

    This thread will describe how to install a switch and turn the VSC off on a 100 series that is equipped with VSC. I have performed this on my 01 LX470 with success, there may be differences between the models and years that I'm not aware of. I have found a few threads describing issues with VSC...
  5. L

    Check engine light intermittently on off

    The check engine light (typically along with VSC and the other stability light I forget) has been intermittently on for days and weeks at time then sometimes off for days with no notable sound or engine behavior or smell. Car performs normal as before. Had it scanned couple times and code points...
  6. A

    Broke this off during PHH, how screwed am I? (Temp sensor?)

    I managed to shear off what looks like a thermocouple during the PHH job. The contact looks like it can still connect though. Can anyone tell me what this is? Thanks Edit: searched and looks like it's the knock sensor. If it still connects at I good?

    Best places to go mudding and off-roading in Ga.

    I went on my first ever time off-roading today ever, and my first time off roading in my new Fj cruiser. I live in Canton ga. Today we went to a place called Pine log in white ga. It was a totally awesome experience and I'd love any suggestions on great places to take my cruiser on some new...
  8. corleykj

    Off road tear drop for a high school project?

    I am a vocational teacher at a high school in Wyoming, and we are looking into making an off road tear drop trailer as a school project. I have seen professional ones sell for $15,000. And I have seen homemade ones sell for $2,500 on craigslist. My tentative plan was to try building one for...
  9. BoulderJeff

    Bolt broke off

    I noticed that my FJ is pulling left and right when I'm breaking or hit a bump so I took a quick look at the front end and noticed this bolt has broken off. Looks like some grease is leaking out too. Has anyone experienced this? I'm guessing this isn't an easy repair since it's part of the...
  10. MScruiser

    What's the secret to taking these latches off the seats?

    I want to blast and cad plate them, and get the seat brackets PC'd, but I can't figure out how to get them off.
  11. BretwithoneT

    BretwithoneT's '66 Frame Off Resto

    I bought this basket case from @mechag a few years ago and have made some progress, so it's time I start a thread. I have learned a bunch from lurking here for many years and since I've received so much help from so many already, I hope I can give a little back. Here's the history I know: The...
  12. pbreisch

    How much steering play is normal off road

    On road the steering wheel on the LC is tight and tracks straight. Off road I notice that the wheel knocks and rotates a bit. Even as I am typing this up it seems like the answer is "no duh" but it just feels kind of weird. Figured I would ask here. How much "play" is too much?
  13. Bob Richards

    Brake Tail lights (only) won't turn off

    Hey guys, I have read the threads on the dash brake lights but mine only (correctly) is on when I use the emergency brake. I have great vacum now as I re-built the vacuum pump. The brakes work great actually. I even unbolted the booster from the firewall and then the master cyclinder from the...
  14. S

    Frame off and naybe over my head!

    It started out as a simple repaint and has grown from there. I was comfortable with everything that has been done until I decided to have the body blasted. I am worried now about rust popping up in the crevices that are hard to get to. Are there any effective treatments which will prevent...
  15. TrlBlzn4Life

    Place To Off Road - SE Pennsylvania

    Any one interested in meeting a family farm and doing some off roading. It's always better having two or more trucks there.
  16. W

    Frame Off Build

    We are in the process of doing a frame off Restoration on a 77 FJ 40 Cruiser and we are in need of some advice and parts location of the Rear Sill on the body, a wiring harness to be built I got in contact with one person and he can't have one ready until winter and any other pointers as far as...
  17. overpaid slacker

    she's off to the paint shop

    after many years of hashing out the mechanicals with a 4bt power plant, I finally loaded up the 40 and sent her to the paint shop.
  18. Dozer18

    Ever had your wheel come off at 55 MPH? I did...

    ...about three hours ago. We were driving down the Fairfax (VA) County Parkway at about 55 mph when I started to feel a little wobble from the back - though it had been fine a couple hours earlier. Then something hard bounced off the driver's window or door, like a rock hitting the windshield...
  19. L

    Travel trailer, mild off road?

    We are planning to tour mountains in the west with an 80 pulling a small light travel trailer. There will be a princess on board so the trailer needs to be hard shelled with a bath with shower. It needs to be used, as in cheaper than a new one and nothing fancy or SOTA. The main plan is to...
  20. Deftoned40

    For Sale  (WI)fzj80 front oem mudflaps off flared

    Off a non-running board , flared 80. Getting pretty hard to find. 80 shipped...PayPal Hardware mounting hole is oversized so you just need a washer on that spot.
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