1. krs2fur

    For Sale OME J Lift + goodies

    OK, so I've come to the realization that I need to enter a bit of a recovery mode from the holiday season & replenish the bank account. Over the last several years, while building my FJ80, I've managed to accumulate quite the stash of goodies. Hoping to acquire another FJ80 to build for one of...
  2. Ruquik

    For Sale 70 / 80 series Timbren Bump stops

    Timbren ABSTORLC1 rear active offroad bumpstops. New in box $135 shipped to lower 48
  3. Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

    Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

  4. Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

    Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

  5. Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

    Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

  6. Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

    Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

  7. Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

    Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

  8. Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

    Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

  9. Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

    Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

  10. Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

    Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

  11. Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

    Landcruiser HJZ73 1990

  12. 9

    Lift size for 35's

    I'm sure this question has been addressed before but I'm having a hard time finding it. I have a 1994 Fzj80 on 35's and am looking to replace the shocks and coils. Currently the lift on the truck is old man emu but I bought the truck after it was lifted so I do not know what springs/coils are on...
  13. icorradoi

    For Sale FJ80 OME 850/863 & Icon 2.0 Shocks Bay Area, CA $850

    Looking to sell this combo of 850/863 OME springs and Icon 2.0 shocks. This lift worked very nicely for me on my '96 80 series with a good level of comfort, dampening, and capability for a 2.5" lift. Springs and shocks have about 10K miles on them and are in very good condition. Prefer not...
  14. Btron

    Wanted 100 Series,Slee 2.5''lift kit medium or comparable considerd.

    Hey Mudders, I am looking for a Used Slee Lift Kit for a 100 series. Just the Old Man Emu. I don't need the full kit but that would be great. The less I have to buy new the better. I am trying to building mine up on a budget. I need to replace my original shocks now at 220,xxx miles and I...
  15. C

    BP51 Leveling

    Hello all. I am currently running the BP51s with 2722 rear springs. Front end was first installed with preload set at the recommended height of a petrol engine and no bull bar or winch. It had such an awful rake I decided to take it off and adjust the preload to about 8mm. I still have a bit of...
  16. pmccraney

    For Sale [***SOLD***] 100 Series - OME shocks and rear springs {Jackson, MS USA}

    For sale are: 1) OME Nitrocharger Sport Shocks - 2 front/2 rear; and 2) OME 2860 (aka 860) Rear Coil Springs. $400.00 for the bundle. Would prefer to sell together. This basically gives you everything you need to lift a 100 (at a pretty low cost), except for the torsion bars...
  17. Noah Master

    New to the LX470 life; help me with a couple quick questions please!

    Hey, I'm a pretty new owner of a 2000 LX470. I'd like to outfit this sucker to go down mild to moderate trails/dirt. My AHC system has failed and thus keeps me in Low mode at all times (drives like a pile of bricks!) and I'd like to switch to a more traditional LC100-style suspension setup to...
  18. Duc13

    Expected labor cost for lift installation?

    Hi, I am looking to get a lift put into a 200 series what should I expect to pay near San Francisco, CA area? When I was shopping for the suspension Cruiseroutfitters quoted $450 install. Not finding anything in that price range in CA. It is more around $850-$1,000 for labor. 2013 LC OME Medium...
  19. maurotrek

    Should I get Rough Country Lift

    I have a 1981 FJ60. I will only use it for dirt trails, Petroglyph hunting, camping etc, no major rock crawling I have my 4runner for that ... I called ( Dirt Logic's Lifts Tires & wheels @ 7223 Alameda - El Paso, TX 79915) to get a body lift to fit bigger tires and they quoted me at around...
  20. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale 8 1/2 + wrap front FJ80 Coil springs for lifting 4 Runner $85 pair

    SoCal These could be considered 9 wrap depending on how you count them. Good condition, not rusted, no sag or lean when they were on the car. Shipping is outrageously expensive, unless you have your own shipping account. LOCAL PICKUP PLEASE.
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