1. Q

    Suspension Question

    I recently acquired a 2008 4Runner V8, SR5 4x4. The front suspension is stock Toyota struts - possibly the original ones, but I can't be sure. In any event, I think the shocks are done, or close to it. Springs too. The front end sits pretty low - lower than the factory rake would be, yet the...
  2. Pura Vida

    BJ40 on 31s and a 4 inch lift

    Hello all, I am currently running a 40 series diesel at stock height with 31s on it. I’m considering a 4 inch lift, but I’m not sure how tacky it will look with 31s on it. Does anyone have a 4 inch lift with 31 inch tires? I would like to see a picture to see if I should go for a 4 inch lift or...
  3. W

    2007 100 series lift question

    question about a lift install I want to do on my 07 100 series. Not trying to do anything crazy but thought may as well do it with tax return/stimmy money. I was thinking that I’d go with the stage 1 icon shocks with ARB rear coils. I went to an ARB dealer/installer and they gave me a price...
  4. mrjordann

    OME lift kit, or DELUXE OME lift kit?

    Hey all, I've decided to lift my 40. I want Old Man Emu because I've heard their the best. I found [this site here], and they offer two OME lift kits. Here are the two listed... OME Suspension: Includes F&R Springs, F&R shocks, F&R bushings, Steering dampener Deluxe OME Suspension: Includes...
  5. Tyboge

    Clicking noise post lift

    Hi, I’ve done a bit of searching but nothing definitive has popped up other than check loose nuts etc. I put on new front oem Toyota struts in the front the other night and test drove, it was great. Then last night I put on ome 2860 rear springs with new oem Toyota struts in rear and cranked...
  6. amongmany

    HUGE shout-out to Eibach and Tanner H...

    I wanted to put this somewhere more visible, but the chit-chat forum doesn't seem heavily visited. So I'll post here since it's relevant to my GX build. I ordered the Eibach Pro Lift kit for my GX a few weeks ago from a respected and reputable retailer. (They will remain nameless; they were...
  7. ncrockinfj

    SOLD  PENDING — Durham, NC: 2007 GX470

    2007 GX470, white exterior, tan interior, rust free NC vehicle since new $13,500 obo I've found I don't really use this as I thought I would. Got rid of a 100 series and purchased this in March, it has sat more than anything else. Title with USAA. Lexus records from first owner, second owner...
  8. amongmany

    I'm lost on suspension. I've read a ton, but the choices are kinda overwhelming. Could use some input...

    Recently purchased a used 04 GX. I dropped it off to a widely respected shop (RPM Garage for the SoCal folks) who came back with a longer list than I expected. Truck needs: CV's Swaybar Links (Front and Rear) Front Lower Control Arm bushings Rear Lower Control Arms Shocks F/R Airbags are shot...
  9. Bluetribal

    For Sale  Triple Locked 94 Land Cruiser - SoCal

    Here is the link to my OfferUp post. Willing to negotiate in person. Current asking price is $26,800 199,330 miles and only driving it for test drives. New paint with fender holes welded up. New bumpers & sliders. Fresh Birff Job Cloth seats from a Canadian Cruiser OfferUp
  10. M

    Help with rear side leaf bolt removal???

    I’m removing my front leaf springs for a lift. Got the front bolts and shackles off easy but the rear bolt of the front spring won’t budge. I’ve removed the little retainer bolt on the wheel side and of course the inside nut. I’ve pounded on it with a mini sledge and it’s not moving out. It will...
  11. L

    WTB Land cruiser 7 & 8 wraps !

    Hey guys , I’m looking to buy some front fj80 land cruiser 7 wrap coil and 8wrap coil , I’ve looked at a bunch of places and no luck , if anyone has some for sale let me know ! I am located in Seattle, WA ! also correct me if I’m wrong but I would need the 7 wrap for the side without the tank...
  12. corleykj

    For Sale  Hell For Stout Shackle Lift front and rear for an FJ60 BRAND NEW

    I bought this shackle lift kit and intended to install on an FJ60 and never did. Claims to be 1 1/2" long and 2" longer than factory. Not sure if it fits FJ40's or other models. Non grease-able bolts. Paid $165 plus shipping. Asking $100 plus shipping. Located in Casper, WY 82601
  13. blahblahblah

    For Sale  CA BayArea - Ironman4x4 6" coil springs - front and rear

    Set of 4 Ironman4x4 6" 80 series coils. They were on my truck for about 1.5 years before I decided to drop to a 4" spring. They are in good shape and ride well. $300 for all 4. Located in Danville, CA. Local pickup only. Not interested in shipping at this time. TOYO60B TOYO61B
  14. MTXPrez

    Looking for a good shop in AZ to build a 97 LX450 into a better off-road only truck.

    We got this LX450 new in 1997. It has 75,000 miles on it and now stays at our cabin in Pine AZ full time. Recently I had to go tow home our CanAm X3 and almost did not make it back out of of the canyon where the X3 broke down due to the 4 wheel drive being disconnected. I’m looking for someone...
  15. drowzyGX

    Proposed suspension upgrade. Please criticize!

    Hey Y'all, So far this forum has been an invaluable source of knowledge for this car. I've been planning out a suspension upgrade for my 2004 KDSS GX470. I've searched the forum and other sites pretty thoroughly, and have dramatically improved my understanding of suspension systems (still have...
  16. CruiseLanderAZ

    Wanted  Wanted - OME 2865 springs (Phoenix AZ)

    Looking to buy some 865's. I'm located in Phoenix AZ but will consider shipping if not local Thanks in advance
  17. JPClx470

    Lexus LX 03-07 suspension conversion leveling issue

    Hi all. I thought that before I bite the bullet I reach out to see if anyone can confirm that this isn’t a lapse in my [multiple] mechanics expertise. I had my suspension conversion. Got some decent springs put in my 2004 LX470. Side note: was pressured into the conversion because I needed new...
  18. DirtyHarry90

    2019 4runner Rear Lift Advice

    Hello everyone, Former Tacoma owner, new 4runner owner here. I'm looking to run the same FOX 2.0 front coilovers that I had in my 3rd gen Taco and I'm wondering if I should modify the rear as well. I've heard from various sources that it is possible to get a slight lift from only replacing the...
  19. M

    For Sale  1996 lx450 triple locked in Pennsylvania

    Willing to take 8k with the new $1500 dobinsons lift if bought today or tomorrow. Life happens. Again this car has a brand new own Toyota power steering pump a new lift waiting in boxes. New oil pump seal new spark plugs and wires and cap and rotor and new pcv and a new oem intake house. All oem...
  20. Zman17

    1984 fj60 spring over fuel injected v8

    The Time has come to sell my 1984 fj60 this truck has been my daily driver and it has 17,300 miles on the v8 since it was swapped and only 4,000 miles on the new 700r4 trans. Truck was sold new in Texas then went to Colorado where I bought the truck and kept it there for a while then shipped to...
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