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      Hello all! Just finished a SM420 swap on my 40 and also added large aggressive mud tires and beadlocks.(37x10.5 TSL SX) Adding the tires I know I need to beef up the front end and steering components. I would like to identify or be told how to...
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      RattleCan replied to the thread 1969 Fj40 Trail truck build.
      Wanted to revive my build thread with current 2022 progress. After sitting for a couple years getting driven only occasionally the goal for this year was to get the 40 not only reliable on the trails but more capable as well. Things that got...
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      I’m reinstalling my drivetrain and I’ve lost the vacuum fittings for the vacuum 2wd/4wd actuator. Need to replace. Can someone tell me the size and thread pitch I am looking for? Thanks for all responses!
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