1. Jay470

    Difficult problem - looking for expert advice.

    I have an odd and seemingly unresolved problem... no matter what I've tried. First things first... I have an FSM, I have used all of my Google superpowers, replacement parts are all OEM (even the replacement tubes, lines, sensors, etc) and now I'm asking for help. The problem: I have a 96...
  2. Kanda

    FJ60 Weber Carburetor Idle Issue

    I purcahased a 1984 FJ60 with a Weber carb - 38 DGAS/ES. I have had endless issues trying to get it to idle. Carb was stripped, cleaned and reinstalled. Tested for vacuum leaks. Got it idling great when engine was cool to warm. But as soon as it ran hot it would stall. RPM would vary...
  3. Jcreme

    High Idle on Startup - ideas?

    I have a 93 FZJ80. It's round about 275k miles. Oil consumption is about 1 qt per 750 miles. When I start it up (with the AC on), it idles at about 1800-2000 RPM for about 60 seconds, then drops to 1000-ish. Once I drive it a bit, it idles normally at 600-650. Related issues: With the AC...
  4. jltemlock

    Help with Rough Engine Idle Triage

    Hey Team: My '93 FZJ80 randomly started having a consistent rough idle when in Gear (including Reverse). I'm interested in thoughts on what else I should investigate. In park, I idle a little above 1K RPM and the engine runs smoothly. When I put her into gear, I kick down to about 700 RPM...
  5. jltemlock

    Idle Air Controller (IAC) Valve Test failing

    Hi Everyone: I'm having trouble with a rough idle when my '93 FZJ80 is in gear. I initially thought it was a bad IAC, so I pulled the sucker out (which is a massive pain) and tried testing the unit by hooking it up to my battery via alligator clips and following the FSM test guide. Low and...
  6. Crazjtk

    3B dies after sitting at idle

    The long and short: bought a BJ42 a couple years ago, it ran great when I parked it. I replaced the hand pump with the Bosch one as recommended. The fuel lines from the tank to the hand pump are new rubber. I have a return line from the engine back to the tank. Nothing seems to be visibly...
  7. sunrk

    Varying idle speed with 1hz motor - what can cause it?

    Is anyone aware of what can cause the idle speed of a 1hz to vary away from the 'screw setting' on the injector pump? I've got mine wound up a little (I set it to 700) because of the rough idling issue, but sometimes it'll idle up to 800 rpm. I haven't get done anything with injectors (got a...
  8. hbunting

    FJ60 stalling question

    Hi guys! I've tried to look this up, but couldn't quite find anything exactly similar to my problem, so I figured I'd see if anyone had any ideas. Recently my 60 (Pearl) has started stalling if the gas pedal isn't pressed a little or if the choke is off. It will idle with the choke. When I turn...
  9. sxphj61

    HJ61 12ht Idle Pulse/Shake

    Hi guys, new to the forum, here's a little background info: I inherited my grandfather's 60 series with a 12ht (auto) and 230,000km, always serviced every 10,000km at CMI Toyota since new. Nearly immaculate, always garaged and very well looked after. Now I don't know much about diesels and...

    How do i adjust the idle speed?

    Recently bought my first car, a real neat HJ61 with the 12HT. It seems like a fairly common problem, but my revs are at about 600 on startup. Makes the "romp,romp" noise and wants to stall. Also if I rev it and then let them drop, it comes really close to stalling. I wanted to know if anyone...
  11. 6

    Won't transition to idle once engine's warm

    Guys - I'm a little stumped. My 60 cruises well, and idles well. But once it's fully warmed up and then some (probably 20-25 minutes+), it won't transition from cruising (let's say 2000-3000rpm or so) to idling without dying unless I blip/stab the gas during that transition. If I don't blip...
  12. PiR8

    AC idle up assembly

    My AC is cold as ice on my 85. Only when the RPM's are above ~650. I researched what is needed to idle up when the AC kicks in, and don't see one on my carb. What's the issue here? If I push the throttle a bit, 200 additional RPM's, the AC kicks in. Weird thing is that the arm that would be...
  13. T

    Strange Idle Issue

    Hello everyone, I am driving around the US in my 94 Fzj80 with 196,000 on it. So far, about 1500 miles in, the truck is running great. Today I started it up just fine but I noticed when I stopped at a light that the rpm would quickly drop to about 450-500rpm and then immediately bounce back up...
  14. inkpot

    Idle Air Control valve overhaul

    I have searched and found references to folks that have pulled, cleaned, whatever, but no actual mention of taking it apart and servicing it. Anyone open one of these little gems up? I am having floating idle speeds and I have eliminated about everything except this. I have tested the valve...
  15. jkl72-40

    Idle up actuator

    Ok so when I turn on my AC my truck does not idle up. So I need a replacement part, the part is discontinued for the 82 model what years will work? anyone have PN so I can replace with like a 86ish? Kyle
  16. V

    idle jumping after maintenance

    Overdue for state inspection and was getting P0401 EGR insuf.. Pulled the 3 throttle body cables by only turning the nuts just enough to be able to slip them off the bracket. Pulled the upper intake manifold Replaced the VSV solenoid Replaced the EGR actuator/solenoid (blue) Replaced the...
  17. White Stripe

    1fzfe revving idle

    My 1994 1fze has a strange issue. I had replaced the EFI fuse the other day. Since then when it's in park the idle goes from about 600 rpm to 2000 rpm. It quickly revs to 2000, then drops quickly to 600. As soon as it hits 600 it quickly revs to 2000. It does this only when in park. Any ideas?
  18. G

    Does this rattling noise mean by cat is shot?

    A couple of weeks after replacing the O2 sensors and an AFR valve on my 1995 LC (FJZ80), I noticed a rattling noise coming from the area near the front of the cat. It sounds like nuts and bolts rattling around in a tin can. The vehicle has 248k miles, and the cat was never replaced. (I attached...
  19. TomOsborne

    Idle racing and hard/frozen brake pedal

    So I've been experiencing a racing idle and have developed a nearly frozen brake pedal that totally elimnates driving. Cant stop that bus for anything. So jacked it up and pulled a wheel off last night and just looked it over and degreased. Looked into it further today and it seems to be a...
  20. sue

    What is Air Injection state at idle

    Does anyone here know what the state of the air injection system should be at idle? Should VSV(1) and VSV(2) both be open at idle? I have the 2F emissions manual but it doesn't seem super clear to me. Any help would be appreciated.
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