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  1. Peru Darrell

    Anyone have Head gasket front and back pics?

    I want to compare the head gasket that I can find locally here in Peru with the upgraded OEM head gasket. Unfortunately Toyota doesn't carry it and don't really want to wait a month to get the part shipped from USA if I don't have to. Oh yeah, the head gasket slowly surrendered while on what...
  2. M

    What is this line & where does it go? 1994 Land Cruiser

    What is this line & where does it go? Just replaced a head gasket on a 1994 Land Cruiser and don't know where this line goes to. 1994 Land Cruiser
  3. Tad Dayton

    need rebuild short block tips/help 5vz-FE

    greetings, I have had quite a saga helping a friend with his 97 Tacoma 4x4 with a 3.4L 5vz-FE(while sadly my FJ-80 waits its turn for garage time). Here's the story, he randomly had steam coming out the exhaust one day and thankfully had the sense to get a tow, he said it never got hot and I...
  4. D

    Severe Engine/Compression Issue - Next Steps?

    Hi All! I've been a reader on this forum since June 2016 when I picked up my 1994 FZJ80, but this is my first post. Apologies in advance for the lengthiness, but I'm sure the more information I provide, the better you can advise me on moving forward. I got my LC from a local guy who said it had...
  5. G

    FZJ80 - Gasket Replacement

    Hello All, Over the weekend I noticed a leak in the front of the car. 1997 Fzj80 120k miles. I found a video on youtube describing the issues and fix. He talks about fixing the 3 gaskets : O-Ring Shaft of distributor, Main Front seal on Crank (crank-case seal), Oil pump cover gasket O-Ring...
  6. cmadness

    Head gasket time, yay!

    First off please forgive me for starting another thread on the subject, but I figured there might be some new info out there. Also, ever since I got my new cruiser a year ago I really haven't been too active on the site like I was years ago with my first cruiser and I'd like to rectify that...
  7. profff

    3B Head gasket GUIDES, looking for a part number or dimensions/picture

    I've searched and searched and cannot find a part number for the head stud guides. I've combed through the part number sticky and just can't seem to find it. I've also looked through the FSM and EPC and don't see anything listed, although it says to reinstall the head gasket over them. They are...
  8. J

    Very Low Compression/milky oil

    Hello Mudders, I've trolled the site for a lot of info but this is my first post. 1974 FJ40 w/ F155 motor I noticed milky oil building up in my oil fill cap, and in the PCV valve but not on my dipstick. I got the vehicle to operating temperature and did a dry compression test, followed by a...
  9. B

    Possible Head Gasket

    We've owned our new to us 91 FJ80 land cruiser for little a year. The vehicle has done us well and we use it as back up vehicle. The wife drove it about a week ago and said the engine got a little warm while picking up kids from school. I go start it and it's now a steam generator:censor...
  10. MrMoMo

    Not another 1FZFE head gasket thread...

    Ok, I lied.... It is another 1FZFE head gasket thread. Backstory: Had heat, lost heat, filled rad, had heat, lost heat, checked rad, low coolant, filled rad, changed rad cap, saw white smoke, parked truck and started ordering parts. Please note that I am by no means a pro, and this is my first...
  11. mtnbike28

    1993 FZJ80 with blown Head Gasket worth?

    My 80 blew it's HG yesterday on the highway - looks like just #1 - I got it turned off before the temp gauge got to red... I don't have the money to fix it right now and before I let it sit, curious what it would be worth as it sits. Just over 200k miles, no rust, and lockers. Cloth interior in...
  12. Ozpall

    For Sale  fzj80 head, rebuilt

    I was planning on doing my headgasket so I picked up a head from another member here and had a good machine shop rebuild the whole thing, I got all parts and seals from onur, head gasket every thing but unfortunately I won't be able to do this project for awhile nd I could use the cash. I...
  13. want2wheel

    2f head gasket

    I have a 2f in a 1978 fj40 that was rebuilt by PO in 2012. The engine may have 100 miles on it. Now the oil is getting water in it. I am thinking pulling the head and redoing the head gasket and then go from there. What would you guys recommend? Thank You
  14. 450LX

    Blown Head Gasket 2.5 Years Ago...

    I just bough a 1997 Land Cruiser with 140k miles. The head gasket blew 2.5 years ago and has been sitting ever since. I drained the oil the other day and the oil wasn't all that brown and milkshakey, however there was coolant in the oil. I got about 12 quarts of oil/coolant out when I pulled the...
  15. jatree

    What are the current thoughts on buying pre- or post-major work for used 80s

    In 2017, low mileage for FZJ80's is considered under 200,000 miles. It's more common to find them in the 215-230,000 mile range. What are the big things that start to come up around the 20-year, 200k mile mark? And with that in mind, would you rather buy one that has had the major work due...
  16. RotorHead04

    2001 Blown head Gasket

    I just bought a 2001 LC with 201k miles that has a blown head gasket. I have replaced a few head gaskets before on various makes and models of cars so I was not too scared of buying something that needed some serious work. That and the vast knowledge of members and good threads on this site...
  17. B

    Quick Head Gasket Part# Question

    I recall reading that Toyota came out with a revised head gasket to address failures with the initial gaskets used at the factory. Is there a specific part number I should look for or just pick up what the Toyota dealer says is correct? On that note, can anyone confirm the part number? Thanks guys.
  18. 40thSagePearl

    Signs of bad headgasket ?

    was out in california and this happened not sure last week, ended up being a vacuum line !
  19. Stikboy9480

    Using Up Coolant

    So I have a 1994 Fzj80 and since I've got it it's had a CE light for the EGR valve and has occasionally spit out a little smoke at startup, but it's not white. And that was all untill I took a drive from Phoenix up to Flaggstaff and I used a full reservoir of coolant, then I filled up and now...
  20. shockeere

    Help needed - diagnosing misfire, lopey and rough idle, loss of power, etc.

    Hey Folks, I'm at a bit of a loss trying to diagnose my cruiser right now. Cruiser Specs: 1997 LX450 150k miles Recent Maintenance: Valve cover gasket replaced Coolant flushed with toyota red PHH replaced Background: I've owned the vehicle for 4 years, have done regular oil changes, and...
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