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  1. U

    1990 Toyota pickup 22r won’t start

    recently bought a 1990 Toyota pickup with the 22R with a blown head gasket. I replaced the head gasket and all necessary gaskets along with the repair. I had the head pressure tested to confirm no cracks or warpage. I adjusted the valves after torquing the head bolts. When I try to start it, it...
  2. T

    For Sale  FZJ80 Head Gasket, Head Bolts, misc

    I have a few things that I ended up not needing for my engine rebuild. These are brand new, OEM parts. Might trade for ARP head bolts or cometic gasket. Head Gasket- $75 Oil Cap- $10 Head Bolt Set (Qty 14)- $175 Parts are in OKC, OK.
  3. Dan Nielson

    Another Head Gasket

    De-lurking after many years of reading. I picked up a NTM ‘95 FZJ80 last week and was driving fine, put around 250 miles on it. Jumped in yesterday morning for the run to Home Despot, and it starts missing, smokin’ running like hell. This morning I cranked it up and found steam, possibly water...
  4. Cameron Ross

    1985 FJ60 - Daily Driver Overheated for the first time, what am in for?

    I have owned my FJ60 for almost 2 years now and have kept up with it well. The engine has been desmogged, and am running a webber 32/36 carb. I have kept up with maintenance, and replaced various odds and ends as they have said hello. Has been my only car, haven't been hard on it until now...
  5. Cass007

    Just another blown Head Gasket

    Thought I had dodged this last year when the cammo truck was showing signs of being hot on occasion. The PO had definitely put Bars Stop Leak in the system before I purchased it. Cleaned that out as best I could and then ran straight water for a while, then did Blue Devil sealer and all was well...
  6. J

    Ok I need some help on a FJ40 I’m getting

    What are these bolts for? The one on the left is leaking oil. Seems like a bad washer / gasket but I don’t know. Secondly, before I took the fj40 on a test drive I noticed slimy yellow buildup in oil cap along with water drops on it. Is this normal or a cracked head gasket? The oil pan was...
  7. El Burro Negro

    Loss of coolant, Blown head gasket, cracked block?

    I have a 1977 FJ40 that I had rebuilt here in Nicaragua, including a full rebuild and machining of the 2f motor last year. I have been running on longer trips at higher speeds the last few months and started to see a few instances when I would get high on the temp gauge. I moved forward with all...
  8. dusted80

    How much can I machine my head surface?

    Hi all, this forum has been a great resource for me but I've now reached unfamiliar territory with my rig so here is my first post. I've just pulled the head off my 1HDT to do the head gasket (was pressurising the cooling system) and when I had the head machined the shop took 0.43mm (0.017") off...
  9. Matthew Deweese

    Head and Block identification and compadability

    I need help identifying compatadability with my block and head. my block vin is 232080 and I have attached some pictures of the head. I'm trying to change the head gasket but can't figure out what gasket to get and if the head I'm using will work. I think the block is an early model f engine I'm...
  10. S

    A one banana mechanic tackles the head gasket....couple questions

    Hello all, so for the second repair ever on my truck I am diving deep into the Head Gasket repair. I am actually looking forward to it as its a great way for me to learn about my engine, cooling system etc. One of the reasons I got and LC was to learn and be able to maintain it myself.:) I...
  11. B1oodyBuzzard

    Head work recommendations

    Thought I'd throw this out there for future searches. I recently pulled my valve cover to investigate a rapid clicking noise thinking I just needed to adjust a rocker. To my horror I found a significant amount of rust on the rocker arm assembly and evidence of coolant, along with a stuck...
  12. yotadude520

    20R - Coolant in oil; Head Gasket gone - advice?

    Morning mudders! I've got a 1980 Pickup with the 20R motor and on Saturday I drove it (Didn't go far, maybe a mile away) About halfway back to my house I noticed it had completely lost power. Couldn't get it to go above 35 mph in third gear and I limped it home. Once I got home I noticed there...
  13. roryhamaker

    3FE Engine Help, head gasket?

    OK guys, let me try to do the best explanation i can on this. I have an 88 fj62 with the 3fe in it. Bought the truck 4 years ago and the motor was toasted. I pulled it and did a full rebuild, slapped it back in and drove the bejesus out of it for the last 4 years as a daily. The engine had...
  14. Wildnlost

    1HDT Head Gasket Issues

    I noticed recently that my Land Cruiser with 1HDT was pushing a bit of coolant into the Overflow. I remove the head and did an inspection. I found cylinders 4 5 and 6 we're leaking on the right hand side of the Block near the back into the water jacket. I checked the cylinder head for...
  15. Peru Darrell

    Service manual for FZJ105, Australia help??

    Struggling to find a FSM for a FZJ105 4.5L I6 gasoline without distributor. I think I have a timing issue and my mechanic has been unable to solve it. All I can find are manuals for the V8 100 series or the I6 80 series with distributor. Following a head gasket install, I am overheating and...
  16. Peru Darrell

    New Head Gasket, 2 new problems, Overheating and Low Power *Update* Radiator Pics*

    I need some advice. After my mechanic installed the new head gasket, the truck is now overheating and has very low power. This is everything that was done: Installed new head gasket, planed and rebuilt the head, installed new timing chain tensioner, guide and follower, all new head bolts I...
  17. Peru Darrell

    Anyone have Head gasket front and back pics?

    I want to compare the head gasket that I can find locally here in Peru with the upgraded OEM head gasket. Unfortunately Toyota doesn't carry it and don't really want to wait a month to get the part shipped from USA if I don't have to. Oh yeah, the head gasket slowly surrendered while on what...
  18. M

    What is this line & where does it go? 1994 Land Cruiser

    What is this line & where does it go? Just replaced a head gasket on a 1994 Land Cruiser and don't know where this line goes to. 1994 Land Cruiser
  19. Tad Dayton

    need rebuild short block tips/help 5vz-FE

    greetings, I have had quite a saga helping a friend with his 97 Tacoma 4x4 with a 3.4L 5vz-FE(while sadly my FJ-80 waits its turn for garage time). Here's the story, he randomly had steam coming out the exhaust one day and thankfully had the sense to get a tow, he said it never got hot and I...
  20. D

    Severe Engine/Compression Issue - Next Steps?

    Hi All! I've been a reader on this forum since June 2016 when I picked up my 1994 FZJ80, but this is my first post. Apologies in advance for the lengthiness, but I'm sure the more information I provide, the better you can advise me on moving forward. I got my LC from a local guy who said it had...
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